The Epic Battle 2  

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7/12/2005 5:22 am

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The Epic Battle 2

originalbrucewayne: cock on cam for dominant female. i will do anything you instruct.
miss_cj_000: flipper: all these me just looking to get off eeeek
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: stupid fat hobbites
miss_cj_000: lol
miss_cj_000: gollum not hurts the master....
masterofhypnosiscontrol: going to answer me
miss_cj_000: what?
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: ah poo ive seen the movie like 10 times and i can only remember 1 line,, how sad
masterofhypnosiscontrol: in your pm..
miss_cj_000: didn't notice
masterofhypnosiscontrol: well..i suggest you notice..and now..and respond
miss_cj_000: oh.... wait...... yes.
miss_cj_000: where is dragon when i need him??
masterofhypnosiscontrol: who in here..would like a copy..of cj..fucking herself..on cam, for me last night?
miss_cj_000: lol
miss_cj_000: me
masterofhypnosiscontrol: you have a copy
bigdawg942: hello
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: owwwwwwwwww owwwwwwwwwwww owwwwwwwwwwwwwwww me me me meme
buffy_arista315: e8qq 47mk f1vv50
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: lol
miss_cj_000: my ass
masterofhypnosiscontrol: i hope not..its all over the fucking net..with your face and screename already
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: you tell him
miss_cj_000: jolly good
masterofhypnosiscontrol: but..have a nice fucking lying..piece of shit..wannabe whore
miss_cj_000: i'm not a wanna-be whore. i've got a full time job at the local brothel.
miss_cj_000: fuck-face
masterofhypnosiscontrol: you are a wannabe..piece of shit..cocksucking..litle whore..simple as need to say..tell it To the other dumb iggyland..i aint got time..for lying..pievces of i over..YOU LOSE WHORE
miss_cj_000: well masterofsweetfuckall?
miss_cj_000: oh yes...
miss_cj_000: gollum shakes in his boots master
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: he always a dickhead?
miss_cj_000: oh hell yes
miss_cj_000: next?
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: i was just wandering if it was a speacial day or something
miss_cj_000: you gonna tell my family masterofsweetfuckall? they already know.
hauper_mo: 24 m with cam here
koren_auriana342: ov02 862ulf
miss_cj_000: and he has no reply.......
seal_predator2005: i am so lonely!
seal_predator2005: noone whants to talk to me!
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: nope nothing
miss_cj_000: who here wants my mother's phone number to confirm that she knows?
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: mabey he dropped dead
miss_cj_000: someone's just crabby cos i refused his add
masterofhypnosiscontrol: is the piece of shit..saying something..
masterofhypnosiscontrol: obviously she didnt
miss_cj_000: very grumpy indeed
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: very
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: yet he still remains in the room for some reason
miss_cj_000: wonder why?
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: beats me
miss_cj_000: lol
~$ Ms $po|L$~: looking for money slaves to spoil me...PM me
miss_cj_000: ^whore
miss_cj_000: ooops!
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: wow
miss_cj_000: so did not mean to say that
~$ Ms $po|L$~: LOL
brit_danell316: 06418e
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: he he he
bratty aiko: read my profile before you pm me
miss_cj_000: gollum thinks he is bad sir....
miss_cj_000: hehehehe
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: ???
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: who?
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: <-----lost again third time now
miss_cj_000: lol
bratty aiko: me?
miss_cj_000: joking
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: about what?
miss_cj_000: the gollum thing
bratty aiko: alan_stanwyck: your mom wants me to fuck her
bratty aiko: what the fuck?
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: lmao
analyn_hanna695: 7m3p7 k2686 r77a3
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: ya really
bratty aiko: genius
miss_cj_000: waiting for baby puppy.....
miss_cj_000: this is gonna be great
bratty aiko: people like that bore me to tears
