would u let me walk u home?  

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8/29/2006 12:22 am

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would u let me walk u home?

Mmm i'd luv to walk u thru a local park thru some woods early evening and us both feeling rather frisky! U tease me by grabbing for my bulge proud in my jeans. You push me to a nearby tree as we kiss deeply my hands roaming the outline of ur body over ur summer mini dress. mmm my fingertips brush against ur clit and tease the lips of ur pussy as my tongue snakes from nibbling on ur earlobe down ur neck flickering to ur erect nipple.

I drop to my knees as u part ur legs my tongue teasing ur clit as my fingers delve into ur pussy. U lift ur dress off over ur head standing there naked with just ur shoes as u lean back against the tree the thought of being on display should any1 walk this way makes u even hornier and grind down onto my face.

U eager toget my cock free as u want to feel it inside u b4 u cum. we move a little further up to a bridge over a stream springing my rigid cock from my boxers u expertly tease my shaft my ass cold against the railings.

Ur pussy moist and us both cant resist any more u bend over the rail ur nipples cold on the rail ur naked ass up in the air. mmmm I slide my throbbing cock inside ur pussy which tightens round my shaft. U buck back against my cock driving deeper into ur pussy as we fuck our rythym frantic.

My hands reach round and tweak ur cold erect nipple as my cock wet with ur juices slips out of ur pussy and presses against the rim of ur ass. U look behind at me and the look onn ur face says it all and u gasp as ur ass swallows up my pulsating shaft to my balls.

Oh god im so horny us both naked on the bridge my cock pumping deep in ur ass u playing with ur pussy and clit my free hand tweaking ur nipple hard as u lean back onto my cock which explodes in ur ass in a wave of pulsations which sends quivers thru ur ass and pussy u cum hard juices running down ur legs as we kiss deeply our passions satisfied. mmmmmmmmmmmm

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8/29/2006 1:05 am

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