and next week...  

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9/9/2005 5:28 pm

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and next week...

hello again.

ok. my friend has just busted a big ass nut in my mouth. His cum is running out of my mouth faster than it can be swallowed, and is running down my chin and dripping on my tits. I finally pull back after swallowing everything left in my mouth and cleaning his dick, sit on my haunches and give him the sluttiest smile I can muster. He grabbed me by my arms and yanked me to my feet. After shoving me to the bed, he grabbed his still hard dick and rammed the head in, condom-free. Now don't get me wrong, my pussy was soaked. His dick was just way more than my tiny pussy could handle. After a few minutes of persuasion, he finally pushed completely inside of me. I felt the head of his dick bang against my cervix, and as he continued his assualt, I felt even that move aside. He grabbed my legs and pulled them to his sholders and continued to pound. I came. When I had finished shuddering, he pulled his wet dick out of me and turned me over doggy-sytle. Once inside, he fucked me so hard, i had to beg him to stop. But he didn't. He continued his assualt on my pussy until I was swollen. When I started complaining, he yanked his enormous dick out of me and began licking me doggy. I couldn't take it and flipped over so that I was on my back again. He continued to lick until I came again. I couldn't believe how good the sex was. Fuck. He jumped onto the bed and I followed. I slid my overly swollen pussy onto his huge dick and gasped as he 4entered me. We rocked together for only a few minutes before i turned around so he couldnt see my face. As i rode him cowboy style, he played with my nipples and my clit. I could tell the pussy was getting too good. I could feel his dick stretching my pussy walls farther and farther apart with each thrust. He was going to cum. I climbed off of him and layed on my back again. His dick found its mark immediately. He reached out and put his arms around me so he could stare into my eyes while he came. He began to pant and moan while I lay under him begging him to cum. 'Cum for me baby. Come on daddy.' He finally shoved in as far as he could and began shooting his hot cum up my pussy. The feel of his cum running out of my pussy and down my asscrack set off my orgasm. We laid together until his dick softened and then he pulled out, releasing a river of sperm onto my bed. He stood up and I once again fell to my knees. I made sure there was nothing left on his dick, no reason for a towel when you have a mouth, right. Completely drained, he got up and went home and I went straight to sleep. After I played with myself.

OK. Now for Tuesday.
After I got home from work, I called my cousin to see what he was doing. He said he was on his way to my house, and lucky me, he was bringing his best friend. YES. His best friend is someone that I a around all of the time and I just think he is really sexy. Nice body, sexy face, good disposition. Fuckable, in other words. So the three of us sat up all day kicking it, playing XBOX and watching college football. About two in the morning my cousin and his friend went to their respective houses and twenty minutes later, I was out of the shower and on my way to pick up my cousin's friend (CF). Once I got him here, we smoked another blunt (like we hadn't been smoking all day) and when we had finished I sat behind him and beagan to kiss his neck. He leaned back and kissed me full on the mouth. I couldn't believe it. This sexy ass guy that I thought I would never touch, much less fuck, is actually kissing me. Now THAT'S hot. Anyway the whole next ten or fifteen minutes were pure romance, just kissing and touching and taking our time. It was agony. The heat finally took over after all our clothes were off, and we fell into a frenzy. Without waiting, he grabbed my legs and pushed until my knees were touching the bed, behind my head. He buried his face in my pussy and ate me until I came. I just couldn't believe it. I came all over his face over and over again until I couldn't take it anymore. I pulled myself away from him and tried to crawl away. Of course he wouldn't let me. Once again he tried to bury is face in my pussy but this time I beat him to the punch. I worked my body until my face was at his dick and very politely returned the favor. When he was about to cum, I pulled back so he could watch his cum shoot into my mouth. He was way too horny for that. After three huge squirts, he thrust his dick into my throat and finished his cum there. I grinned happily as he sagged against me. Even though he was still hard, his dick was throbbing with the force of his cum. Wonderful. I continued giving him head until the tingly feeling subsided. As soon as he was ready he thrust into me. Although just as big as Saturday nights escapade, he was way rougher. I swear it felt like he wanted his dick to come out of the top of my head. The whole time, he squeezed and licked and moaned my name. He fucked me in every postition that he could think of, and then ba=egan asking me for suggestions. He began to fuck me faster and with shorter strokes. He was about to cum. 'Where do you want it?' I just moaned. His choice. He decided the tight wet pussy that he was already in was the perfect spot and let go of at least a gallon of sperm. After all that he had let out in my mouth, I couldn't believe the amount of cum it felt like he was pumping into my pussy. My twat was quivering and my entire body was shaking. Fuck that shit was so good, as soon as he pulled out, I sucked him back hard and jumped right back on the dick.

Once again, I've gotten you all randy and now I'm leaving. Not sorry. Fuck ya later.

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9/11/2005 1:40 am

you should try using a codom silly ho

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