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1/14/2006 10:13 pm

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...another i a 19 year old that i just got to see this last monday...my god, did he ever take me by surprise!! he's in the police academy...slim, but the beginnings of an athletic body, these big dark brown eyes, cute charming smile, kinda of the all american young boyish look...he came over mon after his self defence class, i opend the door and he walked in and sat down, i sat down on my couch and told him he could come sit by me if he wanted to...oh my, he sat next to me and pulled me to him and we started making out...omg, he had me breathless...he was excatly what i wanted in him...very confident in his moves, he had his hands under my head holding it where he wanted it while he kissed me, i removed his jacket, i couldn't believe how cute he was...i tugged his shirt from his pants, he pulled my tank top off and with one hand unsnapped my bra, his mouth still on mine, i was so hot for him...he pushed my hand down on his crotch and was moaning as i shoved my tongue in his mouth while i squeezed his cock in my hand, my god, he was swollen and big...i had to see it...so i undid his belt,his mouth, tongue and teeth were on my neck..i yanked off his belt, undid his pants and pulled down his pants and his underwear at the same time...he had this innocent wide eyed _expression on his face...wow! he kept saying...i licked around his cock head a couple of times and he started shaking...well you know me, i got a big kick out of that...i thought, oh he ain't seen nothing yet...i tasted his precup and engulfed his entire cock in one deep suck!! I thought he was going to pass out...his face went pale, his entire body was trembling...he put his hands in my hair and pushed me back on the couch, then yanked off both my shorts and panties and threw them aside...he kissed me so hard and he shoved his dick inside my pussy...i came so fucking fast...i don't remember ever cumming so soon after a guy had entered me, he had me so ready for him...i could tell by the way he fucked me that he didn't have much experience, but i was amazed at his confidence and his aggressive style...he had a hard time with staying in side me, he was fucking me really hard and fast and kept slipping out, but it didn't faze him at all, he would just grab ahold oh his cock and shove it back in and start stroking in and out...and my god his mouth, this kiss knew how to kiss, i loved hearing his vocal expressions while we kissed, it was like he was hungry for me! then he grabbed both of my breasts in his hands, he says, "god damn" these are so huge, and he went right to sucking them both...i love when a guy does that while he's fucking me...he kind of had me crowed against the arm of the couch, he noticed it, and raised up, grabbed me from under my legs and yanked me to the edge of the couch while he was still in me...i came again...he kept fucking me while he was licking and sucking all over my tits...his eyes stayed open while his mouth was all over them...first one then the other..he kept his eyes on mine while he fucked me and you know how much i like that...i was surprised how long he lasted...he pulled his dick out and one time and it felt like he put his whole hand inside me and curled his fingers up against the g-spot and fingered me till i exploded...FUCK!!!! he cried out...i had gushed so hard...he pulled his hand out and looked at it, and said, fuck! that's hot! look at how wet my hand is? it was literally dripping down his arm and from his fingers...all of them, his eyes were so wide...damn i've never seen anything like that...god i love it he said...then he smeared it all over my face and tits then attacked me with his mouth...i was going fucking nuts! then he grabbed both of my ankles in his hands with a tight grip and started pounding me...he had me screaming...well he finally came...neither of us could say anything...i just layed there in his arms and all i could do was work on catching my breath...he must have said "damn!!" and Wow!! a thousand times when we got thru...he said, i've never cum so fucking hard...that's when he told me i was his first older woman and that he had had fantacies about that since he was really young...i smiled at him and thought, i'm keeping this one on the side,he's going to be so much fun to teach...and i've always loved the idea of being a first for a young guy and seducing him...he drank a whole bottle of water while we sat and got to know each other a lil...he looked at me at one point and said, damn i wish i had all day to be with you, i'd be fuckin you all god damn day long!!! but you drained me i think...wow!! i just had to laugh at him...so cute and innocent, i felt like a hell cat that had stolen something from him. He started to get dressed...got his pants on and zipped up, i watched him dress, he turned and said, "i can't beleive this, I'm still shaking, that was hottttt!" he put on his socks and shoes and shirts...lol...he turns to me and holds out his hand, "feel" he says, with his eyes all wide...I took his hand and sure is enough, he was still shaking...i giggled at him...then he gave me a hug, one arm around my shouder, it was cute, sweet, then his other arm went around me, he pulled me close and held me for a few minutes, i thought, my god how sweet he is...then his face was buried in my hair, then my neck...he started kissing my