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Our first threesome happened by accident, somewhat. My
wife and I have talked about the possibility, the fantasy
I have of watching her fuck another guy, and she enjoyed
hearing about it and it always got us both pretty hot. This
fantasy stayed just that until one Saturday night we were
out on the town. We met Chris, an old college friend, at a
nightclub. Chris is from a town about 60 miles away, he was
down with some of his friends for a sporting event and decided
to go get few drinks after the game. He came over to our table
and never left. We were having a great time all three of us,
he was obviously very attracted to Dianna, and she was to
him. I remember how many guys were after my then girlfriend,
he was one of them. The two of them danced and were making
very suggestive moves and joking about it all night and
I enjoyed watching her act so sexy and uninhibited.

It was getting late and we had few drinks, so I asked him if
he wanted to spend the night at our place and we'll take
him back home the next morning. Dianna agreed to it, and
he said it was fine with him. I saw the spark in her eyes as
she urged him to stay and I licked my lips in anticipation
to what I hoped would happen later on that night. My mind
was racing through lots of scenarios to set things up so
we can finally act up this fantasy. It turned out that Chris
had told Dianna sometime before we left the club how much
she used to turn him on and how he used to fantasize about
her. She had replied to him that she finds him very attractive
and it's still not too late! I found that out when we
got to our bedroom after we got him settled in the guest room.
She told me about their conversations, and when I asked
what she means, she just came out and said that she wants
to fuck him! I remember getting one of those instant hard-on
and I told her it was okay with me. I told her I want to watch
but she said for me to wait and see if he'll go for it.
She promised to tell me all about it either way. She freshened
up, put on a nice sexy teddy. She looked fantastic, her nipples
were pressing hard against the fabric and when she bent
over to kiss me, the back of the teddy lifted up showing a
matching sexy lace panties. She left the room and knocked
on his door and stepped in. The guest room is adjacent to
our bedroom so my ears were glued to the wall, I heard lots
of whispering and giggles and then I heard the all too familiar
sound of her moaning, they were kissing or something, my
mind was going wild imaging her in his arms, her body pressed
to his, and my own dick was about to put a hole in that wall.
I listened in more but all I could hear was more whispering,
body sounds. I was going crazy, so I waited a couple more
minutes then I decided to go in on them. I was hoping she had
told him. She didn't!

I stood in the hallway for few seconds before I got the guts
to turn the knob to his room and walk in. What I saw will always
stay in my mind as the most erotic sight ever. She was on all
four on the bed, ass high in the air, Chris was standing behind
her with his huge cock in hand ready to enter her. The both
looked my way and I saw some panic in their eyes, I immediately
assured him it's alright with me, and I just want to
join in. There was a look of disappointment in Dianna's
face that I came in as she was ready to receive another man's
cock, but she lost it as I came over and gave her a very passionate
kiss. Chris, still in disbelief and still very hard was
standing still cock in hand, I motioned for him to continue.
I guess he was too horny to let me stop him from fucking this
beauty in front of him. I stood up and removed my clothes,
he was rubbing the head of his cock along her slit. My cock
sprang out and she took in her mouth. I wanted to get a better
look at his marvelous cock enter my wife's pussy. Chris
then pushed the head of his cock in, pushed her ass cheeks
apart and I could see it slide slowly into her and I almost
came in her mouth just watching her take his big cock all
the way in, she was moaning very loudly and didn't seem
to concentrate much on my cock. I withdrew and decided to
let her enjoy her fuck, I moved back to the dresser and watched
in awe my sweet innocent wife get banged by Chris. Chris
was very skilled, he had a very large cock and he knew how
to use it. He was pushing all the way in, then pulling it all
the way out, then he would fuck her furiously for few moments
before he would repeat that again, rotating his hips and
slamming his cock deep inside her. She was coming in waves,
I never seen my wife so hot and so wild, she was screaming
loud for him to fuck her, which was very unusual for her.
I was starting to worry the next door neighbors would hear
us, she was that loud. My cock was just pulsating by itself,
never been harder in my life. I knew if I wrapped my hand around
it, I would come but I wanted to wait.

