Mirror Shopping (aka, Our kind of Foreplay, lol)  

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Mirror Shopping (aka, Our kind of Foreplay, lol)

Who says long-term monogamous marriages are boring? Here's the kind of spicy stuff AdultFriendFinder has generated from my explorations online!!~

My husband of over 23 years and I were in the market for 2 large mirrors the weekend before last. We wanted a new mirror for placement over our mantle and fireplace in our newly remodeled living room. We didn't want to shop outside of our valley, so we shopped in Santa Clarita.

First, we went to a store called Urban Home, we were shown toward the back of the showroom where mirrors were hung on the back wall. We walked past a lot of inviting displays of beds in all types of decor. Nick and I exchanged knowing glances as we eyed all the beds. We perused all the mirror offerings and quickly decided that they had nothing we were interested in---except maybe beds, lol.... Nick and began a sexy bantering of hints and innuendos. He hugged me and we embraced while rubbed up against me a few times right in the store. I tend to avoid public displays of affection, feeling it is cheap and trashy looking, but I just couldn't resist Nick's advances. After a few seconds I broke free every time, hissing "Stop; we're in PUBLIC!" but each time with more and more of a smile...Nick LOVES to break down my defenses. I am sure it has to due with that "male conquest he-man thing". I had a sheer tank on and a very sheer bra that basically was only a soft nylon sling. My nipples were prominently showcased already, but with Nick's advances and secret tweakings, they stuck out rudely for all to see. I walked out of the store arm in arm with Nick. We both busted up laughing once we got out the front door from all the stares, both from male and female store employees and shoppers alike. It really was rather funny. I mean, what could they possibly say?
"Excuse me, ma'am, but we don't allow shoppers here with gi-normous nipples pushing gainst their tank tops. I was, after all, wearing a bra and I can't help it if they are that big with nipples like the erasers on those huge pencils we got at Disneyland when we were kids..... What about women with round huge asses, like black women, or guys with noticably huge packages through their jeans, or better yet, temporary boners showing the ridges of their cocks right through their polyester casual slacks??!!

When we got into the car, I hiked up my skirt and allowed Nick to feel up my thighs and up into my damp crotch. It was hot out but my thighs and crotch were not only damp from perspiration, but from Nick's teasing as well. I was not wearing any panties, as usual. I wore a long floral pink Indian gauze skirt with a fuschia tank top. We drove up the road and stopped at another furniture store, a store so packed with furnishings you could get lost in it. The store was called Arte Mexico. The only other person in the store was the sales clerk, who after greeting us, retreated to behind her counter.

We disapeared into the back of the store, and began rubbing and caressing eachother. Engaging in such private activities in public was a little unnerving, but after feeling how hard Nick was, I couldn't keep my hands off his jeans. Finally behind a bar unit that was for sale, we we engaged in a furtive dry humping embrace. Feeling brave, I asked him to pull out his cock--of course after after making sure the clerk was still out of sight and no overhead cameras could catch us! After feeling more comfortable that the store wasn't equipped with security cameras, Nick freed his erect cock. He stroked it before my shocked eyes and when I saw a glistening bead appear, ready to drip onto the floor, I quickly glanced around and bent over to suck his cock for a moment. Nick tried to spin me around, saying "Lift your skirt, Babe" as he cupped my ass through the thin fabric. Alas, I was too nervous to allow that, but with heart pounding, I squatted down to suck his cock. I gave a few more sucks and then separated myself from him, feeling slightly panicked and reeling out of control. After all, I was in STORE, for anyone to see if they came upon us!! looked around freaking out a little to imagine someone might have already seen us! We reluctantly zipped Nick up and I smoothed my hair, and prepared to leave the shop as nonchalantly as possible.

Feeling smug and just a little gulity, we left the store rather quickly, but ended up sitting outside the store on an old wagon-wheel bench. Soledad Canyon Road was a very busy main street, so while Nick and I sat there, cooling our jets, cars whizzed past. With one knee hiked up off the bench, I let air circulate around my now sticky crotch. Nick commented that in the old days, I might have been considered a woman of illrepute advertising her wares with a skirt like that, with the wind gently threatening to expose her personals like that on a main srteet. I smiled lewdly at him, happily basking in the moment, for it is rare that we ever just relax dilly-dallying. Because of this, I really enjoyed simply doing nothing with Nick other than sitting, with no multi-tasking on his part! (I think all guys might be into that---looking for ways to efficiently get as much done in as little time as possible) We relaxed for about 10 minutes side by side holding hands looking at affectionately into eachother's eyes periodically.
We decided to visit another store, a chain store called A Royal Suite. We reluctantly rose from the rustic bench and kissed on the sidewalk in plain sight of people in cars rushing past. I have to admit, there is a certain delight in freeing the little exhibitionist that almost everyone stuffs down and never really lets come out to play. We were on recess!! Wahoo!!

