Leaving Red Rock Canyon, Nevada, heading to Las Vegas, Nevada: Interstate 15 North  

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Leaving Red Rock Canyon, Nevada, heading to Las Vegas, Nevada: Interstate 15 North

After spending a wonderful day in Red Rock Canyon and seeing the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen, I find myself pulling into Las Vegas. Being in Red Rock lets me appreciate the symphonies that life provides for us and makes me glad I have the time to enjoy them fully as they play out. I think Las Vegas is the complete opposite of what I just experienced in Red Rock.
Las Vegas: the city that never sleeps. It’s dark when I pull off Interstate 15 and head toward the strip. Not too many places I know of that can amaze and overwhelm me in the way Vegas can. Still, I like the thrill that this city offers. Anything can happen here at anytime.
I decide to stay in a casino that caters mostly to locals. The place is decent and I can get back to the strip easily. Plus, at this place, they have video poker machines that offer the chance to win gas at a local gas station and I can always use a free tank of gas.
I settle in and get cleaned up. Tonight offers quite an array of adventures and in trying to figure out where to go and what to do, I decide to spend some time in the casino here at the hotel. The main reason I chose this place is because it is a place locals tend to hang out. I know I don’t want the tourist scene, did that 20 years ago and frankly, I don’t think it has changed much. (though I did hear Vegas was now being marketed as the “family” place to be.)
I put on a burgundy halter dress and some strappy shoes to match. After being on the road in shorts and tank tops, it’s nice to get dressed up. I leave most of my hair down with just a little on top tied in a knot with a clip.
I walk in to a sea of slot machines before me. This always depresses me at first. Watching all those people glued to their seats punching a button over and over, fearful to leave the machine and let someone else win the money they have been feeding in for the past hour. I shake the heavy feeling and move to the tables. This is more interesting to me. At least there is more to watch. I glance around the tables as I slowly walk by, checking out each players poker face. They are always so serious!
As I pass the fourth table, I notice a gentleman watching me. I smile and pass by. He has that distinguished quality of an older man, yet there is something very young in his face, almost playful when he smiles back. It is too early to settle down just yet so I keep moving across the room. I want to find a party somewhere here in Vegas. A good ol’ private party at someone’s house complete with appetizers and a hot tub.
I have found in the past that if you really want to know what is going on in a town, ask someone who works in that town. With that in mind, I pause and look around. All the dealers are busy working and the bartenders are swamped. I think I might have better luck in the restaurant and turn to leave when a wandering cocktail waitress comes up and asks me what I’d like to drink.
“I’m not gambling.” I said, surprised she would ask since the rule is, gamble and drink all you want.
“I am almost done for the night and you look like you could use a drink.” She says shrugging her shoulders and smiling.
“Thanks, I’ll have a beer and a shot of Wild Turkey, 101” I said, wondering if she would be able to wrestle that up for me.
“You got it, any particular beer?”
I am really fond of microbrews but don’t know what this place has and don’t really want to check out the bar. I tell her to surprise me, just not a standard domestic.
As she leaves to get my drink, I can’t help but check her out. Great ass and legs! Sometimes you can’t help but stop and admire a woman. Kind of like that sunset this evening. A total admiration of beauty.
When I finally bring my thoughts back to the room, I notice that the gentleman at the poker table smiling at me again. I smile and he turns back to his cards to continue playing. The waitress walks up and brings me my drinks. It has been a long day and I take the shot glass and tip it up immediately and follow it with a long draw in the beer. The wild turkey warms as it goes down and the beer cools it off. I think that is what I like best about this combination. That, and the fact, that I don’t have a major hangover after drinking a few. I know, you think I kidding, but it’s true. Anything else nails me the next day, but I can function pretty well the day after with these.
I notice the waitress still standing next to me as I bring my beer down. She is just looking at me and I wonder if she wants me to order another drink. After a minute, asks if I am looking for a party.
“Definitely” I say, eager to hear what she has in mind
“There is a house party me and some of the guys here are going to when we get off. You interested in tagging along?” she says, “It’s in the suburbs, very nice house, cool place to party, not a weird scene or anything like that.” “Just a party” she adds.
