The Dynamics of a Kiss  

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8/20/2005 8:24 pm

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The Dynamics of a Kiss

Sitting at home alone on a Saturday night this occured to me. I thought it would make a good entry on a blog somewhere... I guess here is as good as anywhere... feel free to comment.

The kiss is possibly mankinds simplest expression of affection, but the kiss defines so much more than just affection. The dynamics of a kiss expresses what kind of affection exists. A kiss can be an all-enveloping expression of passion that makes the person being kissed feel as if their knees are melting (figuratively - literally if the kisser is aware of the dynamics of a passionate kiss.)

A poorly delivered kiss could send mixed signals, so I feel it is my obligation to share what I have learned about kissing with the whole of mankind in order to assist the passion levels of my community.

This essay is not intended to express every aspect of kissing, but merely an attempt at helping men and women to understand how to kiss successfully. In competitive behavior there is always a looser; and as sad and inhumane as that sounds the relevance is simple: a person who kisses well is more likely to be given the opportunity to participate in the horizontal dance that we all desire to be part of.

To begin, we have to consider the simplest kiss: a minute peck on the cheek. This kiss is almost a greeting - an almost passionless expression stating hello. If you discover the person you adore greets you with just a quick kiss on the cheek should tell you that friendship is the level at which they are comfortable expressing to you.

A clinched lipped kiss on the mouth is the trademark of an uneducated kisser. This person expresses their desire to kiss without understanding of how it is done. It’s a sad biography of the “kissers” awareness of what a kiss can be. They are stating without any question that they are either uncomfortable kissing. This could be for dozens of reasons, but frequently is understood to be dislike of kissing.

To simply give up on kissing is not a viable solution. To improve upon ability to kiss one must learn for understanding. There is an old saying: “Practice makes perfect” but as my father so keenly observed, only perfect practice makes perfect. Even with perfect practice of method, it is possible that the kiss would become mechanical and passionless.

The previous examples are sad reflections of the world around us. Kissing well is not something that can be explained efficiently in a written statement… it is something that must be felt. A kiss is like a passionate poem or a love song. An artist would say that a kiss can hold all the colors but be primarily painted with red ‒ expressed as fire or heat, and with a kiss… the hotter the better.

To understand how to kiss from writing, one should read the gifted poets and songwriters; not to follow the elementary of the mechanics but to try to feel what the writing expresses.

It is easier to understand how to kiss from music. Each time you hear a car “thumping” down the road almost everyone feels something; some feel elation from enjoyment of the song, some feel contempt for the music (feeling that it is an imposition to them to have to listen) but almost everyone feels something emotional.

Having said this, imagine the person initiating the kiss to be an artist. Imagine the lips are the paintbrushes, and the movement of the kiss is the color. When you hold your lips tightly together, there is no color on the brush ‒ it is a dry and unsavory experience with only a blank canvas… and while a blank canvas is a good starting point, it is vary rarely considered a masterpiece.

The frequency and method of which the lips move inflects shades of red and blue… in my mind, when experiencing an accomplished kisser, I can almost see a an impressionist painting rendering sunrise in a bold and beautiful manner; or an nonobjective work that splatters and sprays mists of passionate crimson and yellow pigment on a panel.

To conclude: don’t think of your kiss as your body touching another body… think of your kiss as an expression of passion. Think of it as a non-verbal statement of passion.

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