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milady_de_winter 43F
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8/31/2006 11:18 pm

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9/2/2006 4:12 am

what i have been upto

just came out of the chatroom... this is funny..just because someone reads my blog and becomes a fan it does not mean i am gonna take time out to chat with them...sometimes i just follow my instinct and if they are rejected, so be it....i don't expect them to read my blog...my blog is my ranting of my inner most thots...its my way of venting out the way i feel...as such if i am not interested with chatting with someone..then leave it be...i am fed up with little boys who so desparately want to chat with me with the hope they can get a fuck....sigh

anyway, merdeka eve was good..i went to see a free movie with a girl friend...Ms KP....i had 2 complmentary passes, courtesy from my networks in the real world....i had a guy who wanted to meet up- but somehow i was not in the mood fro a vanilla date...am quite happy with my platonic friends.... unlike others here- i do not use AdultFriendFinder as a means of getting guys to pay for my dinner...its down right gutter mentality..lol..sounds familiar?

i am here for now just to meet friends...i am sincere and my intent is good- as such i am not to keen to meet desparate men who want sex, neither do i want to meet free loaders and users or pretenders and liars , for eq the gutter girl and there is the thief ( another gal from AdultFriendFinder who stole RM200-00 when we met)...lol

on the spicy side of things...my lover ( the one who met me via the car accident) called....he was horny yesterday..but i was not in the mood....well if i change my mind- it will be him...my tension relief...

then there is L...who was supposed to share a bottle of shiraz with me....but that did not work out too..lol

yesterday- had lunch with a good friend, a nice man i met via AdultFriendFinder...and then i met another platonic friend for dinner....sigh i need to work out

I guess i am happy being celibate- sometimes its betetr to be that way....

having said that if i do want to fuck someone- i would prefer someone whom i have fucked before...i have 3 on hold now staying in touch....

So the message to guys who are reading my blog- i am not seeking a lover- so don't try to chat with me in the room unless u just wanna be friends



IviesBidesJuste 55M
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9/1/2006 1:33 am

Don't have to worry about me, I don't go in chatrooms. Nor will I beg you for it.

milady_de_winter 43F

9/1/2006 3:49 am

LBbackdoorman- i know hun, you will just plead for mercy..lol

pussy pussy miaow mioaw

SingleWarrior 52M

9/1/2006 7:38 pm

Chat rooms aren't my thing, so no worries here.

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