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: puppy? your getting a puppy?
miss_cj_000: masterofsweetfuckall: xoryawbus doesn't know i'm into this, he's my ex boyfriend.
timmaayyyyyy: lol whatever, you're boring as hell aiko
miss_cj_000: make sure you tell him
miss_cj_000: oh yes.....
bratty aiko: could be, but i could think of a better way to get someones attention...
master_punisher_daddy: ANY FEMALE SUB
bratty aiko: than, your mom wants me to fuck her....
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: ya like money
miss_cj_000: fuck up my life... just like you promised
bratty aiko: what kind of retarded shit is that?
bratty aiko: busy_as_hell: hey nigger, you're supposed to be the slave, not the master!
timmaayyyyyy: he's right
bratty aiko: so. gay.
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: i had girl ask me if i wuold and kill people for her
bratty aiko: seriously
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: i was WTF?!
timmaayyyyyy: do it, do it, and kill!!
miss_cj_000: nah.... WFT MATE
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: hummm
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: and kill........
catherine: greetings A/all
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: no no dont think ill enjoy that
dedoneman1: hi mate wanna rute in the back of the ute while we get on the piss sheila!
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo catherine
miss_cj_000: /kill masterofsweetfuckall...... except maybe without the
mastrdaddy6936: hello catherine
miss_cj_000: lol
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: lmao
catherine: wow, worse than ever
catherine: Hi MD
miss_cj_000: nah mate, meeting barry at the pub in 10
dedoneman1: my shout
miss_cj_000: shazza's gonna be there. she's fucking prime mate
miss_cj_000: lol
blingbling932003: 20/m 11 inch cock any girls interested pm me
dedoneman1: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nothing a rope can't fix
jean_adalia592: y14k4le iisd38
miss_cj_000: fuckin oath mate, don't know about that.
mastrdaddy6936: how is catherine today?
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: i dont know how is she?
blingbling932003: 20/m 11 inch cock any girls interested in being dominated pm me
miss_cj_000: god i'm glad i don't actually talk like that.
lovetoeatpussyinthe69position: bored anyone wanna play with me on my cam???male/toys
dedoneman1: welcome to the see of pirates lol
miss_cj_000: except to masterofsweetfuckall.... when he wants me to
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: pie rats
miss_cj_000: lol
male26sub: greetings everyone!
miss_cj_000: ah......
miss_cj_000: so masterofsweetfuckall......
miss_cj_000: got anything to say???????
male26sub: hello miss_cj
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: *crickets*
dedoneman1: whose got change for a nickel ,i must pay my slaves...
xoryawbus: I love a good 12 inch
miss_cj_000: maleslave, PM masterofsweetfuckall and tell him to say whatever he wants to say
male26sub: sure miss!
miss_cj_000: hey male26sub
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: sure if you want me to
miss_cj_000: good boy
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: you kow it
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: know
male26sub: done miss_cj
miss_cj_000: okey doke
miss_cj_000: now we wait.....
miss_cj_000: and wait
male26sub: we wait...
xoryawbus: I like to get a good 12 inch insode of me about 4 times a week. anybody else?
male26sub: but what r we waiting for?
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: ok
miss_cj_000: baby puppy....
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: IM sent
xoryawbus: hah
miss_cj_000: ty hon
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: oh wow
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: mean person
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: lol
miss_cj_000: you gonna get Pm'd now baby puppy
male26sub: miss cj this is what he said : i suggest..for your never pm me agian..without direct permission from me..cj knows she fucked up and how dearly she will be paying for it..i have nothing more to say to the piece of shit
xoryawbus: where is the love?
miss_cj_000: tell him to say it in here
miss_cj_000: lol
xoryawbus: haha! and just what does he think he's going to do i wonder?
kyana_angelyn911: 7gekn8 270047
