heart or head?  

moisttightlady 34F
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2/22/2006 5:50 pm

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1/19/2008 10:27 am

heart or head?

Since I am about to make some very important decisions in my life I am reflecting on how to make sure to make the right decisions.
Okay, I have always believed in making the "right decisions", meaning that even if it turns out to be wrong, you learn from that mistake and therefore it becomes "right" somehow, for you and your path of life. (do you understand what I mean?)

But before you make a decision it is still hard. Sometimes I lay in my bed, wide awake, thinking about possible results of my decisions. It is useless to worry about these things, and I know that, but just tell my head...the thoughts won't stop spinning around.

So, I would like to know. How do you all make difficult decisions, like for example quitting a job and finding a new one, or starting all over, or maybe moving to another city, how do you get to that decision?
Do you look at it rationally, just looking at the pros and cons and then base your decision on that? Or do you just follow your intuition and your heart?
But what if your thoughts are so clouded that you can't tell what your heart tells you and that you can't think rationally?
Tell me about some events in your life, how you made difficult decisions or how you would do it now.....

and what about love...is it all about the heart? or is the head involved...but well...that is enough for a new post....so I will be back with that...

CaboWaboVHnut 56M
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2/26/2006 12:52 pm

Whew !!! Dear Lady, when you ask a question you don't believe in easy ones do you ? I wish I had an answer for you, but I'm 45 years old, & I still have as much trouble with decisions as ever, maybe even more now than when I was 20 !!!

Love...heart or head, I'd have to say both. Now which one is the dominant one ? I guess that depends on the person. I'll be back to work on this question with you, you've made me put a lot of thought into this, and that makes my head hurt !!! Just kidding !!! If you want to check out some of my warped humor, go to Jezebelle & Jenna's blog & read some of my comments. They love me, they truly do !!! Peace !!! Cabo !!!

P.S. Just to give you a quick rundown on me, I've been married to the same wonderful woman for 26 years and we have one daughter who's almost 13, so you can guess what kind of fun we have to look forward too !!!

l_uzifer 33M

7/13/2006 1:36 am

Hallo Süsse,
ich bin das erste mal in son chat
und weiss nicht wie ich mit jemanden schreiben kann
Hoffe auf diesen weg klappt das.
ich will mich mit dir treffen!

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