Fun and excitement in B's Room  

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8/23/2006 6:47 am
Fun and excitement in B's Room

I like to give pleasure to myself and others by practicing this lifestyle. It is not all about whips and chains, although they are a perk, definately.
Imagine walking around a person, a person who is standing naked in the middle of a room, and knowing that you can have that person on their knees begging to be allowed to pleasure you.
The first meeting between myself and the Boy, who has not yet been named, was a casual one. I knew what he wanted when he came into my home. He was flushed and out of breath, and asked to be allowed to sit down and recover himself. As I looked him over I noted the pretty brown color of his eyes, and the shape of his mouth. It amazes me how you can see a picture of a person and how it does not adequately prepare you for the person, face to face.
It was the shape of his mouth and seeing his lips that caught my attention. And the sheer handsomeness that I saw. He is tall, taller than me, and slim, with nice muscualr definition. He has the most gorgeous smile as well. Which was too bad, I thought, as if this relationship progresses, I will not be seeing much of that smile.
Unless I want too, as I am sure he will learn to be obedient in all things.
If not, I am also certain that in his training, he will learn to avoid punishment.
We sat on the couch and made small talk, and the whole time I was wondering if he would become comfortable enough to ASK for what he wanted. Is he shy? Is he hesitant? As the conversations progresses, I purposely keep up the chit chat. I am watching him, and his body language, to see if he is paying attention, if he wants me. And I can tell that he does. He leans closer, throws an arm across the back of the couch and begins to squirm ever so slightly. His eyes are all over me, I can feel him staring at my mouth, which I know he likes.
I want to run my hand over the back of his neck, and I restrain myself. There are tiny flashes of masochism in me, and that is the torture that I inflict on myself by restraining some of the more impatient desires I have.
I could feel my pussy getting wet as we sat there. I know that he is just waiting for my direction.Here is a whole person willing to apply himself, mind and body, to giving me pleasure. Lucky for him, I also desire to fulfill him, in any and all ways that I can think of.
The conversation turns to the matter at hand. He really likes the thought if me taking him to my room and blindfolding him. I also am intrigued by this. I go to my room, and for a few, uncontrolled moments, feel my heart beat faster as I thought of all the things I can do to this person. I lead him into my darkened room, plenty of time for lights later, this is the first time that I have a chance to learn this body.
I come up behind him and hold him, close to me. Back to front like this, I can feel his chest and arms, and his back is pressing into my breasts and belly, and I simply hold him like that. I can feel him press slightly into me, as though the contact soothes him somehow. I kiss his neck and slide my hands up and down and across his body and I can feel his breathing change, ever so slightly. I slide him out of his shirt, freeing his skin for my touch. I can feel the goosebumps break out across his body as I tickle him with my breath, and lips. I place my hands into his belt and unbuckle it, and slide my hands into the waist and feel his hips and ass through his underwear. His nice cotton underwear....
I divest him of those too.
He is standing naked now, and I am wondering how far and how wild will this be?
The Boy speaks
Biancas Boy
I am so lucky to have found a woman who wants to explore the wonders of the pleasures of the flesh. I have seen my Mistress twice now and both times I have left not only wanting more but satisfied. No, not in the traditional sense, I have a craving, an itch that has long been await a scratch.
Though we have just touched the surface I can't wait to exlore deeper into each others desires.I
t was on our second meeting were I learned what it will feel like to be beneath a dominate, intelligent, powerful, sexual woman. I came to her, as ordered, I walked down stairs, removed my clothes, folded them as directed, and stood before her awaiting her command.
My breathing was heavy, my heart raced but could not keep up to the thoughts flying through my head. I think I felt most comfortable while I knelt before her, hands tired behind my back, blindfolded with her soaking wet panties in my mouth. Breathing in my Mistress' musky aroma causes my body to shudder in utter bliss, taste her delicious flavor does much more to me then that. My Mistress did something I was dreaming about since we had first talked online, she lowered herself onto my face as I lay beneath her. She knew I would love that and the kind wonderful woman she is, she then did so.
arrived at her place around 9am, as I entered her door I proceeded to remove and fold my clothes as I am to do every time I enter her house, then I stood on the blanket she had put out for me.
After a bit of time my Mistress appeared and then was gone, I wondered to what was happening until I heard the bath water running. I was led to her tub and told to get in, my Mistress proceeded to wash every inch of my body, it was wonderful and gives me goose bumps thinking about it. After she had scrubbed and rinsed every inch of my body she told me to get on my hands and knees, I most certainly did. I felt some cold liquid on and run down my ass crack, then I felt her press a finger into my awaiting man puss. My Mistress has wonderfully long fingers that bring me pleasure I thought I'd never feel, then she slid in another. I think she got four into my ass in total, and she twisted and turned them as I arched my back to try to give her more access to my hole, which is actually her hole as she can use it for what ever she sees fit for it.
After I was dried I was lead to her bed and told to lay face down. My Mistress then began to give me the best full body massage I had ever received, I would have thought she were a pro if she hadn't informed me other wise. After my back side was done I then rolled over and she continued on my front side. It is a powerful thing to give someone a massage, after I was so relaxed and grateful for what I had received I was putty in her hands and would do anything she asked with out question.
