A question to all those who regularly read my blog:  

miss_cj_000 32F
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8/2/2005 1:26 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A question to all those who regularly read my blog:

I was just looking at the amount of views for the posts on 1/8/05 and I noticed something a bit unexpected.
The post "David Draiman in leather pants" currently has 35 views, the post "A new and slightly improved picture of me" has 16 views and the post "Annoyed, yet again" has 18 views.
I'm confused.
Does this mean that people enjoy listening to me bitch more than seeing new pictures of me?
And seeing David Draiman in leather pants even more than listening to me bitch?
Perhaps I should just write more about David Draiman....

Today's lists:

Best three alcoholic drinks:
1. Cougar.
2. Skyy Vodka.
3. Mercury Cider.

Best three movies:
1. Dawn of the Dead 2004.
2. Resident Evil.
3. Army of Darkness.

Three shows that scared me most as a child:
1. David and the Gnomes.
2. Trapdoor.
3. Care Bears. (long story)

I'm kinda curious about other people on that last list, feel free to add your own list in comments.

DougSensual 48M
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8/2/2005 1:55 pm

Sorry, darlin', but you're making the assumption that AdultFriendFinder is up to date in reporting the numbers on views. Maybe... maybe not

miss_cj_000 32F

8/2/2005 2:05 pm

lol. Nope, just checked back and the ratio is still about the same. More on David Draiman to come

rm_Launsingle 46M

8/2/2005 9:46 pm

My lists:
Best 3 drinks: 1. Tahitian dark-grape fanta. Forget the orange. Never available here in Aust till the late 1990s fashion fanta period. Still wasn’t as good.
2. Blackcurrant BO/]KA KPYIICEP. [Vodka Cruiser for those who don’t read Cyrillic].
3.French Polynesian fresh pineapple juice, chilled straight from da tree. Hides the BO/]KA taste and is vital for getting over tropical gastro-enteritis. Voice of experience. Lesson: don’t skindive next to the sailing ship’s sewage outfall. Or outfall from both directions is what you get.

Best 3 movies: 1.The Abyss Special Edition 1992. 2.The Great RocknRoll Swindle 1982. 3.Olivier Olivier 1992. out of a field of about 100.

Shows that scared me most as a child:
1. 1970s National Geographic specials about folklore [I saw 2 minutes of the original silent Nosferatu at age 8 and was shitscared for years. All day & all night. Till I slept, anyway. How do I end up writing vampire novels? Go figure.
2. DW Genesis of the Daleks 1975. Back when people went all polarised and screamed properly when they got zapped. Now of course I’m hooked!
3.Smurfs. Because they sucked arse thru a straw. And everyone should be too old for them. Even newborns.

10 best songs ever: In no partic.order:
2 Minutes to Midnight ‒ Maiden.
Na Laetha Geal Mo’ige ‒ Enya.
Pretend We’re Dead ‒ L7.
While the Earth Sleeps ‒ Deep Forest & Peter Gabriel [full version, not the trimmed bit from Strange Days].
Overture from CATS ‒ A.L.Webber & ? [for the drums].
Money ‒ Cyndi Lauper [live].
Fear of the Dark [live, IceHall, Helsinki, 1992] ‒ Maiden.
Wonderful Land ‒ Mike Oldfield’s cover of Shadow’s intrumental.
Sleepwalkin’ ‒ Santo & Johnny. Has the only bearable hawaiian slide guitar ever.
Orgasmatron ‒ Motorhead. Love the organic squashy noises.
No Homophobia, G’bye to the Crown, Tubthumping, Mary, - Chumbawumba.
17th century heavy metal: Vienna Nightmare by Vivaldi.
19th Century HM: Tchaikovskiy’s 1812 [but only with cannons & bells], Marche Slav, & the finale from Swan Lake.
Beethoven’s 7th & 9th.
20th Century HM: 3rd [Organ] Symphony by Camile Saint-Saens. [yes, the tune they pinched for `Babe’.
Melanesian songs from Thin Red Line.
Call Me / Heart of Glass ‒ Blondie.
Great Leap Forward, March of the Covert Batallions, L’Internationale ‒ Billy Bragg.
Eric’s Theme from Vangelis’ Chariot’s of Fire, if misused for spaceflight.

