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7/23/2006 3:06 am

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what lilith did next

just an update for my avid readers...

Had some adventure on friday nite... my lover was going to Europe so we could not meet during the week-end...it was impromptu but we decided to meet for a quick fuck..i meant to give him a blow job but after he fingered my ass and pussy as i sucked him...we were so horny that we ended up fucking in the back of his jeep.

its was fun as i had meet a really sweet guy from AdultFriendFinder and had coffee with him..then i excused myself and met my lover who picked me up at the taxi stand near the starbucks...we found a quiet spot fucked and then he dropped me off..i resumed coffee with this nice guy...

Last nite i met someone else from AdultFriendFinder... he was an old accquaintance i knew from a long time ago...he was nice and we had a good time together..platonic only..I will probably meet him again

Anyway...i am still feeling grumpy..my period is due...spoke to my master yesterday...he will be reading my blog soon...

Master if you are reading this...i hope u get a massive hard on... all i wanna do is suck your big fat cock

Ciao Ciao


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