“Sounds good, when do you get off work?” I ask
Turns out the shift ends in 15 minutes. I work out the details of meeting her out front. I insist on driving my truck. I never leave myself stranded anywhere. She is going to ride with me and give me directions.
I finish my beer and head to the front of the casino. The night air feels good and I find a bench to sit on while I wait.
I almost don’t recognize the waitress when she comes out of the casino. She is out of her cocktail outfit and in a short pink skirt with a white camisole top on. She looks even better than she did in the casino. Her long blond hair is pulled up in a ponytail and her face is freshly washed. She looks a lot younger than she did earlier.
“Alright, where are you parked?” she asks and I walk her over to the truck. She makes a lot of great comments about the truck as I pull the convertible top back. It is a great truck!
We climb in and head out to the party. It isn’t too far from the casino and she talks most of the way about work and how she is ready to party. Her name is Tina and she moved here about a year ago and loves everything about Vegas.
I park the truck on the street outside a very large, contemporary home. The street is filled with cars and I can only presume this is one huge party.
As we head up to the front door, she grabs my hand and leans over, kisses my cheek and asks me if I “really like to party.”
“You bet!” I replied and pulled her to me and kissed her full on the lips.
With a big grin on her face she says, “Well come on in.”
We walk right in the front door, like she owns the place. It looks like the whole house is packed with people milling around, talking and drinking. Everyone seems to know Tina as she moves from room to room with me in tow. We finally manage to get through the house and out onto the patio. A lot quieter here, lots of couples and off to the left the pool catches my eye. Tina sees my interest and asks if I want to jump in and play. I don’t need a written invitation when it comes to pools. I untie the back of my dress and let it fall, lean over to unstrap my shoes and head toward the pool. I notice a few other skinny-dippers as I dive in. Tina strips down and follows me in. The water feels great and Tina has swam up behind me and is running her hands up my legs and over my waist which feels even better. I turn to face her and we start to kiss. Very soft, and lots of tongue, I like that in a woman. Soon our hands are exploring each other’s bodies, her breasts are small and firm, nipples erect as I play with them both and she lets out a soft moan. I move my hands down her stomach to explore even further and find her soft mound, freshly shaven and inviting. She spreads her legs to let me finger her and rub her clit. I am quite turned on by her and really want to vacate the pool so I can have better access to all of her beautiful body.
I start to back up to move us toward the stairs when I bump up against someone standing behind us.
“Excuse me, I didn’t know anyone was there.” I said as I turned around.
Standing before me is the gentleman from the casino, again with that great smile on his face.
“I see you two have become friends Tina.” He says as Tina wraps her arms around my waist.
“You bet, and I get to play with her first” She giggles, nuzzling my neck.
By now, I know I have a look of confusion on my face as I look back and forth between them.
“Sweetie, you can have all the playmates you want, but you know our rules, everyone must agree to play, and we always play together.” He says with a smile and adds, “Don’t you think you should introduce me to your new friend and see how she feels about this?”
Tina introduces me to Jim.
“Well Misty, are you game?” Jim asks after I learn they are a couple that plays together.
“I’m game!” I reply as Tina snuggles up to Jim. They are hot together.
Jim takes us both by the hand and leads us out of the pool and back toward the bathhouse, which actually turns out to be a very large guesthouse near the pool. I notice the other people start leaving the pool area. I hear little giggle coming from them as they move back into the big house.
As we enter the living room, Tina pulls me toward what looks like an old fashioned barbers chair. I have experienced one of these before. They are fantastic for sex! She sets me into the chair and places my legs over each arm of the chair. She then strattles the foot rest facing me, leans forward and starts to lick my pussy. She begins by licking very slowly, occasionally sucking on my clit. Her fingers enter me and begin to explore. I lean back in the chair and enjoy this lovely ladies mouth sucking and licking me. She is flicking her tongue now, intensifying my pleasure and her fingers have found my G spot. Jim is at the bar fixing a drink and watching intently and still smiling. My legs muscles are responding to this stimulation and I know I am close to coming. I reach down and grab the back of Tina’s head to keep her there as I move against her mouth.
My back arches as the orgasm spreads through me and my hips buck. She keeps licking my clit as I come and then sucks my cunt as I collapse back into the chair.
“That was beautiful, ladies.” Jim says as he gets up from the sofa. “Now it is my turn to play with you” he says as he walks to Tina with a full erection in hand.