10 worst songs ever:
1. I love Work.
2.everything by Michael Jackson.
3.Everything by Elvis except In the Ghetto, vestigial hint of conscience amongst the fat junkie’s shite.
3.2 Everything by Prince except Let’s Go Crazy. Why no other guitars like that?
4.Soft songs by Queen.
5. On My way -the Proclaimers. Espcially those prXXks who spoilt Shrek with it. They are not an image of Scotland anyone needs. That’s what Drambuie & Bily Connolly are for.
6. Stuff by 1990s hair-metal [Bon Jovi, Poison, Mr Big] bands.
7. good tunes riped off by commecials. Or the theme from Backdraft used by [urrrgh] Iron Chef, etc.

Rather slower list of things that have pissed me off already today:
1. Stupid people. Even tho’ this is Tasmania, where they are sent…
2. Windows generally & XP in particular. There’s a reason Bill Gates got shot by the US Army in South Park Bigger, Longer…
3.The ONLY person REALLY worth hating: (as at 30/7/05) Bill Gates. Not little Johnny Howard? Or President Shrub? Margaret Thatcher? Amanda Millstone?
People who invented call centres? Or, worse, Indian Call centres…

4.The only website worth looking at: G o o g l e E a r t h. You can spit on the Prime Minister’s personal 707 at Canberra Airport there. And bitch about his personal golf course. Pity Launnie is always cloudcovered, unlike the semitrailer truck park at Bell Bay… I get my fix of Russian Airbases everyday.

5.People who hate cats! Huh! They are small self-sufficient dogs which [a] walk themselves WASH themselves [c] Don’t bite postmen or maul children [except on Funniest Home Videos, apparently]
[d] Don’t slobber on you, or get loosed all over you by owners slightly stupider than they are who say ‘he’s allright, he’s just being friendly’ when you have this socially-incompentent 4-legged man with a tail all over your front.
[e] Most important of all: bury their shit because you are the dominant cat around. Cats know how you feel. They don’t give a shit, but they know. Anyone found a dog that does this??

6. people who laugh really badly at Film Society. Or who are still talking 2 minutes into the film.

>>My cat's name is Benson. Named after Harry Benson, main character of the book Terminal Man. Which, ironically, is about brains.
Not after Benson of Benson & Hedges?!

Other AdultFriendFinder stuff that sucks: profiles sent to you that are 1, 2, 3,4 years old & pointless. There’s no way that computer can’t tell the last time that person visited.
Profiles or matches that are women who are seeking women. Ditto, computer must know I am not one.
Really irritating matches from Men in the US adding me to their hotlist. After a lifetime of being too slobby or short to be pulled by gay men, now it happens to me?! Where were you lot when I was experimenting?!

>>People who use pictures of other people on their profiles.
Hello Ivy! Tho’ the AdultFriendFinder prize MUST go to the woman who put a pic of Lauren [6ft Under, Can’t Hardly Wait] Ambrose as her pic. A touch of the Amanda Millstones “Didn’t see that, sorry” there.

Non-AdultFriendFinder that suck: 1. People who don’t/can’t spell, checker assisted or not. Especially if they work for Centrelink, my bank, your bank, or someone else who ought to be able to either use spellchecker or TAUGHT to spell in School which is why we are all sent. Not to learn algebra, which you never use again, but spelling, which we all use every day. As in Taxi. Or POLICE on top of a car. Have you seen anyone misspell it in graffiti? There’s a ‘Fxxx pelice niggaz’ on the pole outside my place.
2. people who think typos are misspellings. Pelice with 2 E’s is misspelled. Police with 2 Js is just bad typing or someone in a hurry. Or someone from the Balkans.
3. People who complain to ABC etc about programmes made by the BBC, as if the ABC can change the ending now, or at all.
4. People who recoil from using computers as if they are poisoned or will track you home and read your mail if you touch them.
5. Americans who think they speak ‘American’ or who think US spelling & Usage is normal. Sorry to be a linguistic facist but words are spelt in different ways for a reason. It’s a precision instrument, not a blunt object.

