monieg 41F
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4/15/2006 2:28 am

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4/17/2006 6:28 pm


I love when a man grabs my ass and ram it. Does anyone love doggystyle as much as I do?
mission (girl on the bottom)
doggystyle (guy in the back)
riding (girl on the top)

rm_KirkVW44m 54M
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4/15/2006 5:07 am

Yeah but in the missionary postion i can still grab your ass and i love the feel of a womans legs around me as i hold her on the edge of orgasm until she cant hold it any longer. Whats nice about doggie is i can put my hands on your hips or shoulders as well as reach around on you if i really want to. Are you the type that likes it pounded hard and fast on occasion? Well doggie is perfect for that

1cooldude63 53M

4/15/2006 5:16 am

Doggystyle is one of my favorites.

17 posts
4/15/2006 7:44 pm

All of the above. lol

rm_necroscope06 48M

4/16/2006 1:42 pm

Doggie is great, you can do double penitration with a dildo, pull hair, grap tits, neck bite or ear, scatch down the back, spank the ass, or al of the above..A great multi-position

Mutope21 46M
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4/20/2006 6:32 am

What i really like is doing it doggie style & watching her cum slide up & down my dick, & when it get's so good to her that hey bodie starts to shake, I love to open a big round beautiful brown ass, & see my dick going in & out.

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