it all works out in the end...naughty adventure...RISKY!  

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9/17/2005 11:28 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

it all works out in the end...naughty adventure...RISKY!

my latest naughty escapade happend two nights ago...i had this guy from AdultFriendFinder ask me to see him that night, he asked if i could entertain at my house, i said, no, my husband will be home if he wanted to see me he would have to provide a place to i met him at a wal-mart on arlington road in akron at one of the motels...we met, he sat in my car, we checked each other out and decided we wanted each other as soon as we could get a he turns to me and says, i don't have enough money for a room...i was getting ready to say, well, we'll have to make it another time then...i was thinking i pretty much made it known that he would be responsible...he was a dark black guy, very sweet natured, soft spoken, gorgoues face and body and a dick to die for...he said he was a very easy to get along with type of person but once he got in bed he was a beast!! the word "Beast" kept ringing in my ears...i thought i got to know what a beast is like" that's the reason i decided to see him...So i said no i don't have any money for a room...he said you don't have any money? He seemed surprised...right then i knew i didn't want to see him, i wanted out of there...I take time to dress like a classy woman that has personality, and take hours to prepare myself for a night of fucking and these men ( he was from africa, had this gorgeous accent and all) have the gall to ask for me to take the responsibility of paying for a room!! oh Hell no, i don't pay!! I will never pay, for one reason, i'm on a tight budget and if i pay it comes out of my husbands pocket.... besides i think that men should be gentlemen enough to take it upon themselve to do the paying...maybe i'm old fashioned in this area...well after i told him i didn't have money, he said let me see what i can do...well as soon as he went around the motel, i took off like a bat out of hell!! i went back home...nope i didn't feel bad...they get one chance with want a fun sexy evening with me, you do the paying, simple as that....well on my way back home i was in canton...and i pass by this hot looking young black guy...our eyes meet and i think, god, i bet he's one HOT FUCK!"" I had to turn around and finally caught up with him...told him the date i had didn't work out...he asked if he could take his place? I said well maybe you can...this guy knew what he was doing...we couldn't go into his home, cuz his brother was we made due with his garage...he had me bend over while he slipped in his fingers and fingered me for a bit which got me hot and wet...then he wanted to see my ass which he pulled up my skirt and looked me over and said, i had a tempting sweet ass. He pulled my asscheeks apart and slipped his dick inside was a gorgous thick big felt so good goin inside me...he would slow fuck me...then slip it out and finger me then tease my clit with the head of his dick...then slide in deep, grab my hips and fuck me hard and fast then slip it back out and just tease me with it...then he would walk around the front of me and fuck my mouth with it and instruct me how he wanted me to suck it...he then asked if i had any money...that just about ruined it for me...i said now what do you need money for? He said because i want to take you to a nice room and take my time eating and licking that cute pussy of yours for awhile then fuck you all night, take a refreshing shower then fuck you some more...after he cums he stays hard...i thought oh shit...that's what i want...then he crammed almost his whole hand inside me and fucked me slow but hard making me cum down my legs...then he had me sit down and put my hand inside me and make myself gush in a puddle under the chair while he stroked his dick right in front of me...then he pulled me down in the chair got down on his knees and started kissing and licking my pussy...he had me hardly able to keep still or even unable to keep from squirming around. He had both my hips in his hands and licked and suck like crazy, then he worked his hand inside and fucked me till i was gushing again...damn he said, if we were somewhere more comfortable i'd be banging that sweet thing all fuckin night...then he pulled me as forward to the edge of the seat as he could and fucked fucked and fucked some more till i soaked his chair, the blanket on the chair, and a big puddle under the chair i was the time he got thru with me i was weak and shaking and could barely stand up...he said that was nothing....gave me this wicked grin, licked his finger, smacking his lips loudly then winked at me...asked if i wanted more...i said, i think i need to get home...(in reality, my legs were shaking so much I was having a difficult time standing) I had some very powerful orgasms that night...he said, well ok then, i managed to get my soaked panties back on and he walked me back to my car....we talked for a few minutes...which ended up with him hard again...He put his head thru my open window and kissed me and said, come on back into the garage with me, i think that pussy needs some more..i shook my head no, and when i turned around he was gone! Well, he had already went back to the garage and opened the door and was taking off his shirt again...with this onry smile oh his face...well, i just couldn't resist!

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10/21/2005 11:46 am

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