Things that do not suck:
1. C.J.Cherryh, whose SF I find rich and sustaining. The reading equivalent of a really, really good Stroganoff or Lasagne.
2. REM, who’re irritatingly good. Hey, Michael Stipe is bald, CJ…
3. movies about gladiators [sarcasm]
4. Kevin Smith (director: Chasing Amy, Dogma, Clerks)
5. Guitars by Lado of Toronto. Lovely weird shapes and weirder colourschemes.
6. Leaf tea from the Kings Meadows Hobart Rd health shop that smells and tastes like Bailey’s Irish Cream. Despite being $60 a kilo, you can smell like a lush & still be blood Alc 00.00! 100 grammes lasts 6 months. Provided you have other tea.
7. Jarlsberg. I weep to think of the years I wasted merely eating ‘swiss’ cheese.
8. Drinking Chocolate. Essential for warming women in the winter. And tastier to eat out of the jar than Milo. No chance of vitamin D poisoning, for a start.
9. Mikhail Sergeievich Gorbachev, who managed to hold the world together with his bare hands for 6 years and the reason we’re all still alive.
10. Bondage Corner at ChickenFeed Kings Meadows.

rm_lumpy175 41M
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8/3/2005 4:53 am

ahh i love what you write...there should be more chics out there like yourself....keep up the good work!! but if anyone bags out the smurfs again there will be a small nuclear device sent to you and all your family....smurfs rule!!! just ask andy....even though "he looks a pillock"

three shows that scared me as a child....
1...doctor who.....mechanical dog gave me nightmares
2...cartoon connection.....hmmmmm not sure why
3...knight rider.....hoff is a tool and always will be

rm_lumpy175 41M
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8/3/2005 5:03 am

best three bevvies.....
1...wild turkey, rare breed not the povvo cheap stuff
2...bookers bourbon, 120 proof
3...knob creek sweet mash over proof bourbon, yummmo...cept 170 reddies is a bit steep...no its fucking vertical!!!

where did you get the pic of the nomes they where cool!!!!

miss_cj_000 32F

8/3/2005 8:25 am

hey Lumpy, the screen shot from David and the Gnomes was a hard-won trophy of many hours trolling pictures in Yahoo images. You wouldn't believe how hard it was to find.
An addition to my list of kiddie shows:
Death of the Daleks (Dr.Who ep) I still have this on video somewhere, and I'm sure it would still scare me.
It was mostly the Exxilons with their Ray Martin's Sunglasses eyes that did it for me.

rm_lumpy175 41M
7 posts
8/4/2005 4:50 am

ahhh see i knew beauty would win out in the end.....your pic is catching up on the other bald dude....

rm_skraz00 30M
6 posts
8/4/2005 4:51 am

my list
Best three alcoholic drinks:
2. vodka
3. creme de menthe *no im not joking i love minty shit*

Best three movies:
1. Shawshank Redemption
3. Dogma

Three shows that scared me most as a child:
im afraid no movie has scare me nor shows, but sepulchura or however you spell it a book scared me as a child

thiscouldbefunno 39M
4 posts
8/4/2005 6:08 am

yo. the battle was bizarre...that guy was obviously 13 years old.

best bev: russion mule

best movies (<horror> seeing that's where your at )
- the exorcist
- the ring ( jap version )
- 28 days later

scare child shows:
- days of our lives
- the young and the restless
- neighbours

thiscouldbefunno 39M
4 posts
8/4/2005 6:13 am


i'm bored

think i'll go dream the death of a thousand swords

Sneakyyoungman 43M
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8/18/2005 5:10 pm

I, for one, actually enjoy reading the whinging/bitching rants people put up. The main reason being, I relate to most of it, and just haven't written it myself!!!
The rants about general life are the best ones!
Lets you know you're not the only one out there having a bad day!

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