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11/26/2005 12:21 am

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hi baby,
just got home from seeing somone from
sensuous dom, eeehhhhhhhh!! still not like you!
dammit! i need someone that is going to be like u all
the fuckin time..., but i did
all the fuckin work at his command, he was fun but
definitely not like my fuck master is with me...i'm
tellin ya, u've ruined all other men for me except
one, and i can't get to him, for around 5 weeks
now..he lives an hour and a half away!
ohhhhh yessss, that is entirely possible about the
number, in fact i forgotten i had given it to you,
i've been trying to track down eveyone i gave it to
wrong, discovered it last night when mike heard me
giving it to the guy i saw tonight wrong, lol...mike
says, well he's not going to be able to get ahold of u
that way, i said why not, he says, cause ur givin in
the wrong number, it's ur
right i gave it to you wrong...
now i want to know something, u say if i'm not a good
girl ur going to strap on the cock cage and fuck my
ass with it on, what i want to know, is, if i'm a good
girl and do like u say, will u reward me with strappin
on that cock cage and fuck my hot juicy slutty pussy
with it for more than the time u fuck my ass? and,
how are u going to be able to keep from cumming in my
ass if u fuck it that long, u have a great time keepin
from cummin fuckin my pussy, and i know how good ur
dick feels in my tight asshole, it's written all over
ur face when u fuck me like that..this lustful driven
crazed look crosses those cute brown eyes..then ur
taken my ass...and i love to see ur face while ur
fuckin it good, and i love to watch ur mouth when u
try hard not to blow and u do an incredible job of
controlling it! but i just love what u do to ur woman
when u take control of me and fuck me like
that....i'll make a deal with you, if u can last that
long in my pussy, (and u know how much i love the way
u FUCK me sooooooo damn good) then u can fuck my ass
that long or however long u last in my pussy!! mmmmm
that would definitly make me purrr! and i don't think
it's going to be long before i explode my cum all over
u when ur fuckin my ass! that's the goal i'm shooting
for..hehehe, pardon the pun! and yes, TOY MAN ur right, i
can't get that image of me laying across ur lap with
ur hard dick jerkin under me each time ur hand lands
across my ass with another red mark and when ur
fingers keep slammin away at my pussy till i splash u
all over...and i can't get it out of my mind the way u
kissed me so roughly before u fucked me and during the
fuck, that was the hottest kiss with u ever, it lasted
and lasted and made my heart pound!! and i can't get
the sounds of ur hot sexy mouth slurpin and suckin me
till i scream! you definitely have every man i've
ever been with beat when it comes to eating and
pleasuring a woman like you do...when i tell anyone of
my men freinds about u and yes they all ask if there
is someone better than others, i tell them about you,
not ur name or anything like that just about u, i tell
them u are the most amazing man and i adore this man
like no one else in my life, and i tell them, you
should be teaching classes and teaching these men how
it's done...they need to now what it takes to make
women happy, i swear u would make any woman happy if
she would just open her eyes and take u for what u
have to offer! I love the look on these men's faces
when i tell them ur the best, and they realize they
haven't been all that at all...smiles...yes i'm a
naughty lil bitch in heat for you all the time, and i
think of u alot of my spare time and throb at the
thought of the next time being with you...i have never
had one dull moment with you...u keep me guessin time
after time..i tell them that too! they don't like it,
but i tell them, if u don't want to know the truth
then don't bother askin...they don't like that and their big ass egos! shit! but it
sure is fun trying them all out and tryin to find one
even similar to you!
i still havn't heard from that girl you told me to
contact, but i did talk to somone in chat the other
night that lives in akron...we chatted a little bit,
but i found out she is a domme...and loves to whip men
around, she wants to meet me, but after i heard that,
i don't think the two of u will mix well...and she's
like dumber than a barrel of hair...i couldn't seem to
get anything thru her head! geez! i will try to
contact the other one again soon! not tonight though,
i'm kinda pooped, i saw chris today then that guy that
is a sensual dom or whatever...
u lil slut that adore you!

> i called your "cell" number........
> .....and the voice
> that came on, said
> that this was not a working
> number!!!.....................could it be that
> in your horny mindset, that keeps thinking
> about laying across my lap
> with your pussy lips getting fingered,....and having
> your ass spanked,......til
> you gush your piss allll over my cock,
> accidentally gave me the wrong
> number perhaps????????? hmmmmmmmmmm?????????
> i definitely am going to have you mount my
> face with your sloppy wet
> cunt,.....
> command you to lick and suck my cock,.......and
> spank the fuck out of
> you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> i want your ass to be sooooooo reddddd when i
> stick my dick between your
> whore cheeks.
> ......and you better be a good girl,........or
> else i will strap-on my
> cock-cage and fuck
> your shit-hole with it on!!!!...............this
> means: you will get on
> your knees on the bathroom floor,.......and suck my
> dick while you get your
> enema!!! will concentrate on gagging
> my cock down your throat.......while your fucking
> ass is getting filled with
> warm water!
> i want to hear you make that gagging noise when you
> take my cock
> deep!........
> once your ass is
> ready, will be allowed to
> relieve yourself on the toilet!
> PRACTICE,........HAS PAID OFF!!!!!
> i'm thinking that
> my dirty little slut
> will enjoy her long-awaited
> bung-holing !!!!!!!!!!!!...........i am going
> to try and fuck and pump
> your filthy naughty
> shitter for at least an
> hour!!!!!.............anal play at its
> best!!!!!!!!!!!..............................
> it will be your pleasure to receive my
> dick-cream in your mouth when i
> am finished with
> your butt-fucking!



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