What happens in Vegas. . . .  

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8/22/2005 7:39 am

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What happens in Vegas. . . .

Well, my left ankle and my right knee are still blown up and sore, but that is the price I pay for being freakin' crazy.

Julz and I were at Glen Ivy, letting the mud dry in the little heat cave when I told her that The Girls were vegas Bound. Now, ya'll member she wanted to got o vegas and I made her do the spa? Well, on the way hoem from Corona she hops on the 15 and says, we could be there in 2.5 hours. If we go to vegas to see your friends . . .. you get to call My Boss and ask him to feed My Dog. .... So, like a dork I say "Okay"

I Called Ali and she said to come on over . . . . so just with our clothes on from the spa . . . we took a spontanious ROAD TRIP. Julz and I used to do this all the time when we were Ali's age . .. every weekend we were in the car, singing with the windows down and talking about boys and sex. These days we usually are listening to a Dora Dora " Movie and singing kid songs with our combined Children so this was a cool flash back.

TL, Ali and Bonnie all kept in Texting contact with me adn were in a show with The Man and Qt when we got there so we valeted the minivan at Bellagio and walked around. The last time I was in Vegas I was also with Julz and she was 20 and we were with her boyfrined and anouther of our gilie frineds so we talked about Ali's age and then dropped $3.00 in the pennie slots on principle because this time I didn't hang in her hotel room playing Tetris like I did last time.

we tool the tram to Monte Carlo and lookie-Loued. And then the girls were out of the show and on the way to RumJungle where I caught up with QT, TL and The Man. (They didn't look all that happy to see me though)The Outer walls were lit with gas flames on the inside- walls of fire . . . ad the inner decor had tremendous glass panes with water cascading down. the walls and floors and ceiling were black with ultraviolet lighting illuminating the caaged women as green girating prisoners in the sky, spinning, dancing, never stopping . . . .

The security Guards were sexy sexy - i got a hug and kiss from one on my way out the door. Julz and I met 8 guys in a bachelor party about 3:30 and now we are invited to a wedding in Santa Barbra in two weeks. I danced like a white girl, Julie danced like a 'Snoopy" character, occasionally freaky men danced Freakily with us which made me laugh my head off! Tl and the Man were in a private world of their own, their dance beskeaking thier companionship, and QT wore the bravest shoes I have ever seen on a dance floor - shiny black stilettos. She was soo cute but I need to know if she can walk or not.

I am bummed that I did not see Bonnie or ali, but they did text me alot . . . "Marco"???????

Julz and I crashed at the Hilton Garden towers for, oh 3 hours and then hit the road again when the 8 guys called to invite us to breakfast . . . HA! We went home and then I did the craziest thing of all . . . . . I have a date with Julz boss next weekend.

Ahh, now I am really home and trying to adjust to being normal and boring . . . . think I can do it??

How was your weekend and or vegas Experience?

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