Chris fucked Dianna in that position a good 20 minutes,
she came what sounded like ten or more times, I stopped counting.
He was incredible. I leaned over the dresser and watched
him hold on to her hips, and slam his cock in her as deep as
he could. I watched her scream every time he did this, she
would look back at me and smile, the look of complete ecstasy
on her face. She was no longer on her arms, her head was in
the pillow, with her hands holding tight to the bed poles.
I wish I had a camera or video recorder to capture that moment,
she looked in total abandon! Chris looked back twice at
me, giving me that great thank you look. He commented on
what a great ass and great babe she was! I stepped closer
for a couple of minutes to watch his very moist cock drive
into my wife's extremely wet and stretched pussy.
It was a great sight, another one I would have loved to capture
on video. When he looked ready to come, he looked back at
me for instructions, I just smiled, he announced he was
coming and Dianna called loudly she wanted to feel his cum
inside her, she was urging him to come inside her and I was
ready to explode as I heard her talk that way. Chris tensed
up and began coming, the guy sounded like he hadn't
had sex in months, I swear he was coming for almost two minutes,
Dianna came with him again. He leaned over, kissed her back
and pinched her nipples, and then pulled his cock out and
gobs of cum poured out of her pussy. Her lips were pulled
to the side, she inner pussy looked blood red and there was
tons of gooey white stuff oozing out. I never saw her pussy
in such an attractive way, I had never went down on her after
I came insider her so I never knew exactly what it looked
like, but it was such an erotic sight. Her knees gave in and
she collapsed on the bed, legs still spread. Chris excused
himself to the bathroom, she turned over to me and said loudly
that was the best fuck she ever had, I felt a cringe of jealousy
but I wasn't going to let it ruin the marvelous experience
I just witnessed. She motioned to be to come closer, she
rolled on her back and we embraced in a long passionate kiss.
My cock was so hard and in between her legs rubbing along
her very wet slit. My cock found its way inside her pussy
and I can never describe the feeling of my cock rubbing along
her freshly fucked hole and feeling his cum coating my cock,
I fucked my wife before when she was very wet but it never
felt like that before, it was so slippery yet she was very
tight and throbbing still. I got this urge, can't describe
it also, but I pulled out and for the first time, I went down
on her after she had been fucked. Her lips looked very swollen,
her clit was very visible. His cum was all over her pubic
hair, inner thigh, ass crack, and it was still oozing out.
Her pussy never looked so appetizing, so I closed my mouth
around it and I started lapping at her like a dog, she tasted
great, the mixture of her juices and his cum was almost intoxicating.
This made her very horny, she explained later that having
me eat her out and eat out another man's cum was just
too hot, and she began to rock her hips again and started
another wave of orgasms. Chris came in and stood where I
was and watched the great scene taking place on the bed in
front of him. He then came over and started sucking on her
tits and marvelous nipples. I looked up and I could see him
taking her nipple between his teeth and pulling, she was
loving it. She reached down for his cock and started rubbing
it with her hand, and he became hard again. He was at least
2-3 inches bigger than I am and much thicker and I was always
told I am nicely endowed. he got up and pushed his cock toward
her face and without hesitation she took him in, I saw her
struggle to accommodate his girth and the sight of her lips
wrapped around his cock was just too much to take, I got up,
placed my cock back inside her and came in a matter of seconds,
I don't believe I ever came any harder. Chris and Dianna
were ready for a second round. I went out to get a drink and
when I came back in, they were locked into a 69 sideways on
the bed. I stood in the doorway watching and admiring them.
His legs were dangled on the side of the bed, his cock looked
even bigger as she was sucking him. I moved behind her to
watch him eat her pussy. His face was completely covered
with cum and her juices, especially his nose. She was still
oozing cum out. He had his hands on her ass and he pulled her
cheeks apart to give me a better show. Her pussy lips were
dangling over his mouth, his tongue was working on her clit,
occasionally driving it deep into her. His finger was massaging
her asshole and she was moaning like a mad woman. I got on
the bed next to them and started massaging her back and ass,
playing with her tits. She took his cock out, and started
to jerk him off, her fingers barely wrapped around his cock,
she had that look of admiration on her face....

