my fantasy weekend  

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my fantasy weekend

I arrive at the castle at 7pm. Mr. X the organizer of this weekend event tells me to undress slowly for him. I peel away the layers of clothing very slowly one by one until i'm standing before him in just my bra, thong, stockings and slinky shoes. He walks around me in thought. Grabs my ass momentarily then once in front of me slides my thong to the side and slides a finger into my pusssy. "Hmmm, nice and wet i see" he says. He wiggles the finger to
see if i'll squirm and then slowly pulls itout. "Loose the bra and panties" he says. "may i?" as he cups my breast in his hand and bends over to suck some milk from my breast. "Fine, u'll do" Present yourself in the main hall at 9pm as you are. don't bother
with the panties at all.

At the appropriate time i assemble in the main hall as the guests are arriving. Mr.X tells me to walk around and offer my breasts to the guests. Once all the guests have arrived Mr.X then motions me over and tells
me to get on the exam table where he proceeds to lift my legs into the stirrups and ties them there still with my stockings and slinky shoes on. People start to gather around to watch.
Mr.X then tells the women to start to suckle each of my titties. He has me rub each of the womens clits and finger their pussys as they suckle on my breasts.
I notice that some of the women still have their anal enema tubes still attached to them others have had their pussys clamped open and their juices are dripping down their legs. The men he tells to gather around and that they are quite welcome to ejaculate their hot frothy cum over my body throughout the evening.
He thens proceeds
to introduce an enema line into my rectum that is well lubed. then he inserts a speculum into my tight, wet pussy and
asks a guest to insert a vibrater and to hold it in position. He releases the fluids
from the enema bag into my asshole. I feel the warmth fill my anal cavity. Now my lady you must hold this in until i say. He then blindfolds me and tells the guest to start playing with the vibe in my pussy. He then tells the next in line to suckle my breasts. I want those tits suckled constantly he says. I want to induce milk quickly so that my future guests may drink fully.
He then proceeds to lather up my pussy around
the speculum. he tells the guest to keep the vibrator in postion. he then proceeds to shave my pussy smooth and bare.
Once i'm all clean and dry he takes the vibrator out of my pussy and allows the guests to alternate between finger fucking me and pussy licking me while the others masturbate around me. He smiles as he sees that his guests are well entertained with the nights offering. The evening unfolds with guests playing and licking my pussy, feeding from my titties and letting their hands roam all over my cum filled body. After awhile he removes the anal tube and allows me to relax and release the fluids into the pan below. I am so happy not to hold it in anymore. He then inserts a glass anal tube into my rectum with a fibre optic camera and tells all that i'm emptied out completely. I am now available for rimming and small toy play. This scene is repeated almost continuously throughout the weekend and at the end of each night there is a draw and the names of 25 men are then pulled out of a hat and they are invited to fuck my pussy.

Afterwards, i'm
given a vaginal douche and allowed to take a bubble bath but must allow the guests to bathe me and watch. Then i'm taken to the bedroom and told to lie on top of the sheets.
My hands and feet bound spread eagled showing my clean shaved pussy. I'm allowed to sleep for 4 hours and then the next 25 men are allowed to gangbang me while i'm tied to the bed. Eventually all the men have had their loads shot into my cumfilled pussy so much that it's impossible for me to hold the sticky frothy cum inside my tight little twat. Mr. X then invites the ladies to watch as he inserts another speculum and widens my cunt until it feels like it's splitting me wide open but in reality i'm only opened up to about 5inches in diameter then Mr X finally has a lamb brought in to lick all the cum that seeps from my extended orifice. The lamb eagerly digs in deeper with it's tongue until i feel it hitting me deep inside, curling it's tongue up into the folds of my tight little vagina that is now buldging from being fucked, sucked and pried open. still blindfolded i have no idea of what beast or man is making my vaginal walls vibrate with extascy. I want to pull my legs tightly shut but they are still bound by cords and spread wide for all to see.
The men hearing the womens laughs and cackles come in to see what the comotion is all about. Once they see how excited i have become they pull the lamb away and proceed to take turns fisting me and inserting a catheter into my peehole and another speculum into my anal cavity so i can be further explored and prodded. One young man inserts a very large grapefruit into my now extremely enlarged vaginal cavity quite easily and then asks the group to help him spread my ass cheeks so that he can insert an ever so large zuchinni into my anal opening that he has just lubed up with anal gel. Ohhhhh! i Exclaim!!!!!! aghhhh!!!!! oh goddd!!!! please!!!! it's so large and cold going in. I feel like i need to release a bowel movement. Oh please i can't hold it, let it out, let it out, i plead. "Quiet Bitch they shout!!!!" let ushave our way! That's what u've been brought here for!! I gasp and hold my breath while the grapefruit is in my pussy and the zuchinni is shoved in and out of my anal opening. One of the women begins vibing my clit to force me to contract my muscles. I cry out please suckle my titties now! Please suckle them hard, i sob! i can't resist the ever increasing orgasms that are now rolling throughout my body causing me to tense all my muscles until not a moment can i relax. Then, oh my god, my orgasm is so strong that the catheter inserted into my pee hole breaks free from all the internal contractions and i start to squirt and spray with such force for about 3 feet or more. The grapefruit that was lodged in my vaginal cavity shoots out like a baseball from home plate. The zuchinni in my anus explodes like a cannon out of my cavity.Some eagerly rush forward to lick up the liquid others that have been watching and jerking their hard throbbing cocks suddenly shoot their loads all over my tits so that i feel that i'm wallowing in a vat of sticky syrup. Exhausted, i'm left to sleep once again until they seek amusement of my body once more.

