Playground Fun!!  

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11/2/2005 10:18 pm

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Playground Fun!!

>ohhhhhh you do make me want to be even naughtier than i've ever been, i have a feelin you could provoke me to do things i've only fantacized about doing, but in answer to your question, about a month ago, i did have an encounter with a gorgeous, young hard bodied 22 year old guy from about 45 min from me...he asked to meet me at a parking lot, i got in his truck and he drove to a place that was dark and had an elementary school...we walked onto the playground, and it was just that, for two hours for us...a playground of a hot exciting encounter...we had one streetlight, and someone in the distance had a bonfire going...we could hear the people was a warm night, although we didn't end up in the grass, i was in his arms, while we made out for about half an hour, i could feel his young cock swelling in his tight jeans...he kissed me long and deep it took my breath away, he had his hand in my hair and pulled my face back and stared down into my dark eyes, it was like he was in my spell, i could tell he really enjoyed making out with me...his eyes kept moving down to my heaving creamy white breasts, i knew he couldn't wait to get his mouth on them, so i grabbed his head and shoved it down between them and let him feast on them...he was tall and strong, he walked me backwards, slobbering wet juciy kisses to my lips and my breasts...he whirled me around to where his arm was around my neck and my ass was against his crotch...his mouth, tongue and teeth were all over the back of my neck...he had me breathless and dizzy from his heat and passion...i grinded back against him, both of us moaning, his big hands was all over me, he kept smiling at me, he was so cute with these dimples that drove me wild...he had that cute country boy look about him...he kept gasping, "oh god" his hand went inside my bra, he felt my nipple harden between his fingers, he jerked my bra up over both my breasts, he said, "this is what i've been waiting for." his mouth covered my nipple and he sucked and teased one then the other...i had to lean against him, he had me so hot!! then he pulled me against him, and walked me backwards again, his mouth open wide against mine, i could tell when we first started out that this guy was trained to be a gentleman...but when he realized i wasn't going to stop him at anything, well he turned into this wild cat, and that is what i was craving...i felt something cold against the back of my legs...he pushed me down gently, that's when i realized he had backed me up against a slide...i sat down, i pulled my black skirt up my thighs...i spread my thighs apart and looked up at him with a sexy soft smile...he looked down and this big grin spread across his face...he started to move toward me, but i surprised him and sat up and reached for his belt...i said in a soft voice, do you know what the sexiest sound in the world is to me? his mouth dropped open and he said, with a woman like you, i have no clue...i looked up at him from under my long dark lashes and said, "this" i slowly unzipped him..."i love to hear a man unzip!" I cooed at him. He reached down with his hand under my chin and dove straight into my mouth, tongue first, i thought i'd pass out from the pleasure i felt with is tongue sliding deep into my mouth...then my foot came up between him and me and i slowly pushed him from me...i reached down in his jeans and pulled out a gorgeous swollen cock...i licked the head first, smacking my lips as i tasted his precum...his hips pushed forward, i held him back, by licking all around the head of his cock slowly, his eyes glittered as he watched my every move...most men let their head drop back and close their eyes while i pleasure them with my mouth...not this guy...he watched me work his dick...swirlin with deep wet kisses all over his cock...i would use the tip of my tongue then suck gently then let the flat side of my tongue slide up to the head, then i would just suck the head of him befoe i gulped the rest of him down my throat...he said, "god you look so hot with my dick in your mouth..." i would just smile up at him...his hips moved closer and closer, my eyes focused on his strong muscular thighs, I couldn't help but think, "my god with muscular thighs like that i bet this young hot guy would power fuck me good...i was anxious to find out...i sucked him in deep then, held his cock in my soft wet mouth and let out a moan as i just sucked and sucked...his hand gently swiped back my hair...his thighs started to shake, he said, "fuck!" no one has ever sucked me like that, baby your going to make me cum i pulled my mouth up slowly while sucking all the way mouth smacked loud and juicy as i pulled him out wtih a loud plop...then my hands stroked up the inside of his thighs, i pulled his cock to the side and i kissed his balls, with loud juicy wet noises...he just said, "god damn baby" his hands gripped my hair hands went around to his big gorgeous ass, i gripped tightly and pulled him into my face, let my lips go soft.. and sucked him harder while my tongue slipped in and out of my mouth, flicking all over his dick...i looked up in time to see his jaws tighten, struggling to control his cum...i smiled slyly at him as i engulfed him entirely and sucked till the hollow places in my cheeks showed, i closed my eyes and concentrated...he blew hot cum in my mouth...his balls banging against my chin softly...i groaned as i felt his sweet cum splash inside my mouth...i held him tight with my lips and kept sucking gently...FUCK!!!! he cried out...DAMN BABY! then i slowly licked and kissed his cock all over..he kept jerking and