3 - part one  

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3 - part one

by Eldro Rolod

Ok, so I’m not really sure how to start. I’ve never really tried to write down my thoughts or experiences. But, Jenn, my best friend since High School, told me that I was a good writer and that I should write something about our travels this summer. So, here goes.

Jenn and I have always talked about making plans for a summer away from it all. Unfortunately, between her work schedule as a nurse, and my schedule as a single mother, it just never actually happened. This past summer, we decided to make all of that change. She actually used her vacation time, as did I, and my mother agreed to watch over my daughter for the three weeks we planned to be gone. Neither of us are fond of flying, so we decided on a road trip to Virginia Beach. Jenn had an old friend from College who lived there named Amy who graciously agreed to put us up while we were there. Amy said her apartment was small, but we could all make due if we worked together.

Jenn and I have been close for some time, so we had no difficulty chatting away during the ten hour drive. I hate driving in traffic, so Jenn took the wheel and we were off. The trunk was packed, as well as the back seat, with all of the “bare necessities” two women would bring on such a long trip, including entertainment. The smaller, over-night bag Jenn brought was sitting in the back seat behind her and I’m sure she didn’t know that I had spied the top of one of her dildos peeking out from under a pair of her folded panties when I grabbed it and took it to the car for her. Jenn and I don’t have many secrets, but I really didn’t expect her to bring a sex-toy along for the trip. She has a notorious sexual appetite that I have been jealous of since we met. If I met a guy and brought him home, she would have brought two. I never seemed to be able to keep up with her.

We talk about sex often, so it wasn’t long before Jenn was relaying her last sexual dalliance to me. She had caught some guy at work checking out her bottom as she walked by and very boldly stopped, looked him in the eyes, and asked, “Were you just looking at my ass?”

Apparently shocked, and incredibly bold, he replied, “Oh you betcha… and I must say it’s a very lovely one at that.” Never one to pass on an opportunity, she claims to have gone home with him that night and let him have his way with her.

“He wasn’t great, but it was a lot of fun.” Jenn told me as she rolled her window down to have a cigarette. I felt emboldened as well.

“So you can’t go three weeks without getting off? I noticed you brought one of your dildos.” I blurted out. Of course I blushed like mad after saying it though.

“Ohh…” She giggled. “You saw that, huh?” Jenn too blushed.

“You can’t think I’m a prude about it. I have a couple of them myself. I just didn’t think I would bring them on vacation with me.” I said.

“Well, honey, I never know when the urge is going to hit me and I really can’t rely on being able to find a willing partner when it does.” She grinned.

“Partner?” I asked.

“Uh, yeah… duh.” She laughed. “You know, someone to deal with my urges?”

“Oh, stop it! I know what a partner is. I’m just surprised you didn’t say MAN, since you seem to be able to find enough of them who are willing.” I shot back.

“What makes you think it has to be a man?” Jenn replied, rather straight-faced.

I couldn’t really say anything. I just sort of looked at the side of her face as she watched the road. I could tell she knew I was looking at her, but she seemed leery about looking back at me. Finally, I was able to muster the sound, “Oh.”

“Well, you know how open minded I am about things. I never count anything as completely out of the question.” Then she laughed and I laughed with her.

I had never spoken to Jenn about my own fantasies of being with another woman. In fact, I had never spoken to anyone about it. It was something I kept locked away in my mind, determined never to let it out. It was too taboo, unacceptable, wrong. It was also something I had envisioned so many times I was almost sure it was happening when I masturbated nearly each night. Intrigued, I had to dig deeper into the subject.

“So, you’ve done it?” I pried.

“Honey, I’ve done lots of things. A lot of which I’m sure you don’t know about.” She finally turned to look at me briefly before returning her eyes to the road. “But, yes I have. And you know what? I really like it. Women are soft and squishy and loving and gentle and …..” She trailed off for a moment before continuing. “…and they really know how to please you. They understand a woman’s body, what we need. At least the ones who are really, really into women do.”

“Oh my God. I can’t believe you’ve never told me this before.” I giggled.

“You never asked before. So, I’m assuming you haven’t tried it. You should someday. You are a beautiful woman and I’m sure there are many out there who would be happy to help you.” Jenn looked me dead in the eyes for about two full seconds. Just long enough for me to feel her mind racing.

“Oh, I’ve thought about it. A LOT. But I guess I’ve never been in the right place at the right time, or met that person, or whatever other excuse I can think of. I think I’m just afraid to admit it to myself…. Or anyone else for that matter” I said.

“Well, I’ve seen you naked many times when we shower after swimming at the club and I’ll admit, the thought of you and I being together has crossed my mind many times. I just never thought you would be into that, so I never went there.” She said plainly.

My pussy tingled as the realization of what came out of her mouth sank into my head. Secretly, I’ve fantasized about Jenn. I have wanted to reach out and touch her in that very shower situation… watching the soft soap bubbles drift down her lovely curves, down the narrow groove of her spine, sliding over the cheeks of her ass. Jenn has such a wonderful ass. Not one of those narrow, skinny, model asses, but a firm, round, slightly plump ass. I often wondered what it felt like to hold them. I felt the trickle of my juices deep inside me as I recalled the experiences. Blood was rushing between my legs, readying me, begging me.

“I uh… I guess I don’t…. really know… I mean,… I think…” I couldn’t get the words together in my head. “Ok, I guess I’m not sure what to say. I know I’m probably blushing like a tomato right now.” I tried to laugh, but Jenn continued to look very serious. “Yes. I’ve thought about it. AND, I’ve thought about it with You. You always have your back to me when we shower and I watch you. It … well…. It arouses me. I’ll say that.” THERE, I got it out. I took the first step to coming to terms with myself. I was so proud and felt so foolish all at once. Jenn only laughed, which made my embarrassment even worse.