miss_cj_000: baby puppy, there is no love
xoryawbus: what a fuckwad
miss_cj_000: lol
miss_cj_000: yep
male26sub: i just said it for him! i guess he really doesn't want too...
xoryawbus: threatening ppl using some crappy java chat client. REAL clever
miss_cj_000: that's cos he knows he's lost
male26sub: hwhy is he so upset?
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: masterofhypnosiscontrol: did i just fucking tell you..never to fucking pm me agian you dumb fuck
miss_cj_000: Cj = winner masterofsweetfuckall= loser
miss_cj_000: lol
male26sub: what r u playing?
miss_cj_000: tell him i'm really horny and i want him bad
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: no response
miss_cj_000: of course not
xoryawbus: he's probably off somewhere looking for his balls
miss_cj_000: that's cos the asshole knows he has nothing
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: la la la la
miss_cj_000: he's beentelling ppl he has video of me
Randy: good morning everyone
xoryawbus: or, perhaps, firing up some lame ass kiddy script to try and pwn miss_cj
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: so i heard
miss_cj_000: baby puppy, no need for id's.
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: id's??
xoryawbus: what a n00b. funny that ppl think they can threaten others online, ESPECIALLY via java chat
miss_cj_000: he's gonna be such a total jerk off, let him, I've got nothing to hide
niederer67: ????
male26sub: so does he really have a video of u?
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: even without java what really can they do? melt your harddrive? ooohhhhh nooooo
miss_cj_000: xoryawbus is baby puppy = ex boyf (also friend)
miss_cj_000: hell no
miss_cj_000: lol
xoryawbus: do you think this guy is REALLY a 35yr old from Alabama named Jonathon?
male26sub: then there is no problem!!!
miss_cj_000: well he's certainly a hick....
miss_cj_000: not sure of state tho
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: this is yahoo who knows
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: i could be a 35yr old from Alabama named Jonathon
masterofhypnosiscontrol: msle slave..if i didnt have a video of her..why is she so worried of it..ask her..if she masturbated on cam last night..for me
xoryawbus: mas
miss_cj_000: I'm a 45 yo bald man named Elroy
miss_cj_000: right baby puppy?
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: ok
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: you heard him
Randy: reminds me of AOL 14 years ago when they started their chat rooms
miss_cj_000: lol
masterofhypnosiscontrol: if she didnt..and i didnt have this video..why is she so concerned of it then..answer that
xoryawbus: masterofgodknowswhat: here's a challenge; what hairstyle does miss_cj have?
miss_cj_000: I just want the fucker to leave me alone
miss_cj_000: not too much to ask
masterofhypnosiscontrol: put it this way..the cunt was in full black last night on cam
masterofhypnosiscontrol: including hair
xoryawbus: NAAARRR. wrong
miss_cj_000: Everyone has seenmy hair baby puppy
Randy: how about this xory,,,,,,,,, use a little common courtesy and if she did then just thank her and not try to blackmial her with it
miss_cj_000: in my display pic
masterofhypnosiscontrol: she fucked up..she knows what she she pays..dearly
alisha_astoria38: 431mf4
masterofhypnosiscontrol: now..cj..if you will..admit it..did you masturbate on cam last i watched..yes or no
Randy: < hasn't seen it
miss_cj_000: oh jolly good masterofsweetfuckall..... how about this.... why don't you tell everyone about how you fucked up dragons pc using your "special powers" then i PM'd him and he replied????
Randy: < in the dark, looked at Cj's profile and the photo in it is a male
masterofhypnosiscontrol: ill take her of ignore and se if she replies
miss_cj_000: oh yes randy
miss_cj_000: male
xoryawbus: careful mixx_cj. he might put a jihad on you. derka derka style
miss_cj_000: ask baby puppy
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: you didnt read the profile did you
srqlolo: hey any women in here want to show me her cam i a grl who can chat with the better of them
miss_cj_000: obviously not
masterofhypnosiscontrol: now cj..did you i said..on cma last night..yes or no
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: why does it matter?
