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2/12/2006 8:22 pm

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casino to hotel room with Treedawg

Wearing a dangerously short skirt, I was cursing myself as we trekked through the Emerald Queen Casino parking lot. What good are sexy legs if they're part of a human Popsicle? The moment I laid eyes on T, I was glad of my choices for the night. From the tattoos on the back of his head, to his long legs, and back to his eyes, he was a site to behold. Wearing a skirt makes me more confident, and I was going to need all my confidence to have a coherent conversation with him.

As the three of us wandered the casino looking for a bar, we got turned around a few times, so between that and the computer conversation I could hear between T and E, we all felt vaguely more relaxed when we finally found a place we could all sit together. All three of us were still terribly nervous, but he did a lot to make us feel comfortable, and we talked about everything and anything for almost an hour. That's how long it took me to stop imagining and just lean over and kiss him. I think I surprised all three of us, but pleasantly so. When he kissed me back instead of running from the room, I knew we were going to end up at a hotel after-all, and I relaxed finally.

We next tried to find a blackjack table or craps where all 3 of us could game, and I knew he had gotten past his nervousness when he pinched my ass under my skirt. I thought we were going to have to give up looking for a table and start looking for a room when he pressed his face into the back of my head to tell me again how much hotter I am in person than in my photos. A backhanded compliment to be sure, but oddly gratifying, especially the way he practically growled it at me.

We ended up at a craps table with an unlucky shooter. T lost his chips quickly, but E was still in, so T and I stepped away from the table to kiss again. I had a moment to wish we had just gone straight to the hotel, but then everything fell away as I reveled in his soft lips and cautious tongue. I had been nervous about his tongue piercing, but there's a first for everything, and his kiss left me wanting seconds. We collected E and left the casino.

We ended up in a tiny hotel room in Fife. E and I laid on the bed kissing and petting while T took a quick shower. When T emerged wearing nothing but a towel and a few water droplets, he seemed a little nervous again. So after admiring his tattoos, I stood up and kissed him. His lovely mouth and tongue were gentle, almost tentative, but his hands very much weren't. I enjoyed the duality as I played my hands along his soft skin, and then my lips and teeth and tongue.

I looked back once to make sure that E was OK with all of this, and he was just laying on the bed watching us contentedly enough, so I went back to exploring T and his mouth, his skin, his shaved head. Soon after he laid me on the bed and began to kiss my stomach, so E moved in to kiss me and palm my breasts through my blouse.

T and I had chatted about how much he liked tits and how much I like to give head. Imagine my surprise when he bypassed my breasts, kept his cock hidden behind that towel and far from my mouth, and instead settled between my legs. Soon I was naked but for my bra, E kissing my mouth and caressing my breasts, T caressing my legs and tonguing my clit.

T was equally talented with his pierced tongue and his long fingers. Long minutes went by where all I could do was lay there and feel E on my breasts, T lavishing his tongue along my clit while his fingers fucked me deep and occasionally tickled my g-spot. Eventually, T took mercy on me and let his fingers play with my clit while he kissed my stomach. Finally capable of vaguely higher thoughts, I repositioned to grab E and suck his cock into my mouth. Heaven. The only thing better than having T working my clit and cunt while I worked E's dick was when I slid my foot under T's towel. That impossible dichotomy of maleness, so soft and sleek and silky and HARD all at the same time.

Unfortunately, things run together in my mind after that. T came onto the bed with me and I finally had that beautiful cock in my mouth. I remember being all over that bed, T's cock in my mouth in various positions, E's mouth on my clit. T had a smell about him, like cedar, that drove me crazy to have him in my mouth. I don't usually let a guy fuck my mouth, as I enjoy doing the work and my gag reflex is quickly triggered when the guy takes over. But T was very gentle and yet insistent, and it was very arousing to have him fucking my mouth, making me more than ready to have him fucking my cunt instead.

There was fucking, along with a few condom problems, but nothing we couldn't overcome. E fucked me on my knees for awhile, and we positioned ourselves so T could watch as he stroked himself. Then they swapped and it was T's turn to fuck me. I wanted to suck E's cock, was ready to beg for it while T fucked me, but words just escape me when I'm being fucked. Instead, E sat on the floor in front of me so he could look into my eyes while I got fucked. He was smiling and so obviously turned on, but he held my hands and kept telling me how hot were were anyway.

Finally it was E's turn to finish. On my back and my legs wrapped around his waist, I never get tired of watching him cum inside me. Every time I watch him like that, I am the happiest woman alive.

As we all packed up and got dressed again, we just kept chatting and the occasional stomach would rumble, until finally I invited T to join us for dinner. We all went over to Denny's for some late night grub and more great conversation. Yes, I was half asleep by then from low blood sugar, but I heard every word. We all enjoyed ourselves, and I was happy that we'd found someone so genuinely nice, friendly, and easy going for our first time. I'm pretty sure it won't be our last, with him or the life.


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