What is a Soul Mate?  

missasiana 34F
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1/12/2006 11:58 am

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4/27/2006 1:30 am

What is a Soul Mate?

There are many opinions about what soul mates are, and if they really exist. The romanticized version is that every person has a soulmate, another immortal soul that is their opposite in polarity, their other half with whom they share eternity and experience a love that is completely fulfilling. This is something I think we all want to believe in, but it's not provable, and can only be felt with the heart.

a soul mate is “a person of the opposite sex, with whom one has a deeply personal relationship.” Regardless of your personal beliefs about soul mates, it is possible to attract another soul to you with whom you can experience unconditional love and acceptance. Everyone can have a love that lasts forever, whether your understanding of forever is over the course of one or many lifetimes.

A soul mate love far surpasses chemical attraction; it overcomes all role playing, ego, pride, and superficiality. You must first discover love for yourself though, and learn to be your own soul mate, before you can ever experience this kind of love with a partner.

Finding your soul mate, a person committed to loving and accepting you for who you really are without condition, requires first learning to love and accept YOURSELF without condition, and standing by YOURSELF the same way you wish for someone else to stand by you.

WHEN YOU KNOW WHO YOU REALLY ARE, you'll see that you no longer need to look outside of yourself for love. Only once you can give to yourself the love you desire to receive from another, will you draw your soul mate into your life through the Universal Law governing matter, 'The Law of Attraction.'

blueskypoem 36F
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1/24/2006 3:44 am

Je vous présente toutes mes félicitations, vous avez bien décrit L'âme soeur. que je ne pouve rien ajouter seulement vous compléter. exactement tous vient de l'intérieur de soi-même. la vie, la mort, l'AMOUR etc..... personne ne peut combler un vide tant qu'elle ne sait pas quoi mettre et le pourqoui du vide? Il n'y a pas de définition précise sur le mot bonheur, selon moi chacun doit créer sa persepective de son bonheur ( si une bouteille est sur la table,tout le monde ne lit pas la même chose, il suffit de tourner la bouteille dans votre direction pour voir ce qui est inscrit de l'autre côté), et quand le jour J arrive on peut se dire OUI AINSI SOIT IL !!!!!! avec le sourir aux levres.

rm_14441341 46M
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5/12/2006 1:19 pm

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