any one wanna lolly pop  

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3/4/2006 5:27 am

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any one wanna lolly pop

hi there
saterday noon here in amsterdam. snow is falling outside and i am so horny (which i always am) but there is a good reason for it today.
why am i so horny lets see.
1) going 2night to a lollypop party at "sameplace" which is an erotic bar in the city. going to meet there 2 couples which i know. the fist is a master(m) slave(f) couple, she likes to get get used by the rule the more the better. the second couple are a very nice bi couple which i have been meeting the last 6 months. in addition to this there is a good chance that another couple will be comming from the south of holland ( waiting for there e mail).
2) if i live through the party lol, will be having a afterparty at my house. cam will be on and i hope to see you all.
3) yesterday i cammed with a very nice girl from the USA, she is a student and very very cute. can't get her out of my head myammmmye she is. was first time i had the chance to cam with her and i hope she will be seeing real dutch tullips soon.
4) had a very nice tel conversation with an english lady whice has this fetish to be by a group of men. i was like not believing what i am hearing. have informed 2 male friends and opperation has started in amsterdam. this is no joke this lady is serious shit and she has done this before.
5) there is this dutch lady from the north of holland that is driving me crazy. we have met twice. the second time we had 26 hours of pure lust ( ok take off 7 hours of sleep). all i think of is her can see her red hot ass in my album (my squirting girls). she squirts like no other lady i know, she also suirts from giving a deep throught blow job. is there a bigger turn on than that ? she is now taking a shower and playing with herself squirting and thinking of my cock. dam i won't her so badly.
6)all thoose cams here are pumping blood and trying to grow on me a third leg lol

well i think i am going to take a shower and cool off, and by the way hotpussy276 your cam is a golden cam.

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