afternoon and last night  

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8/9/2005 7:36 am

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afternoon and last night

well to start things off i was feeling espcially horney when i got home from work. so i looked up some different ways to masterbate, i didn't just wanna watch/look at porn or nuthing, i really wanted somthing different. so i decided on a technique that you basically lay on ur shoulders and put ur back up against the wall (like laying w/ ur dick right above ur face, and no i can't suck my own). the point is to jerk off and cum in ur own mouth. now since i love a girl to take it in the mouth and possibly swallow i figured it was only fair. so i did it, not the most comfortable nor is it easy to get down from the wall but i cummed pretty quick (i was jerking off while i looked for stuff tho) and wouldn't u beleive it i missed! now i know my dick was not DIRECTLY above my face but it was hard enough "sitting" the way i was. i've tried to cum in my hand and then lick it out, but never have the nerve to once i blow my load. so i'm gonna have to try this again soon.

and then she came over.

at one point i thought i'd be getting some last night, hopfully some good head. but nothing happened until real late. my best friend came over and we took a bath together (hence the reason y i thought i'd get some), but the rest of the night we just hung out made some sandwichs and watched TV. she was kinda pissed about work, it stresses her out a lot, so i kept the "u wanna suck my dick" conversation out. it got late and she decided to stay the night. so we cuddled up and she couldn't keep her hands off of me. she just kept rubbing my body and mainly my dick, which she made real hard. finally she went into my underwear (i wore special ones just for her) and started grabbing my cock. i didn't want to push it cuz it was late and there's been times where she doesn't want it to go any further but she finally took off my underwear and pulled her pants off. she either was a mind reader or really wanted a ride. i was, honestly, too tired to jump in her, so she got on top and rode me. that hasn't been done in a while, and it was REALLY nice. i was thursting in her and started to get close to climax so she pulled me out and began to rub her clit on my cock. finally that got me close too. so we stopped for sec and then started again and she cummed on my dick. then i put in back in her and she rode me out till i cummed, but before i could she stripped off her shirt and had me playing w/ her wonderful titties! *sigh* what a night! hopfully there's more where that came from!

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