three hot men in One day, doesn't get any better than that!!  

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9/7/2005 9:16 pm

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three hot men in One day, doesn't get any better than that!!

I would love for our first meeting to be in the woods like you

described, that has been driving me wild, thinkin of you taking me by

knife...i just may wear panty hose so you can cut them off of me, if

you promise to not cut my precious cunt in the process...and i'm tellin

ya, i will fight you every step of the way, because i think having a

woman terrified and fighting you would make your dick hard as steel...i

will kick, slap, scratch, bite and pull your hair, anything to arrouse

with a strong struggle...

i want to watch your eyes grow dark with lust and anger while i push

you to your limits! i want you to tear my clothes off and keep

forcing your mouth on mine, i will turn away from you and push you

away, and tell you to stop, and no matter how much i protest i want

you to keep pushing me, but don't hurt me! and of course when you

leave me laying there by myself, you had better make sure i get back to

the car ok...and you had better, take me in your arms, kiss me gently,

soothe me, carress my hot pale flesh, and convince me somehow that i

want you to fuck me will take alot of convincing to you better start workin on your technique how you will

accomplish that...

hmm who did i fuck last??? oh mmm that was fun! This young black guy

called me a couple of days ago...i had met him before and i have seen

him several times...when he called, i was upset and crying about some

things going on here at home, he wanted to come see me, i told him i

looked awful and my mood wasn't one of feeling like having any

fun...well he told me he would just like to hold me and make me feel

better...i said no, not today....a couple of hours someone knocked on

my door, i didn't answer it, cause i was feelin so down and didn't want

to be around anyone...well he opened my back door and just walked in

and said, hey, how are you? i was worried about and thought i should

check on you...he is only 22, light black guy, gorgoues face and eyes

and built very well...

he walked over and swooped me into his arms and just held me tight, i

didn't expect that at all...his hands was carressing my hair softly...i

pulled away from him, cause i felt from his sweetness that i was going

to burst into tears again and i didn't want to embarrass myself, he

just said, no, don't pull away from me like that and he pulled me back

into his arms again...then he led me into my living room and he just

held me while i cried...he didn't ask me what was wrong, just let me

cut loose...i was horrified that i had cried in front of him like

that...but he just held me, one hand came up to my face and he pulled

my face to look up at him, he just stared down into my eyes for the

longest time, his eyes were soft and caring, i didn't expect to see

that either...we sat on my couch together, then he lowered his mouth to

mine in a soft gentle kiss...

i have to say, it was very arousing to be in a young man's arms like

that, and even though i wasn't in the mood, he has a way of kissing me

that changed my mood very quickly, he has the hottest fullest sexiest

lips that drive me wild, his eyes stayed on mine as he kept kissing

me...first soft sweet ones, then longer, deeper, ones that made my body

respond to him...he pulled me on top of his lap while our mouths were

fastened to each others, soft moans kept coming from me as his hand

began to wander all over my body...his mouth opend mine with his

tongue, his hand went between my thighs.

His hand went to my pussy as he covered it with his hand, held it

firmly...his middle finger swirled around my clit thru my

underwear...then his hand moved my underwear aside and he pushed two

fingers inside me...his mouth all over my face kissing me in hot

kisses, sucking gently on my neck..licking up my neck and back down to

my breasts, he told me he couldn't wait to feel my nipple in his mouth,

his other han went from my face and under my tank top i had

on...whispered to me how sexy i was even when i was crying in his

arms...i was completley enthralled with him at this point..his

seduction was working on me, my vulnerablity was apparant...his lips

were against my ear as he whispered to me, "this is what you need baby"

as his fingers plunged inside me.

Part of me wanted to protest, but i was past that now...I slid back

off his lap onto the couch, opened my legs up, stretched back, he

removed my top and bra and licked and sucked all over my breasts and

nipples while he fingered me harder and faster, my hips started rising

up to fuck his fingers, i looked up to see him watching me as i burst

all over his hand, he fucked me with his fingers thru several

oragasms.... When i opened my eyes to look up at him...he smiled at me,

and said, that's what you needed, isn't it? and you didn't even know

it...he made me laugh...

I smiled up at him as i unzipped him and pulled out his black wet

dick...before my lips even touched him, his thighs was shaking...I WAS

DEFINITELY IN THE MOOD NOW!! , i sat up, sucked him with noisey loud

sucking slurpng noises, i looked up in time to see him throw his head

back...he grabbed his dick and pulled out of my mouth and shoved me

down on my couch, pulled my underwear off and layded down on top of me

as he started working my mouth with his again...i can't believe what an

expert kisser he is! my eyes opened wide as i felt his cock enter my

hungry cunt while he shoved his tongue down my legs wrapped

around him and i started to ride him back...i love fucking this young had been several months since i had him...his mouth pulled from

mine to tell me that he wanted to fuck me from behind...that he hasn't

been able to quit thinking about fucking me like that since the last

time he had me...

he got up and i turned over and got on my hands and knees and waited

for him to enter me...i felt him start to tease my lips with his cock,

i pushed back and felt him plunge in deep, i let out a loud gasp!!!

