First time... Does it have to be english?  

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4/6/2006 11:25 am

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First time... Does it have to be english?

I wonder why!
Why does birds have wings
Why does shoes have heels
Why does AdultFriendFinder have members
Why does my network grow so slow?

Where are the promised friends
Where are the promised pussies
Where are the tousands of norwegian couples and girls that all want me?

Maniac or lonely?
How can it be
and why
Hope that you can see
my soul cry
I'm longing for you
I want to feel free
I want you to see
that I can be in your network
whitout you have to screw

Is this poetry or is it just bable from a lonely man. Hmmm, it sounds like I'm longing for a soulmate. However I dont think so. Acctually I would like to meet some new and interesting friends, that also would like to suck, fuck, flirt and squirt.

Og om jeg skriver på norsk, får jeg da lov å blogge?

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