3 - part three, finale  

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3 - part three, finale

Part three, by Eldro Rolod

I heard voices. Not voices really, but sounds that my mind recognized as quiet voices, whispers. As the fog of my slumber slowly lifted, I realized this was not part of any dream I was having, but was real. Eventually my mind cleared and I lay there in the sofa-bed, aware of the fact that Jenn was not next to me, even without opening my eyes or moving my body. Her presence wasn’t felt and that was all I needed to know. A whispered conversation was taking place in the kitchen between Jenn and Amy. Try as I might, I could not tune in to the voices and make out what was being said. I picked up a word here and there. ‘Love’ came from Amy’s whisper, and ‘long time’ came from Jenn’s. Amy said, “Its been too long.” But I couldn’t make out Jenn’s reply.

Finally I decided to make my presence known by stretching and yawning. I then wrapped the sheet around my body and rolled over to sit on the edge of the mattress.

“Well, good morning, sunshine.” Jenn said cheerfully.

“Did we wake you up?” Amy asked with a concerned look on her face. Remarkably, she looked the same as she did the previous evening; like she just woke up. Of course, this time, it was appropriate.

“Oh, no.” I answered. “It was time for we to get up. You guys weren’t bothering me. But, I’ll be bothered if I don’t get some coffee into my system really fast.” I finished with an exaggerated yawn.

“Do you like it hard, or sweet and creamy?” Amy asked. Perhaps she had not intended her question to have a sexual overtone, but with my recently awakened libido, I certainly took it that way. I laughed quietly. Jenn squealed and looked at Amy. Amy stood there with a dumb-founded look on her face. Then, as if someone pinched her, Amy started to laugh as well, like she had just understood her own joke.

“Mmmm, I like warm, sweet, and creamy, thank you.” I joked. Before long a steamy cup of coffee was in my hand, I was propped up against the back cushions of the sofa-bed with my knees to my chest, and the three of us were sitting, chatting, sipping coffee, and planning our first day together.

With a forecast of hot and breezy, it wasn’t difficult to agree on a visit to the beach as our first outing. After breakfast, showers, and some quick bikini line touch-ups, which we each completed alone to my disappointment, we were all dressed in short skirts and loose shirts, with our bathing suits underneath. Of course this process took more than three hours.

We rode in Amy’s small Honda as she drove us around the beachfront, showing us her favorite places to shop, eat, dance, and generally have a good time. About an hour later, she decided on which stretch of beach we would visit and after parking, we were trotting across the already hot sand, towels and small necessity bags in hand, like a bunch of teenagers.

We settled on a small space, laid out our towels, and started applying our sunscreen. We needed each other’s help to cover our backs and shoulders, which was enjoyable. Jenn spread the cream over my skin and I spread it over Amy’s all at the same time. Then Amy assisted Jenn. It wasn’t sexual or arousing, but it was very exploratory for me. Feeling the softness of Amy’s flesh, the smoothness of her skin, and the tensing and relaxing of her muscles under my hand was very enjoyable.

I caught Jenn’s eyes upon me when I spread the sunscreen across my chest and cleavage. This was obviously arousing her because she kept rubbing her hand over the same section of her abdomen, over and over, not realizing others may be paying attention. When I looked directly at Jenn’s hand, she seemed to snap out of it and started rubbing her legs, working the cream into her skin. But, when I looked at Amy, she was watching me as well. She had a look of curiosity and lust in her eyes. It startled me at first, but when she noticed that I knew she was checking me out, she just looked me in the eyes and smiled. She seemed not to be embarrassed about being so obvious in her inspection.

After laying down and soaking in the sunrays for about 20 minutes, Jenn perked up and said, “Ok, Its time to get wet. Who’s coming with me?” Again, I don’t think she intended it to sound the way it sounded.

Amy and I both leapt up from out towels ready to run for the water over the scorching sand. We were all hot and beads of sweat covered our bodies, glistening over the sunscreen. The visual effect of sunlight on a glistening female body struck me hard deep inside my mind. My first mental image was of Jenn’s body, glistening in candle light, beads of sweat covering her flesh, the heat caused by our passion, not the heat of the sun.