“Honey, the only reason we haven’t been together is because you never asked. Or, at least, never let me know you were interested. Otherwise…” She looked me dead in the eyes again. “… otherwise, I would have tasted you long ago.” After a moment of eye contact, we both laughed and I seemed to relax a bit in my seat. I felt my shoulders lower as if I had been tense, or stressed, and it was suddenly taken away. I felt free somehow. It felt good.

My pussy was also sending me signals that it really needed attention. I had worn a skirt for the drive because it would be more comfortable and I could feel my knees trying to part on their own, asking me to do something. With my new-found freedom I asked, “Hey, can I try your toy?”

“Sure. Anytime.” Jenn answered matter-of-factly.

“I mean right now.” I clarified.

“Really? Right now? While we are driving down the freeway, you want to fuck yourself with my dildo?” Jenn chuckled in amazement.

“Why not? Its getting dark. Its not like anyone will see. There’s hardly any other cars on the road anyway. I mean, no one will see except you. If you don’t mind.” My voice trailed off slightly as I smoke. A more sensual, gentle tone came from my throat.

Before Jenn could finish her sentence of, “I would love it if you did.” I was already reaching into the back seat, rummaging through her bag. It only took a couple of seconds to feel the cool surface of her toy. I quickly brought it out of the bag and caressed it, feeling its ridges and molded veins. It looked almost like a real cock and was even a little pliable and bendable. My pussy twitched as I held it.

Quickly I pulled my skirt up to my hips and slid my now obviously moist panties down my thighs, letting them fall to my ankles where I squirmed and kicked to get them over my feet. My legs slowly opened, seemingly without my telling them to do so, and I turned a bit toward her in the seat. With my left foot resting on the center consol, and my right knee on the dashboard, my pussy was totally exposed to her view. I began leaking watery juices before I even touched myself. Knowing that she was looking at me, completely revealed, even for only a couple of seconds at a time while she drove caused my body to react in ways it never had before. It was hot and wanton and naughty…. And I was loving it.

Very easily the dildo slipped into my aching pussy. First just a couple of inches. Then, after two or three short thrust, it slid to my depths, causing the walls of my pussy to pulsate, grabbing its shaft, urging it even deeper than my body would allow. I moaned loudly and Jenn’s eyes widened. I could see her lips part as if she wanted to say something, but it didn’t come out. She put her eyes back on the road for a moment.

“Wow. I can smell your pussy. It’s nice. And I can hear it going in and out of you. Man…” Jenn whispered.

I paused with the dildo deep inside me. It’s rubbery, fake balls were pressed against my clit, adding to my pleasure. It had only been a couple of minutes, but I was already past the ability to cum. Her words gave me pause. I wondered what wonderful things she would do to me if I let her. I determined at that very moment that I would not only let her have me, but I would ensure that she did.

“What? Tell me. What are you thinking?” I asked her in a gasping whisper. My pussy was screaming into my brain to let it gush forth with my orgasm, but I had to know.

“Can I touch you?” She said almost inaudibly.

I pulled the dildo from my now weeping cunt. Watery juices splashed out onto the seat and ran down my ass, soaking into the back of my skirt. “You have to. I want to feel you touching me.” I groaned. Slowly her right hand came from the steering wheel to my left ankle. Then, achingly slowly it slid along my calf to the crook of my knee, then to the soft warm flesh of my inner thigh. The closer her hand drew to my crotch, the hotter the walls of my pussy became. My clit stiffened and ached, wanting to be touched. My lips were engorged in a way I had never felt before. It was as though most of the blood from my body had rushed to my pussy. I felt light-headed and flush.

“Mmmmm.” Jenn moaned as she approached my pussy. “I can feel your heat rising up from you. Wow… you are hot. You are making ME hot.” Then as her fingers gently drifted across my swollen lips, she added, “Oh my. You are so creamy right now. So nice.” She was feeling her way without looking. Somehow she was able to continue driving. I wanted so badly for her to pull over so we could be more attentive to each other, but she seemed to enjoy the thrill of continuing down the road while touching me.

Almost as soon as her experienced fingertips touched my clit, my orgasm shot forth. It could be held back no longer. It took control of my body, causing me to gyrate against her hand. I reached down with both of my own and pulled her hand into me tighter. She rolled my clit between two fingers as I pressed. My cum squirted out of me and I was unable to stop it. I was a little taken-aback by this development, but Jenn squealed with pleasure at feeling my hot cum splash the palm of her hand. I felt a bit self-conscious, but there was nothing I could do. I was slowly wasting away, sinking into the seat as my spasms began to slow and subside.

“OH MY GOD! That was so cool. You’re a squirter! That is so fucking hot.” Jenn nearly yelled. Before I could reply sheepishly, which was my intention, she quickly slid her hand lower, turned it slightly, and pressed two fingers into my soaked pussy. Another small orgasm shot through me as I felt her enter me. My walls gripped her tightly, begging them not to leave the warmth of my insides. But, alas, she pulled them out of me, dripping with my juices, and brought them to her lips, sucking me from her skin before sliding both fingers along her tongue and inserting them into her mouth. “Mmmmm. God you taste good.”

She looked at me and after a moment we both started to laugh. I was spent, but I knew Jenn was now revved up and ready to go. Since she was driving, she would have to wait until we arrived. About an hour later, we were in Virginia Beach.

…to be continued.

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