3 days and nights have passed since i entered the castle walls. My breasts are now so swollen and sore from being suckled constantly by the group that my large dark aureolas have become bulging submounds rising from my once again engorged breasts. The hard button teat has become elongated and blistered and now waits longingly for the slightest touch to release it's milk and squirt into any receptive vessel. I have remained tied and blindfolded since being brought into the bedroom. My only comfort being the soft featherbed that i've been allowed to lay on while my every orifice has been used by all the guests in attendance this long weekend. I am so glad that this will be the last day of my service to the guests of the castle. Although i have been allowed to rest every 4 hours between my pussy being fucked and prodded they have continued to milk my tits every 2 1/2 hours whether i slept or not. At times i'd awaken to find a pair of lips suckling each teat, wincing at the pulling of their toungue while it curled around the swollen aureola and then feeling relief as the engorgement went away. They've been feeding me oatmeal laden with fenugreek and milkthistle and given me fluids to help promote my milk production. An enema every evening before played with my anal cavity cleared out any undigested food and catherization of my bladder made it bearable to not request to get up and use the washroom facilites. The ladies would frequently come in and bathe me using a disinfectant of Proviodine on my teats and a vaginal douching after each time the lamb would be brought in to lick all the cum out of my red and now swollen snatch. They only let 25 men at a time fill up my pussy and at times some would release so much cum into me that they would raise my ass by tying my ankles up higher to the bedposts and put pillows under me so i would be at a 45 - 60 degree angle allowing my tits to jiggle and bounce in pain while they rammed their hard stiff shafts into my wet ripe pussy. Some were so long and others so thick and wide, i thought they would tear me up inside but i managed to take them all.

I could hear them all coming into my room now. It seemed like everyone who attended this weekend was now here for the final use of my body. I had been thoroughly disinfected on each teat and my pussy had been douched of any last cum that had remained after the licking of the lamb. Hey wait..... What were they doing to me now? Someone was inserting what seemed to be a whole tube of KY jelly into my pussy. Why, i wondered....They hadn't needed it for any of the men all weekend. Why now? Next they spread on a sweet smelling sticky mixture onto my teats. I recognized it to be honey. I was very confused at these changes to the session. The buzz of the crowd was getting more excited while they waited for the next phase of the event. From what i could hear they were all completely naked including the women who had been caring for me all weekend. I'm sure alot of them were wanking themselves to hardness while they waited because i heard the slap of cock against skin and squish of pre-cum oozing out into the hand that was masturbating it. Suddenly the crowd hushed and i could smell the sweat of animals. They had brought in two lambs now and led them to smelll the honey on my sore and swollen teats. Each in turn they started to nuzzle the teat and finally latched on and started to suckle the milk from my mounds. Oh god, such relief yet such pain from the roughness of their tongues. It made me wince at times. The lambs must have been held back from a previous feeding from their mother as they ferosiously suckled all my milk. The group had become very excited now watching these lambs suckle while they jerked themselves off. I felt someone spreading my pussy lips with what i thought was an extremely thick and large cock. Yes i was well lubricated from all the KY Jelly and it allowed easy access into my vaginal cavity as it made it's way in. The women were starting to moan as they were coming close to orgasm. I received a cock to masturbate in each of my hands while i was being penetrated by that large and thick cock and suckled by the lambs. Someone decided to perch over my face so i could ball suck them while they jerked themselves off. My Gawd it felt like that cock in my snatch was reaching right up into the deepest angles of my pussy, curling itself inside like a snake wrapping around it's prey. Once my facesitter had sufficiently cum to orgasm he took off my blindfold so i could see his cock shoot it's hot, frothy cum onto my face and feel it drip down my neck . I tried to adjust my eyes to the lights in the room. I had lost all sence of time since being blindfolded all weekend and now discovered it was full daylight and the drapes had been drawn full open allowing the sunlight to reveal my totally naked spreadeagled body dripping of cum.