As I physically shook the images out of my head, we all took one more look at each other, then raced to the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Jenn won, but I think I was the only one keeping track. The temperature may have been 95 in the sun, but the water was cold and sent chills and goose bumps across our bodies. At least two of us squealed from the cold blast. I know I was one, but I’m not sure which of the others did so as well.

We splashed, played, swam, and laughed for at least half an hour. With the weight of the water against me, I began to fatigue. I don’t do much exercising, so it was wearing me out. It appeared that it was having the same effect on Amy and Jenn as well. Soon we were all just standing, chest deep in the waves, panting and bobbing with the water.

“So, what were you guys chatting about in the kitchen this morning?” I asked.

Jenn and Amy both started laughing at me. I blushed a bit, but stood my ground.

“Well, it seemed pretty serious, so I was just wondering if everything was ok.” I added. Jenn moved closer to me with Amy in tow, holding onto Amy’s elbow under the water. When she reached me, a small wave pushed her into me, our breasts pressing together, then moving away again.

“We were talking about you, my dear.” Jenn answered in a raspy voice. She grinned a sort of evil grin, then released Amy’s arm from her grasp. Amy immediately moved behind me and allowed the ebb and flow of the water to brush her breasts against my back. This continued for a few moments, obviously intentionally. Instantly I was aroused by the feeling of her hardened nipples against the bare flesh of my back.

“Yes. We were talking about You.” Amy whispered in my ear. Her lips slightly touched the back of my ear when the word ‘You’ was uttered.

“Why? What have I done now?” I giggled, wondering if either of them could tell my body was responding to their words and actions. My pussy warmed itself, even in the cold Ocean waves.

“You’re just figuring out who you are, that’s all. And we both think its way cool.” Jenn moved closer still as she spoke. She was now firmly pressed against me and her left arm snaked around my waist, pressing against the small of my back, bringing my his to hers. She kissed me. Right in front of Amy and God and everyone on the beach, she kissed me. Passionately her soft lips raked against my own, her tongue darted into my mouth, and she kissed me.

I felt Amy reach around me from behind, pressing her own body against my back firmly. Her arms stretched to Jenn’s back, where she embraced us both as we kissed. She nuzzled her face into the nape of my neck and just caressed us both. This entire incident probably only took up a one minute span of time, but it felt like we were linked together much longer. It lingered in my mind and body, even until later in the day.

We left the water moments later to some strange glances and maybe a few whistles we chose to ignore. We toweled off our first shivering, then sweating again, bodies and headed back to the car.

We drove around, we ate, we shopped, we remarked on the really nice legs or cleavage we observed, and then we were just spent. Heading back to the apartment, Amy stopped by a local restaurant and picked up Chinese food to go.

Once back in the apartment, all semblance of modesty was out the window. In order to conserve water, right, sure, we all jumped in the shower together. We mostly lathered ourselves up, washing away the sun, sand, sweat, and now greasy feeling sunscreen. We did help each other with our backs and Amy wasn’t shy about lathering up my breasts, even though I had already washed them. They can never be too clean, you know. She was smiling as she rubbed her hands over my breasts and my stiffening nipples, but she didn’t seem to be trying to turn me on. It felt more like she was admiring them, as if touching a painting she shouldn’t touch.

We exited the shower, toweled off, and simply wrapped the towels around us. We were in a hurry because we were afraid the food would get too cold if we waited much longer. We had folded up the sofa-bed earlier in the day, so Amy suggested we all just jump into her bed to eat. Jenn placed the containers around the center of the bed, I carried the plates, and Amy took care of the wine and entertainment. Amy had a large television, a large stereo system, several different types of lighting, and very sensual art in her relatively small bedroom.

The wine was sweet, the lighting was soft, and the music was 70’s soul. Not really my type of music, but it seemed to fit the mood. We talked as we ate. I was told about Amy’s various relationships with married men, which seemed to be something she liked so she didn’t have to worry about commitment, as well as the secret that Amy was the woman who lead Jenn down the road to bisexuality. It happened one night several years ago apparently as a ‘caught in the moment’ type of thing. I suspected Amy was more in control of the situation than that. I could clearly see a design to her movements, her thoughts, her careful choice of words. Amy was a woman who was used to making things, “Just happen.”

