~My fingers ~  

MartsPudicInked 46F
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2/26/2006 4:50 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

~My fingers ~

Hmmm..the power in them makes me woozy at times.

What they can achieve on a lover,bring out,milk out,nurture and comfort.

How i adore to tease *her* with them,ever so gently tracing the outline of my lips.

Then stopping,allowing arousing thoughts to enter my mind.

And sometimes thats how it ends,just on the verge
no actual release...


sona si latine loqueris

rm_1SweetBitch 55F
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2/26/2006 6:35 pm

Very seductive

No Day Is So Bad It Can't Be Fixed With Great Sex!

1 SweetBitch

MartsPudicInked 46F

2/26/2006 7:15 pm

Thank you Sweet

sona si latine loqueris

fantasylover_05 62M

2/27/2006 5:15 am

Oh how I would love for MY fingers to make you "woozy"

To tease you... tantalize you... comfort you... excite you... to caress you... to explore you... to bring you to the brink and ultimately over the edge to the most intense release!!!

Curioushornygu2 51M
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3/2/2006 4:40 am

Mmmm. That sounds amazing, Ming!

I'd love to watch, very closely, and then try to replicate that on you with my fingers ... and lips, and tongue!


niceguyhere1973 43M

3/2/2006 1:23 pm

Tracing, touching, entwining with a lovers...exploring, exciting, relaxing...

...all what fingers are to do...

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