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7/19/2006 3:42 am

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7/21/2006 1:02 am

my lover

He is a nice man...after all this time i have finally met someone who is a nice man

It was really ironic how we accident...LOL...literally by accident.... he knocked into my car in a car park... As i jumped out i remembered saying "what did you do to my car???" was 1`am on a saturday morning i had finished clubbing and was sitting in my car contemplating whether to go home or go to a jazz club or eat the local hawker fare...then there was a knock..i ran out of the car and he came out of his jeep..he was very very apologetic..and since the damage was minimal..i said "its ok"...and he offered to buy me a drink..and the rest is history.....i am glad i sat in the car that morning

He was with some friends...all ladies and i suspect they fancied him..he turned out to be a very high profile corporate figure...the man is a multi millionare... so many women swarming around him..all so slim and petite and beautiful..yet he wanted me that nite....

i could sense it when the group drank sangria and talked of current affairs.....he fancied me but was holding back..he was thanking his lucky stars for having met me...i was kind to him...he said he liked my personality and intellect...

Anyway one of the gals there asked me to belly dance and i front of front of him..and he was mine....i knew he got sexually excited by me and i knew that from that moment onwards he would be it the swaying of my hips or the movement of my neck and shoulders as i did the sihsha..and the bouncing of my lucious breasts...he was mine ..all mine.. i was the object of his desire

As we left....the crowd dispersed...i went back..he followed the crowd i sat at a coffee stall having my supper cum breakfast...then i realized he had left his jeep lights on...and sure enough his engine had died...i called him and offered assistance...we waited for the AAM to did and i waited by him..i told him that if his car cannot be repaired he could leave it there and i would send him home...

he said he wished i would follow him home...he said he found me very attractive and that he wanted me that nite... the car started...and he walked me back to my car.... we kissed 3 times....the third time i put my hand on his john thomas...and he was excited by that.... he wanted me so much...

i told him i wanted a lover not a one night stand...and he said he just wanted me ... the next day he called me ...and asked me out...i decined

the next few days he called me but i kept on declining....

then we stopped communication....i was busy with Mr. NYC...and ignored this guy...

about a week after Mr. NYC left..he re-commenced communication again..this time i told him clearly i was not wiiling to have sex with him...he sounded disappointed ....the next day however...things changed..i was bored and lonely..and horny..he called...asked me out for karaoke....we met alone in the karaoke room...he asked me to be his mistress...

one thing led to another and we ended up in bed that nite..the sex was fantastic..for a man his age..he knows how to make me cum

As such..he is now my lover....

I am happy with him

Ciao Ciao

fantasylover_05 62M

7/19/2006 4:57 am

WOW what a wild way to meet and to "HIT" it off LOL LOL LOL

rm_schroff 44M

7/19/2006 5:04 am

hey there, well told you a nice man will come your way......but you know what to do and what not to if you're happy, hey, as a friend, I'm happy for ya )

things happens for a reason they say so it all happened for good and obviously for a reason....bottom line, you had a great time and respect at the same time and why do i say respect, coz he never forced you to meet him up and he never gave up trying, so that's respect...i think!!! dont ya )

but dont be his "mistress" you deserve a lover who'd care and take care of you )

take care,

bo2333 44M
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7/19/2006 7:34 am

I think that's pretty cool how you hit it off so quickly.
[blog milady]

rm_petenmel2 57M/40F
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7/21/2006 12:09 am

The way you write so well I can just sense your lovely personality.

Would love to meet a charming person like you


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