The second bottle of wine soon followed after we put the dishes in the sink and the containers in the trash. We all brushed our teeth, took turns using the bathroom, then returned to Amy’s soft, warm bed. The talked didn’t turn sexual regarding the three of us. The subject of sex was touched upon, but not in that way, just superficially. The second bottle of wine was soon empty.

As Jenn and I both stretched to place our empty glasses on Amy’s night-stand, Jenn’s towel fell open around her torso. With her breasts just inches from my face, I went instantly flush, the blood racing to my face, my chest, and my pussy. Amy was paying attention. Suddenly, Amy fell onto her stomach, ankles raised in the air playfully, propped up onto her elbows between Jenn and I.

“Lovely, aren’t they? Breasts? I love them. Jenn has very lovely breasts.” Amy was admiring again. “YOU, my sweet, also have very lovely breasts. Nicely rounded and not too firm. Did you know your nipples are what I would describe as perfect?”

I could not reply to her questions. I was in amazement at her instant switch from a casual, relaxed, open minded friend into an energetic, sexual artist.

“Here, I’ll show you.” Amy said as she squirmed closer and cleanly snatched open the towel around my tits. “See?” She instructed. “When I did that they just bounced very nicely and fell into perfect mounds of pliable flesh. Perfect for your lover’s enjoyment.”

Without asking, she raised her left hand and caressed my breast again. Her hand inspected every inch of it, paying special attention to my nipple, tracing circles around my aereola with her middle fingernail. My nipple reacted by tightening up almost painfully until it was as hard as I have ever felt it.

“See? A perfect response to stimulation.” She whispered this time, her voice soft, sultry, and hungry. “Now, give your perfection to your lover. Let her become lost in your presence. You are the provider of her pleasure as much as she is a slave to your perfection.”

Oh my God it sounded corny when I thought about it the next morning, but at that very moment I could do nothing except follow her direction. Maybe it was her voice, or the fact I was a bit buzzed, or the fact that she was just telling me to let Jenn take me, but in her own weird way, I’m not sure. Whatever the chemical mixture, I allowed myself to fall back onto the bed and pulled Jenn’s face to my breast. She instantly sucked my nipple between her lips and began rolling it around with her tongue. Shocks of pleasure vibrated through my body, raising my temperature and causing a film of lust to begin forming along my face and neck.

As I moaned and shifted my hips, Jenn positioned herself above me, released my nipple, and brought her face to mine, kissing me deeply. Her breasts danced along my chest, swaying each time she rolled her head from one side to another. She began emitting her own moans of pleasure as well. I brought her lips to my neck using both hands and while she nibbled and sucked I glanced toward Amy. Amy was now kneeling behind Jenn, one hand gliding along her back, the other not visible from my angle. I imagined Amy caressing Jenn’s pussy and my fluids began to flow along my own inner walls.

Gracefully Amy moved around us, watching us, touching us softly. The feeling of another set of hands upon my skin was amazing. It felt unreal, like it shouldn’t be happening, but it was. Amy placed herself near my head, her knees just a few inches away. As Jenn moved to the other side of my neck with her mouth, I turned to present myself to her. I was now looking along the top of Amy’s thigh, her hips moving back and forth in a rhythmic dance motion, slowly, while her right hand was pressed to her pussy. Jenn’s hand were moving all over me, feeling every inch they could reach, but not finding my pussy. Perhaps she was taking her time and letting me get used to the idea of someone being there with us, but my urges wouldn’t wait for her to find my opening.

Using my right hand I grabbed Jenn’s left and pushed it toward my crotch. She immediately complied with my request and began rubbing feverishly at my clit and now slippery lips. My moans became louder and irregular, taking on a life of their own, but my eyes remained on Amy. Without really contemplating the action, I placed my hand on Amy’s hip, caressing softly, moving down to her ass, then back to her hip. After a moment of her not responding, I slid my hand in the other direction, rubbing the back of my hand against her soft, curly pubic patch. She pulled away for a moment, causing me to think I was wrong for touching her there, but quickly she was back, her legs farther apart, her pussy exposed to me. She lowered my hand so that my fingers were straight and my palm was facing the ceiling, then slowly slid forward, placing her extremely wet pussy into my open hand.

Amy’s juices were so abundant that they were dripping down my wrist and along my forearm. I had never thought a woman could be so wet before her orgasm, so I moaned involuntarily and gasped slightly as her wetness tickled my wrist as it trickled down. Jenn raised her head and smiled. She had probably had the same reaction the first time she was with Amy.

