outrageous or not?  

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2/21/2006 3:19 am

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outrageous or not?

I am very sad and angry about what I am going to tell you right now...
It is outrageous!!
I thought this site was for open-minded and tolerant people. Of course, you find bad examples everywhere but I just didn't expect this.

I have met an incredible man here on this site. He is not only funny and smart, he is just so caring, and has the kindest heart. He is understanding and always here for me, thinking about others first. Just that type of person you can only admire for his character.
Now he had written a mail to a woman on this site and look what he got as a response:

"Charles, you should be a science fiction writer, honestly. Sorry, i'm not into the black cock. You fuckers can stick with the dirty ass, fat white chicks. The only reason you shit heads wanna get with white girls like me is so you can stick it to the white man. And don't come back like all other black men do, with the typical response of how white men have small cocks. Not only is that not true, but white men have bigger brains as well. "

I can't tell you how disgusted I am from reading this. We all know that racism is still out there but tell me one thing, if she didn't want to talk to black guys, why didn't she just ignore his message? Why did she have to come at him like this? It hurts me because this man means so much to me. Well, it would even hurt if I didn't know him at all
There is still this little girl in me, who wants to scream out and cry, and ask God, why are there people like this? What happened in her life? How could parents or whoever have had such a strong influence to completely cloud her brain? How can she think like this? And talk to a man like this, a man she doesn't know at all..
I pray for things to change, I pray for us to overcome racism but things like this make it hard to believe. I will never give up. We should all never give up and fight racism wherever and whenever we can. If we don't who will?

I will never accept anything like this.
If you all feel the same, here is her handle:

1love to all of you, no matter what background, colour, religion, sexual orientation....

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