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: who cares if she did or not
masterofhypnosiscontrol: she is calling me a liar..i care..
masterironhorse: greetings A/all
xoryawbus: why wuld you put somebody on ignore if you though tyou had something over them, I wonder?
aammaa_aammaa2000: six
Randy: okay, really confused,,,,,Cj says he is a male and Master keeps referring to her as a female
aammaa_aammaa2000: i want six
masterofhypnosiscontrol: trust me..cj is female
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: cj is a girl
super_ice_es: hi all
Randy: then why is there a male's photos in her profile
xoryawbus: masterofhypnosiscontrol is a complete and utter liar
sarahtvluvslatex: hi all
xoryawbus: comeon big boy. come at me
super_ice_es: hi sara
masterofhypnosiscontrol: why not read her profile and youd get a answer to that
sarahtvluvslatex: hi super_ice
xoryawbus: haha! yeah. cos nobody ever lies on their profile
super_ice_es: may i see you sara??
superman: greetings miss_cj_000
sarahtvluvslatex: pic on pro
masterofhypnosiscontrol: well..i got video..of HER...on idiot..her profile..clearly states she is female and who the male fucking idiot..learn to read
miss_cj_000: hey superman
sarahtvluvslatex: sub tv for 24/7 force fem. pm me
super_ice_es: hi miss cj
srqlolo: lol
vision99x28: hello room
Master Peter: lol
superman: how are You Ma'am.....its very nice to see You @miss_cj_000
xoryawbus: masteroffuckingmorons: well, seeign as she was at my house last night and I have no cam, that's interesting
super_ice_es: may i see you cj??
miss_cj_000: right-o chaps....
vision99x28: hello Miss
miss_cj_000: just waiting on a few more
masterofhypnosiscontrol: yea yea..whatever..get a fucking life..idiot
xoryawbus: comeon then. do something to me
masterofhypnosiscontrol: go to igglyand..with the other fuck ups
xoryawbus: seeign as you're the big man with "special internet powers"
miss_cj_000: masterofweetfuckall..... why don't you just leave me alone?
xoryawbus: come on
masterofhypnosiscontrol: no special powers fuckwad..
Master Peter: me CJ
xoryawbus: yeah. step up idiot
masterofhypnosiscontrol: admit it then cj..were you on cam last night
sarahtvluvslatex: sub tv for 24/7 force fem. pm me
xoryawbus: do your worst
miss_cj_000: Peter, hey pet.....
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: you know flattery will get you no where
Master Peter: grins
masterofhypnosiscontrol: admit it then cj..were you on cam last night
xoryawbus: you migh thave footage of your mother. perhaps thats's it?
miss_cj_000: having a bit of an argument...
masterofhypnosiscontrol: admit it then cj..were you on cam last night
xoryawbus: maybe your father died so your motehr was all in black and you caught her masturbating from the wardrobe and just HAPPENED to have your cam handy
Master Peter: let be Cj MH
miss_cj_000: pet.....?
masterofhypnosiscontrol: ill leave you alone..when you admit it..and show im not a liar..not until
Randy: <thinks Master is the reason some animals eat thier young
xoryawbus: sounds more likely masterofwhoknowswhat
miss_cj_000: lol
Master Peter: yes Cj
dineen_jeanie724: wor15
vision99x28: hello Miss
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: i think he's done
miss_cj_000: his vis
miss_cj_000: hey*
miss_cj_000: right.....
*** risk will be ignored.
masterofhypnosiscontrol: oh trust me far from done..when some idiot..says anything..worht responding to..ill reply
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: BIG TEXT
miss_cj_000: lstill wanna go masterofsweetfuckall?
Randy: should have taken ebonics so I could understand Risk
miss_cj_000: lol maleslave
Teach: Hello everyone
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: and what i said was worth responding?
masterofhypnosiscontrol: all you must say..i wasnt lying..then ill leave you be cunt
xoryawbus: masteroffantasyisland: so come on. present some evidence. You want somebody to admit a lie you came up with just based on you saying you're not a liar?
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo k
xoryawbus: but you ARE lying. there's the catch
miss_cj_000: well?
masterofhypnosiscontrol: cj knows im not lying
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: this will never end
miss_cj_000: oh... now the fucker is buzzing me.
xoryawbus: masterofnothing is a liar
xoryawbus: that's why it'll never end cos once a liar, always a liar