neck...i started getting all hot again...he started saying...oh god,you're so fucking hot, i wish i had time to give it to you again...i thought to myself, fuck i wish you did to...then his hand went up thru my hair in the back and he pulled my face around to his and he started kissing me slow and deep...THEN IT WAS ONNNNN! we were all over each other again...this time i intended to give him a blow job he'd never forget...i unzipped him and pulled his huge dick out again...started licking and sucking him...I thought his eyes were going to pop our of his head...i kept looking up at him each time my mouth took him all the way in...he watched everything i did which made me even hotter, i love when i guy loves to watch me and look into my eyes while his cock is in my mouth...it wasn't long and he was thrusting fast into my mouth...then he would stop and say, oh i'm sorry, was he was getting quite rough with me, so i just teased him..."you like that don't you? you like fuckin my mouth?" "oh god!" he moaned...well do you? I'd purr at him with a naughty smile...yess he would moan...then let me have it all, i'm a grown woman i can take it...omg, that's all the encouragement he needed!! both hands got a hold of my head an he rammed that hot throbbing cock of his to the back of my throat so hard i felt like my throat was sore and swelling...every once in a while i'd let him slip out and just tease him with the tip of my tongue, he was now shaking like crazy..his young face was red...his hands kept grabbing my head and shoving it down, i'd allow that for a few mintues then i would purposely slow everything down...then he grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock...i spit on my hand and started stroking him...oh god, oh god, oh god...then i would suck him back down...he was rocking and bucking, i've never seen such a response when i pleasureed a guy with my mouth, he had me fascinated with him...then he would shove his dick in my mouth so deep and fuck my face harder and faster, i was now gagging...he was forcing it in as hard as he could...then i would jump back and watch him...he would look at me like? what? i'd smile and tease him some more...then i said, I want to taste your cum...cum in my mouth...he just had this look on his face, it was adorable...really? he whispered...i said, oh yeah!! i want it all...damn! he muttered...he grabbed the back of my head and stuffed that cock in hard and deep and his hips started moving against my face...it was so god damn hot to me...then he pulled his cock out and started stroking himself and pushed my head down under his balls, i started licking them...he pushed my head down a lil further...i got under his balls and kissed and sucked and tongued it right under his balls..it went nuts...yeah!!! his eyes squeezed tight, he held my head right under his balls, i watched him writhe and buck as i licked and sucked under them, then i would suck his cock again then go under his balls, he was beating his dick so hard his balls was bouncing and slapping against my lips...i'd had men smack my chin while they fucked my mouth, but had never done it this way...i loved feeling them bounce and smack against my lips, i licked inbetween slaps, and he would graon and his hips were moving up and down almost like a dance...I'm going to cum, he annouced...he wrapped his hand in my hair and pulled my face right over his cock, lick it he said...i licked anxiously, watched as his chest puffed out, i laid my tongue down on top of his cock while he stroked it...i looked at him, he eyes were dazed, his eyes were on mine, but he was gone from me...now! suck me! i sucked him down...all the way...i held his cock in my mouth, i felt it twitch, he jerked an spasmed...his hot cum blasted inside my mouth...damn, i gulped and swalloed...he cut loose one hell of a load! i kept swallowing, on gulp after another...he kept spasming, jerking...his whole body was into it...he watched as i swallowed all of it...GAWWWWD BABY, he moaned...he sank back into my couch and laid there shaking...it was visible to me, the affect i had on him...needless to say, i was extremely pleased...i finished by adoring his cock with soft sweet tender kisses..."you're amazing!" he told me softly, i was kind of moved by his _expression...he pulled me close to him and held me in his arms for a few seconds...all i could think, was i wish he was mine...wish i was younger or he was older...i laughed when he said..."i don't know if i'm able to drive now...i said, it will pass soon, wont be long and you'll be energized...he looked at me like i was crazy...oh god, that was so fuckin hot...I said, Danny? anytime you're in canton and want to do this again, i would love it..ohhh, i'm definitely comming back for all i can get of you, you're hot...he said, DAMN AND WOW A COUPLE OF HUNDRED TIMES, GOT UP, GAVE ME A QUICK KISS ON THE MOUTH, SAID, MMMM, LOOKED DOWN INTO MY EYES WINKED THEN LEFT...I COLLASPED ON MY COUCH FEELING LIKE A NEW WOMAN! i think i'm hooked on really young guys!! Evon, i think he's the one that pulled me out of my depression..he was exactly what i needed that day...i hadn't been playing around for about a month, but he made me feel incredibly wanted, needed and beautiful and desireable...mmmm, i just thought you might like to hear about that experience...mmm write back to me baby....or call me again...going to add you to both my lists right now...i do hope i can catch you online soon...

