Thinking back to springtime's fantasies  

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7/20/2006 3:38 am

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Thinking back to springtime's fantasies

School's out, and now the kids are hanging around home, driving those housewives crazy in all of the wrong ways. Since I spend my days fixing air conditioners, the kids at every house I go to are driving me nuts too... always underfoot, the smallest ones asking me what I'm doing or worse, telling me about their bunny, barbie, or whatever.

Gone are those days of spring, when the kids were at school, and the moms spent their days idle, alone, or out for tennis lessons and shopping.

In spring, I'd walk into those beautiful houses for a "tune-up"; homes surrounded by manicured lawns, with perfectly decorated dining rooms, and meeting me at the front door with those exquisitely toned tennis legs were the moms. They were beautiful, relaxed, and magnificent, but now as summer beats down on us all, they are looking haggard and crazed with all those summer play dates.

Then, as now, I smile as I walk through the door, and I imagine... back to the spring, when that same mom has just gotten back from her tennis lesson, and is still wearing her short tennis skirt and a slight sheen of healthy perspiration, and is smiling back.

She leads me up the stairs, to show me where I need to work. As she climbs the stairs, I can see those exquisite legs, flexing with each step. The stairs aren't steep, so I can't see everything, but the skirt is so very short, that I can't be sure whether she has anything on underneath.

Into the bedroom... as carefully cleaned and appointed as everything in the house, again that smile. Into the massive closet, lined with everything from her casual clothes to what looks like a whole wall of ultraslinky gowns and spike heel shoe racks.

She stops, turns around and points up to the ceiling, indicating the pull down stairs to the inferno of an attic. I grab the rope to pull them down, while she leans against the doorframe with one leg up against the wall, slightly hiking the skirt up a bit, but still she's hidden herself, just barely, with her skirt.

I've folded down the stairs, about to climb up, but she puts her hand on my shoulder. It is a light, confident touch, holding me back. Instead, that smile comes again, slightly devilish. "Wait a second, I'll show you something... where the light is" she says.

In two steps, she's up the stairs a little, but they are more like a ladder than stairs. In those two steps, the waistband of her tennis skirt is at my eye level and rising.

Another step, and the evidence of hundreds of baseline volleys with the local tennis pro come into sight; her thighs are strong and lean.

Her fourth step, and a pair of sculpted calves come into view... trim and curved, but toned and only inches from my face. I cannot take my eyes off her legs, and as she rises further up the ladder, I tilt my head back, following her rising body. Each tall step has hiked her skirt higher and higher, until it is barely held down by her strong, round ass.

I can finally see that she isn't hiding anything under that skirt, and I can't help but stare, but she stops, her hands at the top of the ladder, one leg a step higher than the other. She leans forward a little, and hikes her ass out away from the ladder, and looks down between her legs at me looking up at her.

Catching me staring at the last and most beautifully groomed view I've seen yet, the devilish smile returns a third time. Licking her lips, she tells me "it's hot up here." Unable to think of anything any more articulate or imaginative, I mumble back abashedly "now its hot down here too."

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