~ Contemplating~  

ming767 47F
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1/14/2006 7:01 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

~ Contemplating~

A tiny tattoo of some sort just above my pubic

bone(left side)But quite ambivalent,because i

tend to faint easily when in pain...lol


rm_bessamemucho 47M
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1/14/2006 8:49 pm

Although tattoos are cool looking but you will only be distorting a perfect image of you. Don't get me wrong, I find tattoos very sexy and then again you might not be distorting your perfectly shaped body but only adding a special accent to it. The question lies, what kind of art are you leaning towards.

fantasylover_05 62M

1/15/2006 10:39 am

Oh Dear Sweet Beautiful Ming.. I will hold you hand and talk softly in your ear and keep your attention so you hardly even notice the pain... and then we can go by ourselves and I will gently and lovingly kiss your soreness away and give you other wonderful things to contemplate!

ming767 47F

1/15/2006 10:46 am


I think i am leaning towards some kind of sign!(maybe japanese) or a tiny critter! lol

ming767 47F

1/15/2006 10:47 am

Sounds lovely ! or how about a tiny flame?

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