Jenn moved down my torso, sucking and massaging my breasts, then began licking across my stomach, which tickled very badly, but I fought the urge to laugh. Instead, I used my free hand and urged her head even lower. She needed no more direction.

As Jenn moved lower, Amy lowered her upper body closer to mine. Leaning over my head, her breasts brushing my face, she ran her tongue around both of my breasts, not neglecting a single inch of either one. Her mouth was warm and moist and very talented. I was becoming the clay of an experienced sculptor, a master of her art: seduction.

Amy didn’t seem to notice that my body jolted when Jenn’s mouth found my clit. She never lost her rhythm and never skipped a beat. Her hand was now exploring my stomach, my hips, my parted thighs, while her tongue continued its inspection of my breasts. As Amy’s hips moved, my fingers entered her soaked opening. It was almost as if I didn’t push them inside her, but they were pulled in by her movements. Two fingers entered, then because of the wetness, another slid inside, I wondered if my pinky would also slide in, but I didn’t know what Amy liked. She gyrated against my simple ministrations and then suddenly burst open like a flood gate, sending hot liquid into the palm of my hand, down my wrist, and splashing onto the covers. There was so much that it pooled and a few droplets landed on the side of my face.

I squealed loudly, and came myself. Jenn never stopped, but she did use her tongue to slide inside me as she did the night before, urging as much of my cum into her mouth as possible, before returning to my clit with her tongue, making slow circular motions. Two of her own fingers entered me and curled upward, pressing firmly against the spot she had so expertly found previously. Again I came hard, bucking my hips upward, almost smashing myself into Jenn’s face. Jenn was not deterred in the least by the violence of my motions. She firmly grabbed my ass with her free hand and pulled me even tighter against her mouth, forcing me to stay against her tongue, forcing me to take the intense pleasure she was providing, forcing another orgasm from my body. It came rapidly and she relaxed her grip, allowed my body to rest against the mattress, and lovingly licked and kissed and sucked every millimeter of my pussy, easing me down from my experience, drinking every drop of me.

I tried to pull Amy closer to me, trying to get between her legs with my head. I was long past the nervousness and anxiety, I wanted to taste another woman. I wanted it now. Amy would not allow it. Her body remained rigid where it was, my fingers still inside her, flickering against each other and against her walls. Small gushes of her cum would be released every few moments and she would arch her back, raising her head toward the ceiling, groaning like an animal. Then, as they both felt my body relax, semi-exhausted, they slowly moved away from me. Amy’s cum covered my right arm, Jenn’s face glistened with my juices, and I no longer had control over my legs.

Both of them caressed me softly, Jenn starting at my ankles and Amy starting at my neck. When they met in the middle, they kissed softly. Amy’s tongue traced Jenn’s lips, licking my cum from her face. Seeing it caused me to push my hips upward again, begging without thought to be touched again.

“Mmm…” Amy moaned as she turned her face toward me. “Also lovely. Perfection.”

Jenn giggled, but looked at me with a sort of, “Are you ok with this?” glance. I smiled at her and pushed my hand toward her. She came down to me and kissed me. I then reached up and touched Amy’s hand, which she accepted by interlacing her fingers with mine. Jenn slowly sank lower until she was on her side next to me. She then slowly rolled onto her back, inviting me to take control.

Amy didn’t release my hand. She simply moved around our legs and laid down on Jenn’s other side, firmly gripping my fingers. I followed my instincts and kissed and sucked my way toward Jenn’s pelvis. Before I reached her clit, I could feel the heat of her arousal against my skin. When it became obvious that I would need my hand back, Amy finally released it. Now free, her fingers massaged and caressed Jenn’s left breast, pinching her nipple between her fingertips, completely differently than she had touched me. She lowered herself to Jenn and they again kissed softly, not deeply as Jenn and I kissed, but brushing, soft half-kisses. It was beautiful. Jenn used her right hand to touch the side of my face and her left hand to trace down toward Amy’s thighs.