We traveled farther up Soledad Canyon Road, and once in the parking lot of a Royal Suite, I questioned Nick about whether or not I should remove my bra. He said "Yeah, ditch it!" I said I thought it would be shamelssly slutty to have my big ole boobs freely jiggling, kinda hanging and with those nipples even MORE prominent. He said to take it off and so he could see. So I did the "through-the-arm-bra-removal-maneuver", whereupon Nick advised me with a bit of a leer that I looked very nice, and that I should go into the store like that. Wen we walked in the door, there were 4 guys there waiting like a flock of vultures for customers. I was a little embarrassed, but I made sure I had good posture and didn't slump to sort of hide my very ovbious braless tits with almost obscene nipples...Plus, there's no way a 6 foot tall BBW can hide anyway. Additionally, slumping certainly doesn't help big saggy boobs look any better, anyway!! So, I walked in the store arm in arm with Nick and and boldly told the first man to approach us that we were looking for a mirror for the foot of our bed. We also told him how our bed had a mirrored ceiling and we wanted to complete the picture, so to speak. LOL...You shoulda seen that poor guy! He practically gulped. The salesman glanced at his coworkers who were all nearby, listening to us. Spotting a beautiful bed nearby, Nick started talking about how we should get a new bed. I gently argued that I was not willing to give up my bed with the ceilinged mirrors....whereupon Nick suggested we could mount those lightweight mylar mirrored panels directly to the bedroom ceiling...then I countered with, well, would we be able to SEE anything that far away? All of this gentle arguing back and forth while the poor salesman stood by helpless to extract himself gracefully. It was pretty funny...Intently hoping to earn some commision, that man had to show us alll the beds, including a Tempur-pedic bed. Gasping with delight, I sunk down onto it, I groaned with apparent pleasure. My big tits were simply all over the place. Nick kept looking at me, eyes laughing, knowing we were torturing the guy. We'd already rejected the few mirrors they offered there, that's why we'd allowed the saleman to turn our attentions on the possibility of a new bedroom set. We both knew we were not going to get rid of my beloved bed, but it was a fun game to play out anyway. Right in front of the salesman, we discussed how one bed had nowhere for soft bondage play, and how another had nowhere for our toys to be hidden...Nick suggested I might like a bed with no footboard, and straddling the corner of a mattress demonstrated how easy it would be to fuck me while he stood up...LOL...I began to feel pretty embarassed, shocked at how brash Nick was being in front of a stranger. He is usually so quiet and private!!! At the end of our tour of the floor models, I spied a floor model of a cool massage chair. I sat down into it for a massage while Nick talked with the sales guy. As my body (and especially my boobs) jiggled and undulated with the rollers on the massage chair, I stayed in the conversation just enough to force the guy to look at me periodically...even while Nick engaged in conversation that ended up being about the hapless salesman's writing of GOSPEL MUSIC!!! We felt like such heathens! (Especially since Nick ushers at our Church, ahem) We left immediately after the massage chair's timer went off. I was tiring of my exhibitionistic fling and wanted to only go home and fuck.

Both of us were starving, so we opted to stop at Foster's Freeze on the way home and grab something to eat. We got our food and Nick directed me to pull into the shade off the the side of the neighboring bowling alley on Soledad.
Nick and I talked about what we did at a Royal Suite. He said I made way too big a deal about flaunting myself and that if anyone was offended by a braless woman in a tank top they needed to get a life. Feeling encouraged, I reached for his jaw, pet him lovingly and kissed him on his nice stubbly cheek. He is so handsome to me! He leaned over and kissed me back, squishing the bags of food in our laps. I knew as soon as we finished eating, we'd go home to make love. As I began to eat a corn dog in a BJ-looking fashion, Nick remarked that he wanted to address the recently exposed fact that I like to role-play and read and write about sexy encounters. He asked me a few things such as approaches and techniques. Suprisingly, he then he proceeded to tell me a story. I don't even remember exactly how the story began to evolve, for it wasn't planned. As he wove his tale, I occaisionally threw in a detail or two and we both laughed occasionally. I prompted some of the details along, watching in disbelief as he grew a gigantic bulge in his jeans. Just from telling me a story! His food grew cold and he didn't care. No cars were around, so I reclined my seat and hiked up my skirts a little and began to feeling for my clit. Nick had refused to unzip his pants, so I'd decided to tease the hell out of him. I kept demanding to see his cock, knowing there's be a juicy slippery head tucked inside his bun-hugger underwear. He refused, and finally finished the story. It was about me at a laundro-mat, the last customer, worried about being so late and the place closing...and his assurances that it was OK; he was the hired repairman who was there at closing time to fix a dryer. The story basically revolved around his slow seduction of me, and the details of a nice fuck session right there in the laundromat (first on folding tables, then throwing all the clean laundry down in haste to fuck upon....) described in great detail, with delicious things thrown in that he KNOWS I love and get off on.....MMMMMMMMM.
Naturally, as soon as his story was over, my food was gone; I'd scarfed it down not even tasting it, LOL! I made Nick show me his cock, and sure enough, not only was he hugely engorged, but he'd made himself so wet that his patch was all gooey and his underwear had a large wet spot. Possessed with a sudden overwhelming urgency, I raced home while Nick gulped down his cold food. After hours of mental teasing, little tweaks and cock suckings, exhibitionism, and story-telling, we both were so horny we simply raced home and fucked like rabbits!!!!! There is nothing romantic at all about how we finally connected. Perhaps we waited a little too long, but it was hot, and super passionate; we both climaxed, with me squirting and ejaculating uncontrollably, clutching desperately for him and grunting like an animal as Nick fucked me with a dildo first, knowing he'd explode within a minute or two of thrusting once he was inside me....which he did...but neither cared!

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9/1/2006 3:34 pm

I'm wiping my brow. Wow, very hot!

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9/6/2006 2:51 pm

Lucky guys in the stores................

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9/23/2006 10:00 pm

So is that why my new sofa was all sticky? And I thought it was the delivery people. Go figure.

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