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11/17/2005 9:05 am

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I woke up all stuffy this morning! I hate the sick feeling. I always tell my kids "No sick kids"! And now i've gone gotten sick myself!!

I'm supossed to be working right now, but I just can't concentrate what with wiping and blowing my nose every two seconds. Cough, cough. Guess that's one good thing about owning your own business-you don;t have to call in sick!!

You know, i've gotten a few really nice messages on here and some really nice advice too. I don't like to mention names, that's not my way. I'm sure you guys probably know who you are anyway. I just want to say thank you again.

It's really nice of you to take a sec out of your day to post a few words to a total strangers problems. Some of the comments have actually helped me.

I have been reading blogs more and more these days, it's nice to see other peoples lives and know they have some of the same problems you do. It's comforting in a way actually.

Well, i'm off to the drug store now, gotta get somemore of that thera flu stuff. I think i'm addicted.

Misty {=}

Cainseviltwin 36M

11/17/2005 10:00 am

from a biologist doing some light research on flu, lately -

if you can get it, use tamiflu, or however it is spelled. it seems to be the most effective product for viral flu strains that is on the market. it is even being recommended as a symptom reducer by people studying avian flu outbreaks..

completely random, by the way, finding your blog -- i just surfed in from the most recent posts list, don't mean to intrude

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