Have you ever squirted? or seen a lady squirt?  

mister_vestland 45M
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4/6/2006 11:44 am

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4/7/2006 11:15 am

Have you ever squirted? or seen a lady squirt?

SHE: I wonder if you have squirted. I realy get the kick when I see a real female orgasm. And Just love to se you ladies squirt. But how many of you does that?

HE: Well, you can read the text for SHE, so I wonder how many of you guys have seen a lady squirt?
She: I squirt every time I have sex... He: She squirts every time we have sex!
She: I love squirting, but I rarly do... He: We love squirting, but it doesnt happend to often
She: I have squirted, but I'm embaresed of it... He: She have squirted, but she dont like it
She: I hate to squirt because I loose control... He: She hates to squirt because she loose control
She: I have never squirted, but I would love to do it... He: She never squirts, but we try to make her squirt.
She: Squirt? what is that?

BullsTardeMeant 56M
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4/6/2006 12:23 pm

Yes. I have seen a number of ladies squirt. Often times they are embarrassed, sometimes suprised.... always delighted. It's a treat.


pleasingorally69 63M
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4/6/2006 1:07 pm

I seen a lot of ladies squirt to and I love it and love to make them do it more. The wetter the better. Any woman I been with that squirted was usually embarres at first but when they found out I love it it was let the liquid flow... Ummm how nice it was. I wish I had it
now. I wish I had sex now......

LilSquirt_4mfm 67M/67F
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4/12/2006 5:32 pm

Oh Yes ...... in fact, our blog is mainly dedicated to Squirting, well along with mfm i confess ... but those 2 sexy things go together sooooo well.

I hope it is ok to take liberty of placing my 2 main squirter post (just delete if u think i went too far.

But, i think is apprepriate based on your questions and apparent desires in that area ..... both give a lot of info & many good guset comments also

.. one is also a lil sexy and fun as well as info, .. other is serious tecky.
Female "Squirting" --or --- Technical Info on Squirting


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