Dianna then turned around, took his cock in her hand and
straddled him, this time he had no problem sliding in. I
watched in amazement as he buried his monster cock inside
her pussy to the balls. She leaned over and kissed him then
sat up and hands on his stomach started to fuck him. He was
rotating his hips and pushing slightly but she was fucking
him, moving up and down like she's riding a wild rodeo
bull! Her movements, her facial expressions, her bouncing
tits were just too much too take, my cock was hard again.
I moved behind her to watch and get a better close up look,
and just like you see in those porno movies, I saw my wife's
ass move up and down on Chris' shaft, her ass cheeks
slamming his balls, and the grinding of her pussy on his
pubic bone, with his cock deep inside her was just beautiful.
Her ass cheeks would tighten up with her down movements,
kind of squeezing his cock as hard as she could. She came
few more times, I know how much she likes to be on top and how
she likes to get off by rubbing her clit that way. She must
been doing some kind of job on Chris because he came few moments
later. I watched her sigh as he was emptying his second load
inside her, she looked oh so sexy...

Dianna then got up and went to the bathroom. Chris just laid
there on the bed, he jokingly asked if he can move in with
us. He went on saying how lucky I am and how hot Dianna is.
I told him he brought the best in her out. That's when
she walked back in. She looked sensational, she straightened
herself a bit more and was just stunning standing there
by me totally naked. We sat around and talked for few minutes,
just meaningless stuff. Dianna then stood up and asked
if we boys are ready again! She leaned over and whispered
in my ear that she wanted to try us to double fuck her. We had
fantasized about this before and actually played it out
a couple of times with the aid of her dildo. Chris was curious
what she wants, I told him, she seemed a bit embarrassed
after what all went on. He said it was a big fantasy of his
too, We were both hard, without any hesitation, Dianna
mounted Chris again and with few strokes, he was all the
way in. I moved in behind them, and I applied some lube to
her asshole and my cock. Chris held her ass cheeks apart
for me and I guided my cock to her asshole. I had to bend my
knees to do it, but it didn't seem to work out. I got on
the bed on top of them both, but that didn't seem to work
out either because my cock always pointed upward. I finally
got in a position where I could push and not lose my balance.
It took a while until I worked my cock into her asshole, the
fact that Chris' cock was in her pussy pushed against
the walls of her ass and made it doubly difficult but I did
it. She was moaning and groaning very loud again and we weren't
moving at all, just trying to get a better position. I could
feel Chris through the thin membrane separating her pussy
and ass, the pressure and sensation was just marvelous
for all of us. We couldn't establish much of a rhythm,
but we did make her come twice. I moved off when it was getting
too painful on my legs and Chris continued on fucking her,
they stayed in that position for few minutes, then he turned
her over and started to fuck her in the missionary position.
This was a great turn-on too, to see her long legs wrapped
around his back, see his huge cock thrust into her like a
drill was wonderful. He was fucking her so fast and hard,
I thought he's going to split her in two. She was screaming
again very loud, and if my neighbors didn't wake up
the first time, I was sure they're calling the police
now. She was again very vocal and urging him to fuck her harder
and faster. Then she came again, this time, it lasted a while,
she clinched her legs around him he could hardly move, it
was awesome to watch. She looked like she was about ready
to collapse, I looked at Chris and gave him the look that
she probably had enough for the night, it was already past
3:00 a.m. so he got up and sat next to us on the bed. We were
wrong. As the orgasm subsided and her senses came back to
her, she looked at us and smiled. She looked at Chris and
said: "Man, you're an animal!" then she
turned to me, took my very hard cock in her hand and asked
how I'm doing. I said just fine, but she got up and took
me in her mouth, she sucked me very passionately. Chris
just played with her nipples and we both fingered her pussy.
She was soaking wet, and she started moaning again, the
moaning sounds she made felt wonderful around my cock,
something about her humming lips, mmmmm...

