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11/21/2005 2:31 am

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monday morning

would like to post a list i got per mail
Penis Size Myths and Lies.

A list of the most common penis size myths and lies used to comfort the penis-size-challenged man. Note that many of these myths have been invented by lesser endowed men themselves as a way to overcome their insecurities.

1-If a small finger can make her climax, then penis size is obviously of no importance.
2-The size of the flaccid penis doesn't indicate the size of the erection.
3-Forget the size issue, the most important sex organ is the brain!
4-You are ok if you are between 4" and 7" long.
5-The clitoris is outside, the g-spot is two inch inside, so as long as you have two inches length you are fine.
6-A vagina has no pleasure nerves deeper than two inches inside.
7-Women can't feel the difference between a long and a short penis.
8-If women like a big penis it is only for psychological reasons.
9-There is no such thing as a vaginal orgasm or uterine orgasm.
10-Women appreciate oral sex more than penetration.
11-Women want a man who is charming, loving and intelligent, they don't care about penis size.
12-Men who worry about their penis size are immature and unbalanced.
13-Men with a big penis are lousy lovers.
14-Men with a big penis don't get hard erections and women prefer to be penetrated by a hard small penis than by a soft big one.
15-Very huge penises like twelve inch long and nine inch around exist only in fantasies since a man would pass out from losing blood from the brain.
16-The depth of a normal vagina is six inches, so any penis longer than that usually causes pain.
17-Good sex has very little to do with penetration, but everything with foreplay and intimate touching.
18-Men with a big penis don't know anything about foreplay, which is more important than penetration.
19-Women who care about size are sluts.
20-Women who enjoy big penises have a loose vagina.
21-You were given the size you have for a reason, be happy with what you have.
22-When women talk about their preference for big penises, they only do so because it gives them some power over men, knowing how sensitive the issue is to them.
23-It's a male thing only, a locker room thing.
24-The big penises you see in porn movies are fake.
25-The penis size issue is just as silly as the breast size issue. Do you really believe a woman with big breasts is a better lover!
26-The proof that penis size is not important is that it doesn't even appear on the list of ten most important qualities looked for in a man.
27-Some smaller endowed men believe size is not important since "they never had a complaint..."

does size mater ?

rm_bbwcouple38 42M/40F
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3/17/2006 6:44 am

Size does matter to me. I can't handle a long penis(over 7"). It is too painful for me. But that is just me.Not every woman is made the same way. I like a nice thick, short penis. But once again that is just me and my preferences. lol

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