A comprehensive list of things that suck.  

miss_cj_000 32F
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7/30/2005 4:23 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A comprehensive list of things that suck.

Below is a list of things that suck. I'm sure not everyone will agree with me on these things (even if I am right). I accept this.

AdultFriendFinder things that suck:

1. People who do not understand the concept of Spell Checker. Is it really that hard to re-read what you have just written to make sure it makes sense to the poor bastard who has to read it?

2. People who use pictures of other people on their profiles. If you're really that ugly maybe you should consider plastic surgery. This one bothers me A LOT.

3. People who e-mail me asking if I want a good, hard fuking. The answer is NO, I do not reply to people who can't even spell simple words.

4. People who e-mail me with nothing in the message but "Hi". "Hi" back to all of you, e-mail me again with something more interesting and I might possibly reply. Unless you want to know if I "Need a good, hard fuking". Read point 2 above.

5. People who expect a same-day reply. I have a life, I don't spend my days on here waiting for stupid e-mails.

6. People who e-mail me five times in the space of an hour wanting to know why I haven't replied yet. The answer to that is simple: Either I'm doing something more productive than answering e-mails or your message was stupid.

Non-AdultFriendFinder things that suck:

1. Bon Jovi. No explanation needed.

2. People who listen to Bon Jovi.

3. People who get offended by Maddox. If his writing bothers you that much why do you continue to read his stuff? I'm sick of people e-mailing my Yahoo address wanting to know why I linked to his site. Stupid question. I linked to his site because I like his writing.

4. People who PM me on Yahoo wanting to know if I'm as fat as I look in the pictures on my website. This is now my standard reply to such people: "F*ck Off". If you think I'm fat, that's great. At least I'm not a moron like you.

A short list of things that do not suck:

1. Maddox (author of The Best Page in the Universe)
2. Disturbed
3. Zombie movies
4. Zack Snyder (director of Dawn of the Dead)
5. Yahoo (sarcasm there)
6. Cougar and Coke

seductiveinblack 32F
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7/30/2005 6:18 am

i hear you,
someone told me that he got an email from my boyfriend... well i no longer have one - thats what i told him. He then told me that some guy used the pic on my profile (the one before this current one) and said this ; my gf wants to cocks to fuck her, im one, want to be two?
... some people are sad..
then i thought is he gay??? so he can meet him up and .. do stuff cause lol i aint gonna be there!!!

rm_connor696 60M
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7/30/2005 8:43 am

Oh, there must be more things that suck:

Chest wounds (sucking or otherwise)
rudeness (I guess that subsumes a lot of your list)
traffic accidents
the Patriot Act (well, IMH
needlessly bad sex

You would think that anything that sucks so hard would eventually pop like a zit. But no . . .

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