Randy: fi it would make you feel any better and take your mind off of what's his name's antics, I would gladly bend over and let you spank me then use your strap-on on me Cj
masterofhypnosiscontrol: it will end..when cj admits im not lying..not before
miss_cj_000: didn't i mention above (granted way way above that i hate it when ppl do that) ?
xoryawbus: present evidence masterofbullshit
miss_cj_000: and he buzzed me again
xoryawbus: show ME your so-called evidence. I know cj, so I'll know if you're telling the truth
masterofhypnosiscontrol: and again..damn
xoryawbus: but let me guess... you won't show anybody, right?
Anal Master: hi room
Randy: read my comment please Miss Cj
miss_cj_000: Peter, you still here?
miss_cj_000: i did randy
Master Peter: cj put the moron on the iggy
xoryawbus: if you want to call somebody's bluff, masterofliars, you better have a good hand and be prepared to play it
miss_cj_000: ok pet
superman: exactly..
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: leave him be
Randy: I even have a nice 12" red thickly veined one you could use on me if you like
xoryawbus: so let's see it
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: he thinks he'ss big
superman: let him be*
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: let beleive
masterofhypnosiscontrol: me fuckwad..i got plenty of evidence on the whore..
xoryawbus: come on then
xoryawbus: let's see a snippet
Master Peter: lol
miss_cj_000: NO he wants to start shit, then the fucker can finish it
xoryawbus: if you won't, I'm basing my whole opinion of ppl from Alabama on you
Randy: < iggied his ass so I don't have to listen to his 12 year old antics
masterofhypnosiscontrol: go right ahead idiot boy
xoryawbus: come on
xoryawbus: prove you're not the liar you are
xoryawbus: PROVE it
skele_snipe: HEYZ
masterofhypnosiscontrol: cj can prove it all..
xoryawbus: no.Y OU prove it
Randy: if he could prove it he would have 30 minutes ago when he started his immature tirade
xoryawbus: you think you're so smart, prove what you say
xoryawbus: well?
masterofhypnosiscontrol: has been sent out..ask..male slave who beged for it earlier
xoryawbus: send it here
xoryawbus: come on
miss_cj_000: oh yes
xoryawbus: as I know cj well
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: really??
masterofhypnosiscontrol: going to continue denying it.or fuck more of your friends?
Master Peter: cj
miss_cj_000: keep going fucker
miss_cj_000: i told you to
masterofhypnosiscontrol: the other male slave dude..who ran..when he got it
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: im sure he did
xoryawbus: masterofretards: no, you're the one making claims. it's up to YOU to back up your lies
Randy: he can't which is also why he feels he needs to have the word "Master" in his screename,,,,, he has to tell everyone he is a master because no one would ever fucking believe he was based on his eight year old embicile dialogue
georgette_ady386: g1vt
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: good thing for you he ran away
xoryawbus: he's a master of one thing; bation
miss_cj_000: baby puppy: a question.....
xoryawbus: get it? master bation? eh? eh? EH?
Master Peter: laffs
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: bation?? sound like a fish dish
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: lol
xoryawbus: what a loser tho
miss_cj_000: explain to these ppl how you know me.
Randy: was sitting here hoping Miss Cj would make me her little ass cum slut for awhile and take her mind off of him
Master Peter: he are only a master to fuck his own ass
xoryawbus: I actually thought his breed had died out with all the other 11yr old ASLers in the mid 90s
miss_cj_000: bay puppy...
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: lol good one
miss_cj_000: answer.
mr_harm_less: hello room
masterofhypnosiscontrol: losers have the way cj..your copy will be emailed to the email on 6 pm tonight..after i post it on some sites..maybe i can win some your skanky cunt
xoryawbus: guys. I actually DO know cj very well. we were together late last year for a while and we're still good friends now
miss_cj_000: okey doke
masterofhypnosiscontrol: ill be let you know..if i win
Master Peter: its ok bus
Randy: lucky you
xoryawbus: masterbater: I bet it's really footage of you in a wig
masterofhypnosiscontrol: ask cj..she knows who it is..