Tina stands and Jim turns her around to sit on the footrest between my legs facing him. Tina leans forward and begins to lick his cock, wrapping her tongue around the sides as she slides up his hard cock. Jim is looking at me, smiling as she teases him with her tongue, licking his balls and up to the head to suck the tip gently.
“You know what to do Tina” Jim says as he gently strokes Tina’s hair. She then takes him fully into her mouth and leans back, allowing Jim to lean forward towards me. I sit up and begin kissing Jim as Tina continues to suck him. She really does know him because he is starting to let out a small moan with each pull on his dick.
I bring my legs up under me and kneel on the seat, giving Jim full access to my tits, which are ready for action. He buries himself into them, moving from one to the other, sucking and tonguing the tip of my nipples. I am getting worked up again watching all this and feeling Jim tease me as he is now licking and biting each nipple playfully.
Tina is working him good as he slides in and out of her mouth.
I decide I really want to be a good guest while I am here and want to show my appreciation for their hospitality and especially to Tina who has been quite busy with us. I jump down from the chair and move myself in front of Tina. I sit on the floor and spread her legs wide. She is so wet. I lean down and taste her. The sweet taste of sex. I want more and begin licking her wet lips and tease her clit with my tongue. Jim is eagerly turning to see what is going on when I reach up and gently fondle his balls, holding them in my hand as I play with them.
“Oh baby, I like that.” He says as he closes his eyes and lets out a long moan
I continue to gently play with him and Jim starts to move faster in Tina’s mouth.
“Oh yeah, that feels so good” Jim cries out as he reaches down to take Tina’s head in his hands.
Tina is responding to my attention at her pussy as well and is moaning as she sucks Jim cock. I am enjoying licking her and feeling her squirm as I take my other hand and repeatedly tweek her nipple between my fingers. I begin to suck Tina’s clit with more intensity, making sure to use my tongue to firmly massage it at the same time. She is moving her hips to grind her wet pussy into my mouth. Sounds of pleasure are deep in her throat now as Jim’s cock fills her mouth.
Jim is ready to come. His balls tighten up in my hand as I pull lightly on the sac and release. He explodes in Tina’s mouth as she continues to suck him off enjoying every drop of his hot cum.
Then Jim pulls out of Tina and leans down and begins licking her nipples while I concentrate on sucking her.
“I love to watch this woman cum” Jim says in between licks.
Tina pulls Jim to her and begins kissing him. I see her beautiful tongue as she plays with his, pink and teasing.
I slide a finger up into her cunt to find her lovely G-spot as I watch the two of them kiss. It is right there, erect and waiting for attention.
“Oh my god” Tina cries out “Yes! That’s it!” She yells as she throws her head back and her back starts to arch.
She is moving her hips up and down to her own rhythm, pushing hard against my mouth and hand.
“Oh Yes! Yes!” she shouts as her hips rise and fall with each peak of her orgasm. I continue to stimulate her as she moves which gives her a very long, and what seems to be a very pleasurable orgasm. She is withering as she pulls Jim to her tits to be sucked as she cums in waves.
We all collapse on the floor, a tangle of arms and legs, trying to catch our breath and cool off.
“Wow, that was fun!” says Jim laughing “Can’t wait to see what we do next time.”
“Oh Jim, we need to show Misty all the bedrooms in the main house and let her pick which one she wants to play in next.” Tina says with a wink. “We have eight bedrooms in the main house and each one is a different theme. We use the guesthouse if the main house is too crowded like tonight.”
We lay there, mindlessly petting each other in the afterglow of great sex, when I glance out the window and am startled by what appears to be a person smoking a cigarette outside the window!
I sit up with a start, staring intently out the window. I discover there is not one person standing outside the window, but a whole party of people outside the window.
“Jim, Tina, there is a party in your back yard now.” I said as they sat up to look out.
When the party people notice we see them they all start clapping!
“Oh my” said Tina sheepishly, “I forgot to close the drapes and you know our friends knew just what we were up to when they saw us come in here.” which sends us three to laughing. And I just can’t resist, I stand up and give my best curtsy to the crowd.

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Wow, you are truly special. That is a great piece of writing. I happen to be a big Vegas fan myself.

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