~A conversation that left me smiling~  

MartsPudicInked 47F
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8/24/2006 5:50 pm

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9/4/2006 12:20 pm

~A conversation that left me smiling~

Today i had the most sincere and darling conversation with a man in his late eighties.We spoke about everything from history to current world events ,we even dabbled into the more intimate subjects as relationships and intimacy.

He spoke about his first love,the butterflies he felt seeing and touching her.

I told him about my butterflies-past and present one,then he smiled and said-certain things never
change Those butterflies makes you feel alive,it makes your realize that life is precious and beutiful.

We spoke about touch,and how the lack of it can truly break a person very quickly...I could have spent hours upon hours talking to this gentleman.

So full of life...


sona si latine loqueris

rm_anacortes 74M
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8/24/2006 7:46 pm

Expectations..,.I guess the world does not expect much from our dear Senior seniors.. eh?

MoonRise9 58M

8/24/2006 8:21 pm

I'm often struck by how much more easily I can open up to learning from the very young and the very old.

timo-timo 68M

8/25/2006 3:48 pm

makes me smile too... a soft and gentle smile


rm_Dutch1733 65M
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8/25/2006 4:01 pm

I think the point being made and I could be wrong. It's the gentle way the butterfly operates fragile, delicate and free. When one gets butterflies it is the same feeling, fragile, delicate and the freedom of longing. You would be lucky to get butterflies once in your life.

Fritz104 57M
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8/28/2006 4:40 pm

Are you SURE he wasn't just an old fart trying to sneak a peek down

your blouse???


timo-timo 68M

9/4/2006 9:30 am

I just thought it so interesting that the day after you posted this, I entertained a wonderful 95 year old woman on my webcam...

whatever is the spirit of love saying with this do ya think?

It feels like it has to do with being open to what comes to us, you and I.

How humbled I am to have known you, M...seriously...so rare you are.


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