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first GANG

Hi my name is Samantha and this story is about my first time
getting a gangbang. First let me tell u about me I'm
32 years old but look like I'm 25 I have brown hair and
dark blue eyes. I have double C 34 cup breast I'm 5'9.
Because of past boyfriends I decided I'm not a marrying
kind of girl. Since I was 19 i would hang out at clubs find
a very cute guy take him home or go home with him have a 1 night
stand then go on from that. but when i turn 30 i got promted
in work and because of that their has been less clubing for
me and more working. It has been a long time since I found
a cute guy to bring home and having to use a magic wand to pleasure
myself which is nothing like the real thing.

One night I was hard at work in my apartment on my laptop when
I couldn't handle it any more. The people that lived
above me had their music loud all night long and I was getting
tired of it. All I knew about the person that lived above
me was it was some dumb idiot kid that was 20 that lived off
his parents. For the past couple of days he has been playing
his music loud and i had enough of it. I was just wearing my
pair of black bra and underwear so I throw on my silk robe
and headed up stairs. As I banged on the dorr some guy answer
it asking me what I wanted " I want you to turn down the
damn music". The kid gave me a strange look then closed
the door. I started to bang on the dorr again and a new kid
answer it this time. " I want that damn music turn down
now" I screamed at this one before he even got a chance
to say a word. a sec later he then open the door and made a geature
for me to come in.

The apartment was poorly lighted. As I walked in I realized
that it was 5 guys that have been smoking and drinking all
this time. After a quick glance of all their faces I spotted
the one that owns the apartment and started my attack right
on him " Why in hell are you playing your music so damn
loud??" He just gave me a look then just ignored me
like I wasnt there. I went around the couch and screamed
what I just said again just louder.

With all my attention on the stupid ass hole I didnt realize
2 of his friends were right behind me without even realizing
it to it was to late both the boys grabbed me and held me tight
so their was no way to escape. As the 2 boys held me the other
boy i was just yelling out undid my robe and started to fill
me up. his greedy eyes never leaving my breast. He instructed
the boys to lay me down in the middle of the floor. I started
to scream " ass holes let me go" " you better
not do anything" but anything I siad they didn't
care as they grabed my hair and pushed me to the floor. One
of them grabs my robe n rips it off leaving me only wear my
bra and underwear.

I could feel the 5 guys hands going up and down my back grabbing
my ass and sliding their hands under me to grab my tights.
Finally one of the boys rip off my bra and underwear leaving
me totally expose to them. One of the boys reached down and
started to finger me i couldnt help but let a moan escape
my mouth. It has been a long time since someone beside me
touched me down there and it felt so good. I then realize
one of the boys was tieing up my hands as another went between
my legs n started to eat me out. so much pleasure I couldnt
help from moaning so loud before I knew what was happening
I was having a orgasm i tighten my legs around the boy head
and with all i could shoved my pussy as much into his face
as i could. after i had my orgasm the boys stop touching me
for a sec i saw them taking off their cloths i knew what was
coming next i started pleding with them again even thou
in the back of my mind i knew nothing i could say would stop
them. as they finished un dressing they flipped me on to
my back one postion himself between my legs he held his dick
and used the head to tease me. he then slowly slide his dick
into me i let out a loud moan as it made its way into me. his
other friend pull my head to the side and shoved his dick
into my face. first he rubbed it on my checks then pushing
it to my mouth forced it into my mouth. As one boy was fucking
me the other was face fucking as the other boys jacked off
n feeling my body all over sucking on my tights and using
my breast to help them jack off from time to time.

I could tell the boy that was fucking me was about to cum he
started to thrust against me harder n harder to he sparyed
his cum into me. as he left his position another boy took
his place not wasting anytime he shoved his dick deep into
my pussy. finally the boy that was mouth fucking me shoot
his load which was to much for me n some leaked out of my mouth
all over my checks. as soon as he left another boy took his
place also forcing his dick into my mouth. i felt my orgasm
about to come as i started to thrust with the guy that was
fucking me my orgasm fored him over the top making his shoot
his cum into me also as one of the boys that was last to take
his turn couldnt hold out any longer with him jacking off
n shoot his load all over my breast n stomach finally the
last boy shoot his load into my mouth. all the boys left me
laying on the ground all butt naked breathing hard. guessing
the boys had a lot to drink n with all the exciotment of having
a girl around the alcohol finally hit them as they fell asleep
on the couch leaving me on the ground.

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5/24/2006 1:44 pm

Thats HOTT!!! Come tell me to turn down my music!!!

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