As I approached the point of no return, I lost track of what Jenn and Amy were doing and got tunnel vision staring at Jenn’s swollen, moist treasure. I could smell her. Her scent was soft and inviting. I touched her lips with my fingers, running them along their length, feeling her wetness under my fingertips. Then, without warning, my mouth went to her clit, almost as if pushed there by someone else. I didn’t think I was ready, but something inside me was. Jenn’s actions when she was between my legs was so burned into my mind that I began mimicking her without thought. My tongue pressed gently against her clit and I made soft circles with it. I used one hand to part her lips, two fingers on each side, then slid the index finger of my other hand into her opening. I curled my finger upward, just as Jenn had done to me, but she did not ram into my face as I expected. She did, however, pull her head up to look down at me as I pulled my face back in anticipation of her pelvic thrust, which didn’t come.

Jenn giggled. “Its ok. You are doing exactly what I want.”

I returned my mouth to her hard clit and started again. She began moaning and rotating her hips ever so slightly. As I pressed upward inside her again with my finger, she groaned and arched her back, causing her clit to slip below my tongue, I quickly recovered, but then her hips were going in the other direction, causing me to lose control of her clit yet again. Over and over she rotated her hips until I found her rhythm and could keep my mouth in position to roll her clit with my tongue. I felt very proud of myself, as did Amy apparently, because she brought her face down toward me.

“Yes, that’s it. Lovely.” She was smiling as her hands came to Jenn’s hips, one hand on each side. “Learn her rhythm. Every woman is different, you see. We all move to our own rhythm.” She moved even closer, then softly kissed me on the forehead, and brushed my hair out of my eyes with her hand. “I think you have it.” She whispered as Jenn’s moans became louder and more frequent.

I pressed up again with my finger, but again there seemed to be no reaction. Jenn could sense my pause and again raised her head and opened her eyes.

“You are almost there, baby. Just a little deeper.” She said in short breaths. I slid my finger into her another inch and felt hot liquid run down one side of her walls. “Mmmmm… Yes… that’s it! Up! Push Up!” She seemed to have lost the ability to keep her eyes open and her head up. She slammed her head into the mattress and arched her back hard, causing my finger pressure to increase greatly. “Yes! Move your finger around… yes, like that… oh God yes. Side to side a little. Yes! Oh fuck yes! That’s it. That’s it. That’s it.” She screamed as she bucked wildly on the bed, nearly causing me to fall off the side. She grabbed a handful of my hair and pressed my mouth down hard on her clit as her orgasm flushed through her body, presenting me with her hot cum which ran down my finger into my palm in a slow, light, warm stream. I lapped at my palm with my tongue, drinking her in.

Amy seemed almost as pleased with Jenn’s orgasm and began moaning herself. I raised my head quickly to gasp for breath after realizing I had been holding it during Jenn’s orgasm. I saw Amy fucking herself with her fingers while watching Jenn’s face contort with the uncontrollable pleasure she was feeling.

I started smiling and softly laughing as I watched Jenn come down from where ever she had gone in her mind. I caressed her pussy with my hand and regained my composure after catching my breath.

Amy casually slid off the other side of the bed, spread her legs, and knelt over Jenn’s head, straddling her. Amy’s pussy lowered to Jenn’s mouth. Jenn responded by jutting out her tongue quickly, inserting it in Amy. Amy’s hips moved rapidly, her clit brushing against Jenn’s chin in quick movements. She came almost instantly, splashing Jenn’s face, neck and tits with her watery orgasm. Seizing the moment, I began licking at Jenn’s pelvis and continued forward over her abdomen, ribs, sternum, breasts, until I reached the center of her neck where Amy’s juices had pooled. I slurped a mouthful of it in and savored the flavor of her cum. She was more tangy than Jenn, sharper on my tongue. Different. Lovely.

Amy ran her fingers through my hair and brushed the side of my face as I looked into her eyes, a drop of her cum preparing to fall from my chin. She smiled at me sweetly and raised herself up, releasing Jenn. She fell softly to the bed next to us as I lay over Jenn’s incredibly warm flesh, my hips between her thighs, our breasts smashed between us under my weight. I could feel Jenn’s heartbeat pounding through her chest and into my own. Her breaths still quick but easing. Jenn wrapped her arms around me slowly, as if it was difficult to raise them. She caressed my back and stroked my hair as I lay there, nuzzled against her neck, looking into Amy’s eyes. Her eyes danced.

“Lovely.” She said.

The End.

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