xoryawbus: I bet you tuck your cock up your arse and pretend to finger yourself too
Master Peter: lol
miss_cj_000: lol
mr_harm_less: wow, tis sucks.
miss_cj_000: Peter, where is mack when we need him?
xoryawbus: be off with you, cretin!
masterofhypnosiscontrol: must have me mistaken..for the guy who your ass every night
ma1e_slave_for_a_mistress: makes a note of diss
Master Peter: not know cj
xoryawbus: you can leave any time you like masterwanker
xoryawbus: nah. I actually LIKE that dude
miss_cj_000: lol
masterofhypnosiscontrol: of course i can shut the fuck can talk to the iglyand now..this convo has ended..
xoryawbus: go on then. run with your cock between your legs
xoryawbus: go cry in a corner or something
Master Peter: walks over to cj and seatels down near her
masterofhypnosiscontrol: id prefer..fucking your mom in a corner..she likes it that time you speak..take that cock out your mouth..cant understand mumble you fucking idiot
xoryawbus: I bet the words "It puts it's cock between it's legs" are all too familiar to you masterofnothing
xoryawbus: tell her "Hi" from me, k?
masterofhypnosiscontrol: i said..this convo has ended..youre a fucking idiot..for 1..secondly..i juust dont fucking like put you with the other idiots i dont like..iggyland..wave bye to everyone..
xoryawbus: don't let the door hit you in the arse as you leave master
Master Peter: cj
xoryawbus: hmmm. interesting. you put me on ignore and that means I should say goodbye to everybody else?
xoryawbus: you ARE a moron
miss_cj_000: getting bored with this. masterofnothing: have a good night jerking off.
Master Peter: lol bus
masterofhypnosiscontrol: cj it is daytime here
miss_cj_000: of course...
kylia_gittel810: 004
miss_cj_000: that's what you spend your day doing righ?
xoryawbus: what exactly does "Master of hypnosis control" mean, anyway?
miss_cj_000: right*
masterofhypnosiscontrol: bye losers
xoryawbus: haha!
Master Peter: cj
xoryawbus: poor guy
xoryawbus: awwwww
miss_cj_000: it means: i couldn't come up with a more evil and cool sounding nic than this
miss_cj_000: yes pet?
xoryawbus: it's funny. can't stand the heat so he gets out of the kitchen
Master Peter: may i pm you
miss_cj_000: yes
Master Peter: ty
xoryawbus: where, no doubt, he spends a *LOT* of time
xoryawbus: he's back!
im_just_a_line_in_the_sand: 22/sub cd with pic on profile/Oklahoma seeking a Mistress or Lady to transform and train me to be your perfect girl or housewife/maid and use me how u like if interested please pm me
miss_cj_000: Somebody tell the fucker to stop with the Pm's.
xoryawbus: he probably just wants a friend
im_just_a_line_in_the_sand: hey the fucker stop with the pms
im_just_a_line_in_the_sand: lol
miss_cj_000: lol
im_just_a_line_in_the_sand: rick there are no Mistresses in the room for your dumb febile mind so leave now before a Master makes you his bitch boy
im_just_a_line_in_the_sand: sorry i meant risk
kaylin_kairi370: o3uy4 n0bwoc7 j2la
shaunie282003: joined room
katie_is_single_and_22: hey everyone
MasterDarklord: Hello, room..
katie_is_single_and_22: 25 female slave here
katie_is_single_and_22: pm me if ya wanna chat
MasterDarklord: Quiet group here...
MasterDarklord: Very quiet group...

EvilMuppet69 37M
89 posts
7/12/2005 10:47 am


Disturbing events!

notlovenormoney 45M

7/16/2005 7:26 am

WTF.... Irrelevant of the "Film Clip" isn't this site meant to be based around discretion??? This whole transcript should be read by the AdultFriendFinder administrators. I do not believe that this is in the spirit of this site.

I do not believe that personal attacks should be allowed under any circumstance masterofwhatever... take a chill pill... enjoy "your" movie and leave other people alone....

EvilMuppet69 37M
89 posts
7/19/2005 6:55 am

Discretion is a choice in personal preferences, but its not a major feature of the site itself.

miss_cj_000 32F

7/19/2005 9:42 pm

WTF.... Irrelevant of the ignorance of the person above (not you Muppet, the other person), I'm not gonna remove this post or his comment about it. The whole point of a blog is sharing experiences, feelings, thoughts, etc. So, I shared something that happened to me and he shared his feelings on my sharing and if he feels that this post need to be reviewed, there is a link for that buddy, feel free to click it.

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