sweethoneysouth 37F
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1/14/2006 10:51 pm

ok i am extremely turned on now. thanks

rm_dracos3333 58M

1/19/2006 2:23 pm

Wow Kitty, I am so turned on now myself..*smiles at you*...that was very sexciting to read...mmmmm..sssssso hot..

luvnolderladies9 47M  
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2/20/2006 8:52 am

Wow Kitty, I wish at 19 there had been a woman like you to show me the ropes

mmeowkittykat4u 62F  
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3/10/2006 10:25 pm

i've seen this cutie two more times since that episode...he is so hot and eager to please and fun fun fun! glad you enjoyed reading about him...smiles

mmeowkittykat4u 62F  
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3/10/2006 10:27 pm

dracos, smiles back, batting my long lases at you! i love to hear about men getting aroused when they read my experiences...just keep the fire burning for me! glad you enjoyed, i do hope you think of me when you are fucking someone!!!
licks and kisses

mmeowkittykat4u 62F  
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3/10/2006 10:32 pm

i love the thought of seducing younger guys...specailly that young...i sometimes feel like i'm Mrs. Robinson from the Granduate...it's a total turn on to me...if i can attract a young guys attention? just by smiling at him, or purposely bending over to he can get a bird's eye view of my cleavage...baby there has to be more women that have a fascination with seduction...like i do...there is just something about a guy that has a young hard body, or slender, that look of innocence in their eyes, that gulp they do in thier throat when i make eye contact with them and watch as i let my eyes roam all over their body...love it!!

rm_DocCG33 51M

5/19/2006 11:39 am

Maybe i should have become a cop lol

rm_shootmestrt 66M
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5/22/2006 1:40 pm

My god, what an incredible sexcapade. I've written some true ones of myself and Terri, my fuck buddy, but I must say this one is amazing.

mmeowkittykat4u 62F  
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10/7/2006 1:06 am


PoemsScullTrees 49M
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3/11/2007 3:34 am

i wish to be 19 butt i`m 40,leased we can try{=}

rm_elio920 68M
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3/23/2007 1:18 pm


legluvr9 58M

3/29/2007 8:08 am


kitty, my love, i came onto the site today to reply to your email...then i thought i would see what was new in your profile. found this post (don't know why i haven't seen it before - shame on me!) and OMG....what a story!!!!!

The whole time i read it i kept thinking 'lucky bastard' hehe.
still very ready and extremely interested in our visit. mmmmmm
will NOW go back and write you, as promised. lol

rm_pflan1 73M
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1/1/2009 4:33 pm

My dear Kitty, I've read a lot of erotic blogs, but yours got me excited a notch above the others. Well done, neighbor! Phil

"No man walks alone from choice." by Humphrey Bogart in "Sabrina"

mmeowkittykat4u 62F  
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8/23/2010 4:12 pm

Hi there,
was just wondering if you have found a woman to show you the ropes, or are you showing them the ropes. I've found young guys that just blow me a way with what they know about a woman's body and how to please her. So it wouldn't surprise me if you have found your cougar!

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