Chris then went down on her, this time working very gently,
licking her clit and taking her pussy lips into his mouth.
My cock was still in her mouth. Chris never lost his hard-on,
and he was ready to fuck her again. He stood up and kind of
pulled her up on her knees. She refused to let go of my cock.
So she got on top of me in a 69 position, Chris was standing
behind her as my head was toward then end of the bed now, her
on top ass in the air, and my cock still getting a great job
from her luscious lips. What happened next was incredibly
erotic. Inches away from my face, I saw Chris position his
cock to enter her. He rubbed his cock few times along her
slit, his head came so close to my face, I don't think
I had ever been so close to another man's cock. I'm
very straight, but that sight was so incredibly hot. I don't
think the porno movies directors get a better close-up
shot than the one I got that night. I watched very intently
as Chris pushed his cock into my wife's pussy, her pussy
lips were very red and very swollen, I saw them pulled apart
by his cock, and the shaft slowly disappear into her. His
cock looked really huge, her clit was way out of its hood,
the lips just stretched around him and to see it move in and
out, so closely, smelling her and him, and hearing her pussy
noises was just out of this world. I licked her clit and I
would occasionally catch his shaft or balls, never felt
awkward or bad about it. And the best part was when he came,
I saw his cock contract , his balls pull up, and I saw her pussy
clinch trying to milk every last drop. It was simply marvelous.
He withdrew, and was careful not to drop any of his cum over
my face, but I wouldn't have minded, I hope I'm
not grossing you out, but you had to be there to appreciate
the situation. Dianna then concentrated on my cock again
as she grounded her pussy into my face and I ate her out very
happily. I came moments later when Chris came over again,
and stuck his finger into her ass. She swallowed me dry.

I was totally exhausted by now. Chris was still fingering
her asshole and pussy from behind. I slid out and laid next
to her and fell asleep. Not totally asleep but in that stage
when you are somewhat aware of what's going on but too
tired to actually open your eyes. Well, Chris had anal sex
with Dianna, I still don't understand how she was able
to take him, but she said it was very enjoyable. I woke up
a couple more times to them still going on, she said she hardly
remember what went on after he fucked her ass, anyway, we
all kind of collapsed on the bed in the guest room. I think
it was starting to get light again when I finally went to
sleep. Dianna slept naked in between us!

I woke up the next morning, to noises coming from our bedroom.
It was a bit after 10:00 a.m., I felt like I was on a space voyage,
I was trying to recall what happened last night when I heard
the lovely sound of my wife achieving another orgasm. I
went out and here they were in our water bed going at it again.
The both said hello and invited me to join in, I was too sore
from the night before but she looked so good again. She was
on her stomach, legs bent at the knees and up in the air and
he was on top fucking her. She buried her face back in the
pillow and returned to enjoy the nice fuck Chris was giving
her. The both looked clean and presentable. I found out
that she had woke him up before 8:00 playing with his cock
and they took a shower together, did it in the shower once
before I came in on them in our bedroom. Chris was fucking
her so hard I couldn't believe he still had this energy
and she still able to take on him. I got on the bed next to them
and started playing with her hair, Chris shot another load
inside her, again with her screaming and being very vocal.
We talked for a bit, then I needed to get a shower, I looked
like I was in a war zone. Dianna joined me and was telling
me all the details I missed. I felt her pussy, she was so wet,
but she was also so swollen, she really had hard time moving
the rest of the day, no kidding. I wanted to fuck her there
in the shower, so she leaned over the wall, spread her legs
a bit to let me in. She was very wet and slippery from Chris'
cum, I slid right in. I held her hips and banged away for few
minutes added an extra load of cum to her very saturated
pussy. We cleaned up and went downstairs, she had a robe
on, Chris was already dressed up. She made us some breakfast,
then we left and I took Chris back home. Chris was very talkative
in the car, telling me all about what he liked and enjoyed,
I was feeling a bit awkward as he described very intimate
details about the night. He wanted to do it again soon. The
ride home was pretty fun as I played back in my head what happened
the night before and what I had learned happened when they
were together, when I got home, Dianna was waiting for me
with a big smile on her face. She told me how much fun she had
and she hopes I had fun too. I told her what Chris had told
me about getting together again, and she was pretty thrilled.
We fucked again and again that day, as we talked more and
more, telling each other what we liked about the night before.
I think we had daily sex from that night for about two or three
months, we were both all too hot. Chris got down once but
we never got to take him home with us because of an unseen
emergency. He later got engaged and wanted to hush the whole
thing up, we also moved but we still think about him and he
does us.

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12/20/2005 8:18 pm

Very good story,Ive been wishing my Girlfriend would do this, Hope this was all true.Hey invite me to your network maybe we could talk some more about this subject, i would like some pointer/ advice

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