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1/18/2006 8:58 pm

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the Inn

Things started innocently enough: with a bath.

Our room at the Inn had its own private terrace, a kitchenette, a King sized bed, and quite a large bathroom covered in dark blue and brown tiles. The extravangance went beneath the tiles: the floors were heated! All that aside, I had booked here solely based on the fact that there was a 2-person whirlpool bath, something that had become more and more important to me as the stress of the week took its toll.

I finally got my chance to slip inside the bath Sunday morning. I poured extra helpings of my favorite Rosemary Mint bubble bath into the mix, then in I went to surround myself in comforting heat and smells. That was when E decided to join me, once the chore of drawing the bath and playing to get the temperature right had been done. He turned on the jets, and we relaxed silently in each other's company for awhile, just soaking.

Eventually two naked people in a bath together will start thinking about sex. I started to soap my breasts for him to view, and his penis began to swell. We talked about our ad on the site, about the men (and women!) who had contacted us, about who we liked and how we couldn't wait for February to hurry up and free us of our more tedious committments.

And then he started talking about one of his fantasies. This is something new for us, talking during sex or foreplay, so to reward him I grabbed his cock and started to stroke him. He talked quietly, his eyes fluttering between open and closed, about how he likes to masturbate while thinking of other men fucking me. He described how there will be three of us in the room, kissing and touching, and quickly shedding our clothes. Because it's a fantasy, things quickly dissolved into me being bent of the bed and fucked from behind by our gentleman friend. E just watches for awhile, but soon he is on the bed in front of me, with his cock in my face so I can suck him into my mouth.

This pleases me, as it was my original fantasy from so long ago, to feel him in my mouth as I'm being fucked from behind by someone else. To reward him further, I finally bend down and lick his cock, suck it into my mouth. We are both quiet, imagining the fantasy as reality. We are soon ready for more, so we exit the tub and enter the shower.

The shower has even more possibilities than the tub, with two shower heads, an extension head on a coil, and a bench. I saw on the bench in the hot water raining down on me as I rinsed the conditioner from my hair. When I was finished, I reached out and sucked his cock into my mouth. Rosemary Mint water washed away, he tasted much sweeter and more like my man, and I sucked him deep until he pulled away.

We towelled off a bit, then hit the enormous bed. We broke out the brand new butt plug that we had aquired to experiment with to ease our dual penetration goal. We kissed and lubed and rubbed and licked and slid and pushed until the plug was inside of me. Then we kissed and rubbed and sucked and fingered some more. Finally neither of us could stand it anymore. Out when the plug and in slid his cock with no pause or discomfort at all. It was perfect.

He began to talk once more, surprising me again. He told me his other masturbation fantasy, the kind with quickly dissolving clothing. This time, he just watches me on my back as I'm getting fucked by our friend. Eventually he comes over and tongues my nipples. Then it's my turn to be on top. As I ride this strange man and take my pleasure, my husband comes up from beind and slips his cock into my ass. His voice catches as he tells me that for a while, we just move as one, all three of us together. So filled and connected, he tells me it isn't long until I come like that, and they quickly follow suit.

E is fully engaged and silent now, fucking my ass as my fingers slide around my clit. I am thinking about his fantasy. I am thinking of who the man will be. I am realizing the moment, and wishing we'd come prepared with something to fill my cunt. I imagine the other men, all lined up before me, teasing for their chance to fill me. Who will it be? Who will I decide on? Or will he be the one to decide? I can't decide if I want to decide or have the choice made for me. Finally, my mind makes a choice and I scream his name in my head, begging him to fill me and make me come.

Later that night at dinner, I've dressed and applied my make up with extra care. Both for my husband, and for the fantasy that's still playing out in my mind. As we sit, drinking and eating and talking in an almost empty restaurant, I am half-distracted by Him. When will he get here? When will the fantasy become reality? When will that cock be mine? I tell myself to have patience, and squirm in my seat, my panties wet again.

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