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1/2/2006 9:12 pm

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>ohhhhhh myyyyyy! do you know how much that turns me on to hear about men actually cumming to my profile and stories? and wow, you came three times? are you like that tom cat i've been looking for?? i loved your profile, it's not often i find a man that would appreciate a woman for just being her...well i haven't found any yet! i do so enjoy teasing and taunting...i would just adore a guy, if i could get away with meeting him, let's say in a dark driveway, or park...make out with him till he's breathless and my breasts are heaving with excitement and my dark eyes are glittering with lust...then take his hand and put it between my legs and let him feel the pulsating of my drenched pussy...of course i wouldn't have any panties on, because i would just love it if the wet spot would be on his seat instead of my panties...i just want him to kiss me hard and demanding while his hand holds my quivering cunt...then...i would take his hand away, tell him to smell it...then tell him to lick it....then i would open the door, get out and walk back to my car, blow him a kiss and go and aching for him, but such a daring and adventurous feeling to get away with something like that....i would make him wait, only three days, let him think about how it was with me, how i kissed him back, how my whole body responded to him, my nipples hard, the area around my nipples how the were swollen, suggestively protruding thru my bra inviting him to devour then, but of course he never got to that, i guarantee one thing, he won't let the opportunity pass him by the next time, now will he? For three days I will be all he thinks about, in his day dreams and in his night dreams, it will be me he will wish he was with, his cock will throb for three days, his balls will be so full when he gets to see me again...but the aggreement would be, neither of us gets to pleasure ourselves till we see each other cumming, can you just imagine the unleashed passion between a man and woman when an adventure like that happens?
*naughty cat grin*
kitty ---------------------------------------------------

> Date: Jan 2, 2006 2:09 PM EST
> I came 3 times reading your profile. WOW
> Would luv to pet that PUSSY cat.
> You aint shitten about taunting a guy!

rm_ima6ulvd8 60M

1/10/2006 12:38 am

Taunting in'st half of haunt the deepest darkest recess of ones mind. Causing an aching that only you, and you alone know how to surpress. Your words, actions and looksdrive sane men crazy with desire.....igniting a fire deep down inside that only you know how to know that fire. The one that leaves you exhausted and spent....only to have it re-ignited minutes or hours later....awaking from a sound sleep ...sweeting and exhausted from the dreams of what happened on;y hours earlier....filled with a desire to have it again....only to realize that you are not lying there next to me....nothing to do but revel in the memories, scent and taste you left behind....until we will be forever burned into my eternal mind....creating a burning desire that only you can satisfy!


1/15/2006 11:32 pm

3 shoot a load so big it would seep out of the corbers of your mouth. trickle onto the park bench....wink

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11/2/2006 6:25 pm

this woman seems so sexy and confident,what a bal buster, im hard just reading her postings i have to have her soon!!

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