Apparently they'd been opened wide all weekend as to let adequate light in for quiet picture taking of the events that occured this weekend. The guest then proceeded to get off of my face and i could now see the crowded room of people. They had come all weekend and were more than i had served the 1st night of my stay. The guests were all jerking off and either taking the women for their final cum shoot if they wanted a warm moist hole to shoot into or spewing their frothy load onto my naked spread out body. As i became adjusted to the light and took in all the crowd i suddenly realized that the thick long cock twisted up inside me was not that of a human guest. I panicked and tried to get away but my ankles and wrists were still tied securely to the bedposts. The lambs suckled harder as i struggled to get loose as they didn't want to loose their milk source. As i protested the source of penetration into my slippery twat i received another cock into my mouth so that all i could do was suck on that cock while i watched the big black stallion's penis ride up inside my vagina as far as it could and start to knot and bulge so that it was locked up in there and would not be able to slide out until the nasty dark seed had been planted. The guests cheered at the stallions completion and once his long rod had relaxed enough to slide out of me they then had another lamb brought in to lick me clean before the group assembled again 4 hours later after dinner to all fuck and cum in me before leaving the castle until the next monthly meeting would take place.

It seem like the final round of guests grew to almost 150 cumshooters that i had to accept one after the other without the usual break to clean up. I was literally dripping in cum by the time they finished shooting all their loads inside me. Exhausted, after the last guest had left i was allowed to shower, get dressed in clothing i hadn't seen in 4 days and was taken to the train to travel home. All these years later i remember the details of that weekend and the others following that i was called upon to attend.

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very hot story!

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if it comes true i hope i am invited.

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Wow...Baby...I thought I was a dirty girl until I read this blog.You make me sound like a virgin. I love the idea of being in a room and being taken by a large group of men ( and women ). but I draw the line at the enemas and catheters. I love the idea of having my pussy licked and fucked by a group of people and them sucking my tits for hours making my nipples hard and red and sore. I would love to suck all those cocks as well and then let them cum all over me. I even liked the idea of that lamb licking up all the creamy cum. It would feel so naughty to look down and see an animal sucking all the juices out of my pussy while everyone was watching. I also would love to suckle those big milky nipples of yours.They are such a turn on to me. I would cum just from watching a group of people suckling the milk out of your tits. This was a great story...made me really hot, horny and ready for a good orgy!! Ginna


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Hottest thing I have read in a while. Would be a great movie

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You are a very hot and horny woman. The idea of suckling your tits as a part of this wonderful game is awesome. How close have you cum to this wonderful fantasy?

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i wish i could play with those tits they are so beautiful

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Very impressive,It made me hard from the first word to the last and beyond

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I guess she's not around!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wow that was totally awesome. I had a hardon just reading it, that was amazing. You are a great story writer! I would like you to write more, please!

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Very, very sexy and hot just like its author. We both want to join you...definitely one of our favorites. Keep bloggomh for all our pleasures.

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had to jerk off to that ,
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J'aimerais ca vous faire l'amour, car vous avez de jolie seins.

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just having the chance to see such a weekend would be quite interesting.
Imagine being allowed to participate...

that will give me pleasant dreams tonight i'm sure.

write more... i'll read for sure

*adds blog to favorite*

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wow even I masturbated.....and this story true?

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very hot, would love to talk more please email me

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Your my dream woman. Big tits with MILK. As my name says I am crazy over boobs. As for your story, WOW. That would be my dream as well as your come true. Big milk tits and shaved pussy. I'd be in heaven as I am sure you would be also. Wish there was not so many miles between us. You boobs would be out all the time, because I would be on one of them all the time. Neither one of us would get much else done. Milk your tits into a piture, and pure it in your pussy to make it evan wormer, and then lick it all out of your pussy. Then just lick and lick you pussy till you begy me to stop. Then would half to fuck both your pussy and by this time HOT and horny ass, for a good while. bashfulboobybiter.

