Ever happen to you?  

mithrandir055 32M
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1/26/2006 9:36 pm

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Ever happen to you?

It seems that the vast majority of replies i receive to the emails i am sent turn out to be those who abuse the AdultFriendFinder system, which is rather disheartening. One can begin to feel as though all of this is for naught and it seems as though the effort i put forth to meet people and perhaps acheive something more with certain individuals i perchance may meet is nothing more than moot.
This is somewhat of a rant, and i apoligize, but it seems that expressing this onto a blog i can vent and feel a little better - i can see that there are actually people on this site, a good deal more men then women so those of the opposite sex do get to pick and choose it seems, although i guess i could be wrong. Maybe by posting this little blog o` mine someone in my area, or another will actually respond and i could have a decent conversation rather than being solicited to subscribe to someone's personal porno site... *sigh*
Well i guess that is all i have to say in this first post - i assure you, the reader (if you're still reading by now ) that there will be more to come, and i hope more entertaining.


1/26/2006 10:19 pm

Hi cutie!!!

rm_love3968 47M/45F
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1/27/2006 12:43 am

there r alot of women on this site who will e-mail u back quickly, and act like they r so interested in u the majority of them will send u the same e-mail over, and over or a similar one asking if u r interested i have more pictures on this certain site, oh it is free, but the majority of those sites u have to pay, once u pay they won'te-mail u back. A good way to tell the soliciters r the ones that never give u their private e-mails, or most of their files will say example age-prefer not to say, marital status-prefer not to say ect..., and also they never have any testimonials, and they won't invite u into their network, also they r very goodlooking, and they r online all times of the day and nite. i have been fooled twice already and it has costed me more than $50.00 already remember if u have to pay to c more pictures of them it is most likely a scam to get u to join. they ruin it 4 the rest of us. SOLUUTION don't enter their sites if u have to pay, we all know we can exchange pics. on this site. If we all do this eventually they will have 2 leave this site. Than we the real people looking can get more honest responses.

mithrandir055 32M

1/28/2006 2:54 am

Thank you for the comments
and in response yes, i know which ones are the fake ones, it's just kind of depressing how many there are and as to blogland i plan on becoming a regular here - who knows it can be fun, better than livejournal at any rate - lol.

Thanks again for your comments - more rants and raves to come soon.

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