God That Feels So Good, i cried out loud to him...Your god damn right

baby he told me...he kept inching higher and higher on me, i kept

slamming back into foot on the floor, one knee down in the

cushions of my couch...i said, wait! he said, "what?" take me to my

bed i told him...he mumbled with a smile..."that's what i'm talkin

about" he pulled me up into his big arms and kissed me all the way to

my bedroom...i got on my hands and knees again and he wasted no time in

getting inside me again, he let out a groan as he started to fuck me

fast and hard, i came and came, then he would slow down and said,

damn! i don't want to cum yet, ur pussy is so fuckin hot i can't help

it, everytime i start pounding your pussy faster i feel like i'm going

to explode,

I want to be inside you longer and make u cum alot more...he would

fuck me with long slow deliberate he doesn't have a big

dick like most of the other black men i've seen, but my god can he

fuck!! then he would grab my waist and start to shove his dick in me

so fast i could hardly keep up with him, that's what kept making me cum

and cum...all of a sudden he stopped and got real still...I said what's

wrong?..he has this wild eyed look in his eyes..."i heard someone

walking downstairs." he it time for mike to be here...I said

no, he won't be home for a few hours..."I know i heard someone walking"

he said, i listened and i heard something too...then i laughed and

said, it just probably Dolly my cat running sure? he asked

lookin like he was spooked again...i said yes i'm sure...ok baby your

getting the fuck of your life now he said...his dick went in so deep i

had to cry out, he grabbed onto my hips and started fucking me harder

and faster.

We both could hear my tits slapping together from the force of his

thrusts...i fucked him back with a new found energy, i wanted it to

hurt me...i hiked my ass up higher as he got on his feet and climbed up

higher on top of me, his hands now on my shoulders, using them for

leverage to get in deeper...god it hurt so fuckin good...he was almost

over my back, holding onto my waist again, deeper than ever, my head

smashed into my pillow, it was one of the deepest fucks i've ever

had....i just kept gushin and he kept fucking me thru orgasm after

orgasm...about the time i thought i was done, another one would rip

thru me...he just kept pumping me faster and faster, our bodies were

smacking so loud i was sure the whole neighborhood could hear us going

at it...i was screaming with each thrust as he grunted louder, he let

out a cry and finally came hard...his body jerked as he spasmed while i

could feel his hot cum spurt up inside hands were clenching

onto my blankets and sheets when he finally spurt for the last time...
He collapsed and rolled off of me...we were both sweating profusely,

and breathing so hard we couldn't talk yet....that's when i heard it!!

fuck! i heard footsteps!! we looked at each other, his eyes wild, i

was suddenly terrified...i could hear the steps as they walked out my

back door...He jumped up and said, i'm going to check this out, he

pulled on his jeans and ran downstairs...Wait here, he yelled at

me...don't come downstairs till i get back, i'm going to kick someone's

ass...i couldn't have moved if my life depended on it..i was completely

spent and exhausted...i tried to sit up and gave up on that too...i

could feel everything under me soaked from me cumming so many times...i

waited and listened, he finally came back upstairs and said he just saw

a car pull out as he went out the back door, the only person i could

think of that would walk in my home unannounced was Jeff, my daughter's


He said, well i better get going...i wrapped a sheet around me and

walked him to the back door, he said he wanted me to make sure i locked

the door behind him, but didn't want to leave me like this cause he was

worried, but he said he had to get to work...i told him i would be

fine...he pulled me into his arms once more and gave me a soul stirring

kiss, then slapped my ass and walked out the door...i closed the door

behind me, and sighed, thinking, wow, i never expected that....well, i

forgot to lock the door...i went into my living room and sat down to

check my e-mail before i went to shower...I looked at the clock and

thought, ooo half an hour before mike get's home from work, shower?

change the bed and clean up...yeah i have time...

i jumped and screamed when i looked up and saw one of my fuck freinds

fom adultfreindfinder walk into my living room....!!! shit!! i

hollered at him..what are you doin here? he crossed to me and started

unzipping his pants...i held up my hand and said, no! don't! it's time

for my husband to be home soon...oh you have time to suck my'll be close but you have time...he pulled his dick out and

put his hand on the back of my head and pulled my mouth down on top of

his dick...well i couldn't resist! he said, that's it you horny slut!

suck me goodb bitch, it's not going to take long for me to cum...i've

been in your kitchen for the last half hour stroking my dick listening

to you getting that hot juicsy pussy of yours pounded good and

hard...fuck that was hot listening to him making you scream and

cum...such a fuckin horny lil naughty housewife...i just kept sucking

harder and deeper, i wanted to taste his cum ..."you enjoyed that hot

black guy fuckin you hard like that didn't you...?"

I nodded affirmative as i went down all the way with my mouth, sucking

harder, "does he know that your the best cock sucker on the planet?

Then he grunted and came in short lil spurts down my throat, i held him

in my mouth, my hands on his ass, holding him in place while i

swallowed it all...when i felt him stop cumming i shoved him away and

said, fuck! that was you? walking around in my house?...he just

laughted an evil laugh, i pushed him and said, go!!!! he pulled up his

pants, zipped up on the way out my back door...i ran upstairs, grabbed

all the bedding off of my bed, sprayed some febreeze, then jumped in

the shower, thats when my husband walked in....

He got in the shower with me and asked, "so what did you do today?"

ohhh, not much" i replied as i felt his dick behind sure you

feel up to this? he asked, i know you've been upset lately...i said,

oh, i'll be fine..." he looked down at me and said, honey you look a

lil wore out, you sure your up to this...i turned away because of the

naughty look that i knew was in my eyes and in my smile..and backed up

against him..."maybe this is what i need...i said in a soft low sexy

tone...he pushed me agianst the shower wall and bent me over, well

hang on love, cause i been lookin forward to this all damn day!

mmmm....yes that was a fun day! Now my husband has no clue of all the

risks i take to satisfy my daring escapades, but you see it helps keep

me in a state of wanting him...specially is i find out i just got away

with being with two hot men in one day right before he get's home from

work, and i have the desire and energy to take very good care of him...

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