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that was so got milkmaid i wish i could have participated. Loved it got a hard on right away. I sure could use some of that milk.

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i came reading it

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very husband and i really enjoyed reading your fantasy, but we're confused that you're looking for a sub as you sound very submissive...

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1serhotcouple sound like you would like to try it
if so i would love to be there and join in

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1/2/2006 4:07 am

wow!!!!!!!!!! milkmaid you are very creative in your fantacy. what a provoking story. takin any standbys in. hope to read more. thanks.awesome

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12/7/2005 2:45 am

very hot story!!! hope to be in your next party

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wow! how sweet would that be!!!!

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11/21/2005 4:03 pm

I thought this erotic story was fantastic, of course I could add some additional details. While being gangbanged by the twenty-five men, milkmaid on her back pussy smooth, on an examination table feet in stirrups, a cock in her mouth as her head dangles to the side of the table, another cock in her pussy, one in each hand as she jerks them both, and sucks the cock in her mouth to orgasm. And as each of the cocks in both her hands cum one comes on her face and the other shoots his hot cum all over her tits, and the cock in her pussy pulls out and shoots his hot load all over her bald pussy. Then the fifth man gets onto the examination table, milk maid sits on his abdomen ass to stomach and he inserts his hot throbbing cock in her, and the sixth man inserts his cock in her pussy as well as she is double pussy penetrated, her pussy so wet and hot and so full with two cocks, how wonderful she cries, the seventh man blindfolds her and places her hand on his engorged cock as she strokes it, and as the other two cocks in her pussy are stroking her wet juicy pussy and pushing their cocks in deeper as they fuck her bald pussy, then number seven places her other hand on his cock, and she strokes both men now her pussy hole is full of hot moist cock, her hands busy with 2 other cocks, she can feel the veins and texture of those cocks in her hands, she starts to push her kooch into the 2 cocks in her pussy harder and deeper as the men thrust her and tell her to keep stroking the other two cocks in her hands and tells the men when they come to shoot her face full and her tits as well. Now its up to the master of ceremonies to make sure she finishes up the complete 25 man gangbang..

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10/18/2005 12:16 am

Sounds like you were happy to visit the castle

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my wife is 48,but dont gat hard nipples by me

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Nice !but one thing?Were was i?

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7/28/2005 8:35 pm

Nice storty, hope to read more from you

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Sweet milkmaid34c, thank you for the erotic fantasy. Very stimulating. I woul be the guy with the thck cock who kept sneaking back into the group to fuck you anywhere in the line of 25.

licknipclit 63M

7/9/2005 3:35 am

Wowo!! That is fantastic. I would like to be part of the 25. I would like a chance at plesuring his girl

AsIWander 32M

7/4/2005 3:38 pm

Simply amazing. Perhaps I could particapate in your next fantasy? lol

rm_Xtasy71 45M
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6/24/2005 11:27 pm

Sent a post through the group in response to the future event being planned. You can reach me to talk more about this event at AdultFriendFinder or AdultFriendFinder Have instant messenger on both of them. Feel free we can talk about it more privately as mentioned in my group.

DaveSex10 57M

6/23/2005 10:04 am

Incredible story! I wish real life was as hot as that; your imagination is wonderful. Thanks for making my day!

rm_crowell2000 58M

4/30/2005 4:38 pm

The lady is very creative writter but why 25 men quantity is not the answer for quality one is enough to take to that nirvana you seek

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3/30/2005 3:58 pm

I want more. I got so hard reading this and picturing you. If you ever want to act it out please let me know.

eddiequalls 40M

3/30/2005 3:44 pm

that is an amazing story..and if it comes true i hope i am invited

George2079 33M
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3/26/2005 8:27 pm

damn, that was so hott

rm_realgooker 63M
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3/26/2005 8:22 am

A modern classic scenario, repeated all over the world, a joy for both sexes.

pelau45 71M  
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3/23/2005 4:30 am

very sexy. i was mesmerized and had to touch myself while reading this wonderful piece of erotic fiction.
I wish I was within the desired age range and could suck the nipples and the pussy. c'est la vie. thanks for the storyy anyway

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