Time for a new post... What do you ladies look for?  

mister1derful4u 43M
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12/29/2005 12:05 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Time for a new post... What do you ladies look for?

I know that you ladies get swamped with messages from us guys on here since the ratio of men to women is like 20:1 (or even greater)...

So when you sit down and start going through
all those messages you have received - what determines a good one versus a bad one?
Are there any flags you look for that get a message deleted immediately? We have already discussed the cock pic issue - but are pics an absolute must for some of you? Do we need to include an email address? Do you prefer longer messages rather than short ones?
Let me know what it is that you ladies look for...

amb_lily 40F

12/29/2005 7:50 pm

Phrases that get you deleted normally:

"I'd lick your pussy good" <--- get this at least once a day.Why? Because I need a man with some intellegence, licking my pussy good doesn't show that you have any intellegence.

"Let's hook up" <--- get this several times a day. Why? I am not seeking a "hook up". Thats for teenagers and drunken stupors, besides the fact that I personally feel that phrase is somewhat degrading.

"Here's my email, write me" <--- at least once a day. Why? Give me something to write to you about, not to mention the fact if you can't take time to initiate a conversation then I may be opening my email account up to spammers. I have enough of those.

I've gotten long emails, but most are form letters. So if you write something long make sure it is profile specific. Ladies catch on to form letters quickly. Also, if your whole email is questions its almost too time consuming, I got a letter that was totally questions, while interesting, it was frustrating to have to spend that much time answering the questions. I felt interrogated rather than feeling like they were interested.

My suggestion is ... make sure you have a good face picture, write something specific you like about her profile...and not about her tits or azz! Write something nice about yourself or something that interests you...And ask a question or two, that helps a conversation get started.

cinnamn 47F

1/3/2006 9:13 pm

Delete happens:

Messages in all caps.
Really bad spelling errors

Other thoughts:
Yes, say something about yourself. Not just a one liner.
and not "wanna suk my cock" - not a good sales pitch

initial emails don't need to be long - but after that if you can't keep a conversation going via email or im i lose interest pretty darn fast.

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