Don't be scared! It's not always about sex!........  

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Don't be scared! It's not always about sex!........

Controlled Emotion!
In a perfect world everything in moderation is just enough.
Enough love, responsibility and everything positive to make your life complete.
Opposed to just enough hate, irresponsibility and everything negative to keep your life in balance.

Emotion however has many different disguises, and very hard to balance.
Often depending on a person's mood and other outside influences.

It can be fueled by chemistry and passion, among other things.
And if left unchecked it can get out of control.
But it can also be checked to extremes, also leaving it unbalanced.

When a person is made to change their character,
in order to compliment a certain circumstance.
Not allowing themselves the freedom of their own expression.
That emotion can be irregular and unpredictable.
Sometimes changing the normal parameters of their life style.

Leading to Uncontrolled Emotion
The medical profession often identifies certain instances caused by my analogy
as an equal Librium problem, or unbalanced brain chemistry.
Though I don't know all the specifics I'm not a Doctor, but I have studied it.

And when this condition is left unchecked, your life can change
dramatically from day to day. With drastic extremes in your personality.

Someone very close to me, was in a particular situation. Where their life
was so dictated my someone else for so many years, all it produced
was a negative emotion. Anger and Hate!

Then once that emotion was let go, all that was left was sorrow and pain.
And I imagine it will take years to find a balance with that issue.

But in the meantime another emotion has surfaced, and is now as equally
out of control. Love and Happiness! Mixed with that pain and sorrow.

I know this sounds incredible, but this is serious cause these emotion's
are also unbalanced. Without the checks and balances of moderation.

This person is so out of control, and stubborn that I hope they live to
find that Life, Love and Happiness that is the theme of my writing.

But I just don't know, you wouldn't even recognize this person from
who they were, to who they are now. And I don't mean that totally in a bad
sense, but there has to be some kind of balance of it all.

Now they are alone again!
So everything is so extreme!
And their weight, and overall health has even been effected.
This person has the ability to give and love as much if not more than anyone I've ever known.
But the honesty of it all is they try to hard, and their weaknesses get exposed.
Leading to more unbalanced emotion.

And this person is one of the best people you'll ever know.
I hope to have years of life, love and happiness with them.

Please, leave me a comment that might possibly help to save someones life.

MelonPubesPayee 52F

4/4/2006 2:39 pm

Please tell youyr friend all comes in time..And Dont forget to take your medication..all comes in time, but without the extra medications everything seems worse. most emotions are so much stronger and harder to deal with, with out it. as the medicatipns egaul everything out life is so much better. Just give it time!

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