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12/12/2005 7:53 am

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great song, but the ending of the video made me run, just see it and you'll find out why. this weekend i had my first really great hookup from this site. she was awesome, not just in the sack but as a person too. very rarely do you find someone like that. so my hat is off to you Cait, thank you very much for 2 great nights of mind blowing sex and for great company and conversation. people she is full of energy and life, and frankly is one of the hardest women to keep up with in the bed, but i held my own... and tuesday nights are going to be the WING nights. anytime you want to keep yourself warm at night just call the human torch and ill burn you up again! Quote for the day- "I am all that is man!" Ramathorne(Super Troopers)

stargrlct9281 34F

12/12/2005 9:06 am

Thanks hot stuff ... You are a great time awesome guy.... you can keep up.. gotta love how they train those soldiers... and a human heater...I think I am saving on my heating bill, lol... and I couldn't say enough good things about ya.... can't wait to see ya again... call me anytime .....

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