Poker Fantasy Part Three  

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7/24/2006 4:16 pm
Poker Fantasy Part Three

Sorry about the delay, Real Life problems have been playing havoc with my writing time.

So, where were we?

It wasn't long before he had gotten bored. He had hoped his friends would have a bit more imagination, but each one had simply gone into the bedroom and fucked her, just fucked her. He wanted more. So he upped the ante.

They now each had a set of index cards. Each card was some sexual act. This would be used for betting and the winning hand would have to perform the acts that had been bet.

There were two index cards on the table. He grinned as the two men laid their hands down.

"You win." He looked at the large man. "So, you get fuck her doggie style and forced oral." He grinned. "Now you can either try to get them both done in the time given or you can choose a friend and you can both fuck her together.

"Cut or Ass?" The man asked.

"Either." He said moving toward the television. "Quick, make your decision."

"Come on Charlie." The man grinned. "I want her ass, you take her face."

They moved together, and after uncuffing the woman from the bed, they threw her to her knees, commanding that she lift her face and ass.

Once they had their condoms on, there was no pleasant talk. Charlie grabbed her hair and stuffed his cock into her mouth while the larger man, Tom, ripped into her ass. The men laughed as her pain was only a muffled scream.

"You all the way in there man?" Charlie asked as he pushed farther down her throat. Tom nodded then together they began to fuck her hard. As Tom would pull almost all the way out, Charlie would slam into her face. When Charlie pulled out, Tom's balls would slap against her ass loudly.

Tom reached around and pulled at her nipples, causing her to moan, buzzing around Charlie's cock...

She simply took them for his pleasure. Each thrust sent her closer to coming herself but she knew that if she came without his permission, or the permission of one of his friends, she would be punished severely and she was not quite ready to be punished. So she simply tried to concentrait on her breathing while her ass and throat were being pounded unmercifully.

Finally she heard them both cumming and as they pulled out of her, she collapsed.

"Oh no you don't." Tom said pulling her up by her arm. "We have to put you right back where we found you. She was thrown on the bed, and the restraints replaced. "I gotta go win me another hand. She's a good fuck."

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