Well, I'll be  

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9/6/2005 6:18 pm

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Well, I'll be

OK. Last Tuesday. No wait. Before that. Saturday before last, I went out of town for a birthday party. I spent Saturday night at the party, and all day Sunday. I came home Monday morning about two AM. Tuesday morning, I call my live in birthday, who I hadn't seen since Thursday, and asked him what was up. He basically said, fuck it, and we broke up. Wonderful. But I wasn't tripping. Better for me. The mother fucker ain't doing shit but holding me down anyway. So, all day Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, I'm being good, flirting with damn near everything moving, male and female. I get a call from this guy that I've been talking to since June and he said let's go out. I had been putting him off for the whole summer because I had a so-called man, but now I was free, so I said yes. I dressed like an all out hoe. Jean miniskirt, black swoop neck shirt, heels. I acted like a lady the entire night. I swear. He had left his car in front of my house, so I drove him back to my house. We sat in the front yard talking for about ten minutes, and then we went inside to smoke a blunt. This is midnight and he has to wake up for work in the morning at five. So after the blunt, he stands up to go home, and I stopped him for a hug. He hugged me, gave me a light kiss, all gentleman-like, and went for the door. Me being the x-slut that I am, know when is a man is leaving so his dick doesn't give away his feelings. I put my hand on the door and pushed it closed, stood in front of him and took off my shirt and my bra. He spent about ten minutes kissing me on the top half, and then I told him he wasn't wearing wnough clothes. He took off his shirt, I got completely naked and put his dick in my mouth. Fuck waiting. I have to wait for the cum so I just decided to get started as soon as possible. I spent a good fifteen minutes attached to his dick before he asked me to feed him the pussy. 69 time. I must have came in his face three times before he finally let me go, and I was still sucking that dick. He finally got me off of him to go and get a condom from his pants, and I attacked again as soon as he started rummaging through his pockets. I sucked and swirled on a dick way to big for my mouth until he gave me the first ahlf of what I wanted. An overloaded mouthful of sperm.

Sorry to get started and then run off, but I got to go to school. Fuck ya later.

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