The reason why the post below wasn't finished:  

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7/30/2005 6:41 am

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The reason why the post below wasn't finished:

Bill Gates.

God I hate Windows. I'd switch to Linux, but that sucks even worse.
A few more things that suck:

1. Bill Gates

2. Windows XP

I was typing away, oblivious to the possibility of a crash when I get an error message. "Windows will now close, I hope to hell you weren't doing something important, because if you were, you just lost it."

The only song in the world worth listening to: (as at 30/7/05) I See Girls by Studio b

The only person REALLY worth hating: (as at 30/7/05) Bill Gates

The only cigarettes to smoke: (forever, my opinion will not change on this) Benson & Hedges Special Filters (now known as "Classics" for some stupid reason).

The only website worth looking at: I'd add this, but due to stupid AdultFriendFinder regs, I can't.

I'll have to finish this later, I've only got one cigarette left. (Note to all the people who e-mail me yet say they hate smokers on their profiles: I SMOKE!!! A LOT.)

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