My Mistress enjoys playing with my nipples and I'm glad she does, she bought nipple clamps but I was to big of a pussy for them to be effective, next time I will take more pain, Mistress. That is when she staddled my body and pinned (my) her cock between our bodies. My squashed cock slid and jammed between us, it felt unbelievingly good as my Mistress dry humped me. Now it was her time to be touched by me.
My Mistress lay on her stomach as I started to massage her calves, I was so close to her feet, her sexy beautiful feet, I could help wishing she would ask my to kiss and nibble at her painted toes and run my tongue up and down the souls of her feet. I ran my hands up and down her calves until she told my to move up to her thighs. My Mistress has exceptional skin, it is firm but like silk to the touch with a taste that brings me to my knees. As I worked on her thighs I notice her skirt raising up and I got a peak at her ass crack. I daringly started to run my hands farther up to reveal more and more of her crack, then I realized that if I run my hands up her thighs and then toward her hips it spread her ass and gave me a glimse of not only her thong panties but the darker brown skin that encircles her ass hole like areolas do nipples. What as sight I thought as see asked me what I was thinking, "I want to eat your ass" is what I think escaped my lips "very much" I said.
My Mistress then knelt and told me to remove her soaked panties, last time I was with her she stuffed them in my mouth, this time I was not so lucky but I would be tasting her soon enough.
I lay on my back and Mistress Bianca got back ontop of me, straddling my hips. She started to grind into me again but this time I could feel her wetness, I can't remember ever being so hard in my life. Oh and then as I though she was teasing me more she position (my) her cock under her and slid it straight into her. I was almost in shock but pleasure soon replaced that feeling as my Mistress moved ontop of me. I buried my face into her vast cleavage and tasted her beautiful skin, I tried my best not to enjoy this feeling to much, I did not want to cum prematurely of coarse. We switched position so I was between her spread thighs and she was on her back, she told me to come close and as I did I pressed into her, "god she's wet" I remember thinking or did I say it out loud, I don't know all I could think about was Mistress Bianca's sex. I plowed into her for what seemed like a good few minutes, which was probably a few short seconds before I need to blow and asked if I may cum, with permission I readily filled my Mistress with my seed. I had such a powerful orgasm, it felt so good and lasted much longer them mine usually do, I rolled over exhausted. As Mistress Bianca got up and left to go clean up I thought to myself how it would be to hae her straddle my face a force me to clean her with my mouth, Mistress I think I may enjoy that if you wish me to do so.
When she came back to her bed I asked if it was nap time and it was, but before I could go to sleep I had to be restrained. Mistress got leather wrist and ankle cuffs and put them on me, then she connected them to each other with a leather stap between them. I fought as long as I could as I listened to my beautiful Mistress talk before I drifted off into a deep sleep. But that was just the beginning of our time together, we had even more fun once we both woke up.
We agreed for 9 pm, and it was 8:40, and I was preparing to recieve, so to speak.
There was a blanket folded and laying on the floor, that is where he will stand, I thought to myself. I was madly aroused already, and I felt ready for anything.
Beside my chair was a table, and on that table lined up like surgical tools were a few items to be utilized in our visit. I looked them over and wondered if there was possibly anything that I may have forgotten. There was a coil of thin nylon rope, a knife,a bottle of lubricant, and some condoms. Sitting alone, shining in the lamp light was a tiny brass ball. I was going to put this up his ass before I did anything else. As well, there were some gloves, and a bullet vibrator. Within reach was a plugged in massager, which has a nice round little nub, for balls, or a penis, or my clit, what ever came to mind. I was not entirely certain that all these little items were going to be utilized or not.
It was 8:48 when I heard the door followed by his foot steps coming along the stairs.
The door swung open, and he was there. I heard him undressing and I hoped that he remembered to fold them neatly. If not, I would be forced to see that he did not forget again.I imagined myself whipping his ass with a crop and it brings a smile to my face. He walks in and stands there. As I sit and look at him, standing there, with a half hard cock, I was instantly flooded with a sense or carnal anticipation. I stood up and went to the kitchen, where I got some ice and placed it in a cup. I walked up behind him and began to run an ice cube all over his body, He was breathing hard and I could tell that he was hot. I imagined that he loved the ice on his balls, and cupped them in my hand with the ice cube.
I wanted to lick him all over. He was and is my slave, for howevcer long it occurs to us to play.
I felt his cock with my hands and pinched his nipples, and was gratified to hear him inhale sharply.I was instantly struck by the picture he made, standing in the room, with his top half sharply defined from his legs by his tan. He works outside, I thought, and he takes off his shirt. His back was darkly tanned, and his legs were muscular, for all their pale color. He was and is a very fine looking man.
I loved his ass, and spanked it lightly with a rod. With the same rod, I swung it back and forth, rubbed it on his cock and balls. His breathing quickened and then slowed. I struck at his cock with the hard rod and heard him draw a breath. This was the best part, as I struck at his balls, not to hurt too much, but to show him that I would not only hit him, but that I would LIKE doing it.
I was going to do a lot to him, and each time we met, things would progress and develop into a thorough exploration for the two of us.

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