Banana and Bikini  

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Banana and Bikini

a true story

my first orgasm...was after I had been married and had
had my third baby. This is so naughty. But I was
lonely and bored with my marriage and didn't even know
what an orgasm was. I was in church as a pastor's
wife. And we took in this young guy that had some
problems in his life. He was rude and a very angy
young guy. But had a very hot body, long dark hair
and dark eyes, with a killer smile! He spent alot of
time with our family. He lived in our upstairs
appartment but came down to visit me everyday. One
particular day,(this was my second encounter with him)
I was out sunbathing, in a black and while bikini. I
thought he had gone to work that day. I was the kind
of women, at that time I had a gorgeous body but
didn't have a clue that men thought I was attractive.
He was upstairs in his appartment watching me as I sat
and put sun tan oil all over my body. He told me later
that he always got aroused watching me do this,
especially when my big breasts was shiny with the oil
and they jiggled when I changed positions. This
particular day I was doing laundry and gardening and
sunbathing all at the same time. I heard the washer
stop and went to change loads. I was bent over the
washer pulling clothes out when I felt him behind me.
I turned in embarrasment, trying to cover myself with
my hands. He was standing there peeling a banana, his
eyes dark and glittering with a smirk on his face that
made me want to smack it off. He backed me up against
the washer and stood in front of me half naked,
looking down at me, with the banana in his hand. His
mouth came so close to mine I could feel his breath.
"I want to cram this banana up ur hot lil pussy and
eat it out" He mumbled to me. I pushed him away and
he slammed me against the washer. He used his knee to
open my legs and bent down to kiss me wildly. I
struggled with him and tried to resist him with
everything in me. But his kiss was hot and demanding
and I needed this with everything in me, even though I
was in church and had a high position. At that point
neither of us was thinking of that. His mouth went
staight to my breasts and he took my breath away with
his licking and slowly sucking each one in an
aggressive maner. No one had ever treated me like
this. He looked down at me and said, "you're going to
love this, and winked at me as he reached between my
legs and shoved his banana up me. His arrogance
tempted me to smack his face! He then got down
between my legs and said, "now relax and enjoy!" I
was shaking. You see? I was very naive and
inexperienced sexually and no one had ever touched me
with his mouth before. He grabbed the back of my ass
with both hands and started snacking away at me and
the banana. One leg instinctively wrapped around his
neck and pulled him into me. I was scared and nervous
of how he was making me feel. In the whole time I was
married I never felt my body respond to a man like
this before. He pressed his mouth tight against me
and licked and sucked and made so much noise. He
tugged on my clit with his mouth and tongued it, it
was such an intense feeling I shoved his head away and
told him to stop! He didn't! He finished eating the
banana out of my pussy and shoved two fingers up me
and started finger fucking me fast and hard. I looked
down at him to see him watching me as I quivered and
came all down my thighs. I was so naive that I
thought I had pissed myself. I was embarrassed and
ashamed. I was surprised when he gathered me in his
strong muscular arms and held me close while he kissed
me long, hard and deep. He was almost 10 years
younger than me. But knew what he wanted and went
after it with no apologies. We saw each other for
eight months and we played nearly every night for
those eight months. We just played, we didn't have
intercourse for a long time. Until one night, my
husband had just gone to bed, I was laying on the
couch in a black satin slip, asleep. He woke me up
with his hand sliding up the inside of my thigh and up
to my pussy. He covered my mouth with his hand while
he finger fucked me again looking down into my eyes
and watching me...that night he fucked me for the
first time. The next day my hot young summer lover
was accompanied by the associate pastor and moved
everything out of his apt. I never got to talk to him
again in private. Just saw him in church all the time.
A few days later we were both confronted with our
relationship. He was told by the Pastor and the
Associate Pastor if he ever came near me again they
would cut his dick off and kill him. I was devistated
but had to deal with it. We only saw each other in
church from that point on. But there were times when
our eyes met from across the room and he and I would
smile knowingly at each other. I miss him...


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8/11/2005 12:32 am

reality, or a fantasy?

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Ceau frumoaso

Happy267435 41M
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8/11/2005 4:05 am

Ce faci iubito?

rm_blackhat1952 64M
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8/11/2005 5:17 am

I find it sad that a woman can’t have a thrilling experience with their partner. I could go on and on, but no more words express it better.

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