break ups and wimpy whiny girls  

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7/5/2005 11:42 am

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break ups and wimpy whiny girls

okay - I know it won't look sexy - but I know a few women who need to grow balls.

okay people - it is just a man that it leaving you
it is NOT the air you breathe - you are not being starved, poisoned, or loding your family.

You have known this man for a matter of months and in that time he has beenmean, rude, unfaithful, and yet YOU are afraid to hurt HIS feelings and lose the relationship you are addicted to? COme on already.

Wax them fi you need to so they will blend - but grow some balls already and set your priorities in order.

I have broken up, and been been dumped on occasion - and sometimes I totally didn't notice enough or care and other times I was devestated and swore it felt like an Alka-Seltzer fizzing away in the pit of my heart.
But . . .
I never gave up I never lay down
I never re-assigned mydignity to some man.

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