What's up with lying,fake and to good to true people?  

mmeltinyourmouth 48F
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10/29/2005 1:14 am

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5/10/2006 1:38 pm

What's up with lying,fake and to good to true people?

Listen,AdultFriendFinder members I am a little ticked off. Will somebody tell me why we can't keep it real with each other. It's almost like people are getting high off of not being real. I mean what's the problem? Maybe I am wrong will somebody please offer me so advice so maybe next time I will know how to handle myself and keep my feelings in my back pocket. How many feel that if you talk to a person almost everyday at least twice to three times a day for about two months that things just might be getting a little serious or is it that I am from the old fashion school re-mix. I mean who wants to waste all that time to get to know somebody and it just suppose to be a f*ck. Because if that's all it's going to be then why get to know a person in all those details. I mean I know it's okay, if we still hold conversation with other people but dam don't ignore me or try to hide and then lie about it. Because this is how I am, if I ask you a question like for instance (What time did you get off line or go to bed?) BINGO- and you say 2 minutes off you did and you know they didn't. I believe in keeping it real with anybody I deal with if you are not what I am looking for than I let you know and move on. If I start a conversation with you and you're talking out the side of your mouth than I let you know that our conversation is not for me and move on. If I am loving our conversation and calling and the conversation is becoming more and deeper than I let you know. Then after a while I am going to ask where is the conversation leading to (meet/greet or email/chat only). But I do understand there is not a rule book for us to go by so maybe somebody can write on Dating or F*cking Etiquette. Please somebody give me some advice................................

dvinechocolate 44F
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11/1/2005 12:39 pm

If you really like this person then you should at least trust them or at least give them the benefit of the doubt. If you don't believe them or don't trust them then why are u still talking to that person or even involved with them. You know that actions speak louder then words and what are their actions telling you. Sometime people get the wrong understanding of things and with that confusion will come. If you like this person and they have been open with you from the very start why would they feel like they would have to lie to you now? Any number of things could have happened to make you think that they was still online( they might have not logged off completetly or that their computer was still running that don't mean that they was sitting in front of the screen). If you are so much in doubt of that person then why didn't you call them to see? You could have blocked out your number and they would have never known it was you. Don't be so fast and jump to the conculsion that the person was lying when you was not there to see. That is how most friends loose a wonderful person by accusing and not having all the fact. Have all the facts first before you loose a person that you so dearly like or want to be with. If you feel like this person only want you for sex or really not into you then I really don't think they would spend alot of time chatting or talking with you on the phone. You sometime have to read between the lines of what a person is saying but if you truly want an answer then why not just ask them and get it over with. Why feel like you are wasting your time and nothing is becoming of the relationship you are trying to build. If it is not what you want or you feel like you have been mislead then you just might need to leave it alone, but before you do make sure you have all the facts. That is just my 2cents I hope it has help and shed some light for you in more ways then one. Smoochess

rm_mac1215 45M

11/16/2005 12:04 pm

Melt...maybe men lie becaues that is the only way to meet people. I have been truthfull on this site that all Im looking for is sex and I still have not hooked up in two years. I hope things work out for you.

rm_clacla2007 47M

12/4/2005 8:00 am

I've just recently logged on to this site and am trying to find "my" way here. Maybe they lie because they are not too sure what they want besides sex. Or maybe they're just living part of their fantasy and they can later deny their actions as "not really themselves". For myself, I just saw your booty and was interested. I guess I'm just a visual person.

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