groaning and saying, god, ur good, i've never had a blow job where a woman has made me cum in two minutes...never! he looked slightly embarrassed as he told me he usually lasts longer...i knew i was good, i laid back on the slide, stretching out in front of him, my hands squeezing my breasts, sighing with a confident smile...he sat down beside me, kept looking at me...we talked about different things...i was patient with him..i knew he needed time to recover...when he did, his arm went around me again, he pulled me against his hard chest...we kissed some of the hottest kissing i've ever had...he would go from soft sexy gentle kisses to the hard demanding deeper kisses that makes me tremble in a man's arms...i asked you want to fuck me from behind? he said, "oh god, hell yes i do..i'd die to see your ass when i fuck you like that"...he pulled me up...his mouth on mine, he turned me around, i bent over, he slid three fingers inside and finger fucked me good, this time it was my turn to shake and gush like crazy...he turned me around and sat me back down, pulled my legs apart and slammed his fingers inside my pussy and fucked it hard, even long deep strokes, he swears there was big puddle of cum from me..he said he had heard about women that could cum and gush like i did, but had never saw it...he covered my nipple with his mouth and kept banging my pussy with his fingers...he was fascinated that he could keep making me gush, one climax after it was my turn to feel weak and limp all over...but he stood up, his hands held my shoulders and he pulled me up, turned me around and bent me over the slide...i was in heels, and i spread my legs wide...ahhh yeah..he moaned in a low growl, he hiked my skirt up over my ass, ohhhh fuck woman!! he said to me...he guided his dick into my pussy...grabbed my hips and just held me against him...he said, my god ur pussy is so hot...then he started to fuck me..slow even strokes...i pushed back against him and my muscles contracted around him...he gasped...shit!! fuck!! i started to fuck him faster, setting the pace...then his hands slid up my back and he grabbed me by the shoulders, then he started to deep fuck me, it felt like my feet were raising up of the ground each time he slammed in harder and deeper...i could feel my ass bouncing and his thighs smacking into my ass harder...i hung onto the sides of the slide, then he gave it to me as hard as he could, by now i was screaming, fucking him back as hard as he was giving it to me...then he started this stroke and grind thing, i came in buckets...i said, god, that's fuckin hot...Yeah? he said, you like that...i whimpered "oh yesssss" then you'll love this he growled into my ear..his hand went up into my hair, he pulled my face around to his.. his tongue slammed in deep at the same time his cock drove deeper inside me..oh damn, it hurt so fucking good, with his mouth on mine, his hand pulling me back by the hair, his other hand under me, pulling me back into him..i was shoving myself back into him...holding is became wild and animalistic and so lusty...he fucked, slammed and banged into me non-stop, till i was screaming, i just had to concentrate on not fallin over onto the slide, i was able to keep up with him...then i felt him jerk hard, he growled loud, i just kept slamming into him, my juices running down between my thighs...he let out this howl and came and came and came...i let another orgasm rip from me...he kept jerking...but started to slow down his thrusts...then he slammed in one more time deep and held me still against him...we just stood there, him inside me...then he let go of my hair and his hand went down my back then over my ass, then he felt between my thighs..mmmmmm, he said, my god girl...he slowly pulled out, i collasped on the slide...he stumbled backwards...we looked at each other...he smiled at me, and i started laughing....he shook his head, i could see sweat running down his reddened face...he started laughing with me...fuck that was hot he whole body was still trembling as i started to put myself together...when i pulled my skirt back down...i said, "ewwwww" he asked me what's wrong...i said my skirt is soaked..he said, I'm surprised there's not a river under that slide the way you came...even my heels was wet, my cum had run down my legs and into my shoes...we walked back to his truck, very slowly, i still felt dizzy...he said you know what? i looked at him, he went on..."you've ruined me...i've never been fucked and sucked so good, no woman is going to come close to've ruined all other women for me...i just laughed at him..he put his arm around me and we reached the truck, he said, i don't want to offend you, but i'm going to get a blanket out of the back for you to sit on...i just giggled an waited for him to get the blanket...he drove me to my car, we kissed for a few mintues..he just shook his head at me and smiled and said, "WOW"
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11/16/2005 9:13 am

Damn, that is the hottest thing i've ever are amamzing...I have to have you if for only a night. I can't stop thinking about what a great fuck we could have...and i would love to drink your buckets as they run down your thighs. I'm 33 medium large build with a nice thick one growing in my pants thinking about you. how bout you send me a message mpax3569 you know the rest. I live in canton and can't wait to get my mouth on you. lick you soon.

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11/16/2005 9:49 am

is the rest

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11/16/2005 2:20 pm

well since i cannot give you my email address can i arrange to meet you? give you an opportunity to check me out see if you like

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